Behringer Eurorack Ub2442fx-pro User Manual


Oct 09, 2016  I bought the Behringer UB802 with eight inputs to interface three mics to my camcorder. I tried a Radio Shack Mixer, which was extremely noisy and several others including a passive mixer. None worked like the Behringer. Behringer has so many models, but this one fit the bill with future expansion, if I need it. User s manual. Read online or download PDF. Behringer UB2222FX-PRO User Manual.











Congratulations! In purchasing the BEHRINGER EURORACK

you have acquired a mixer whose small size belies its incredible

versatility and audio performance.

The BEHRINGER EURORACK mixing console offers you

premium-quality microphone preamplifiers with optional phantom

power supply, balanced line inputs and the ability to connect

external effects devices. Because of its extensive and carefully

thought-out routing possibilities, your EURORACK lends itself

equally to both live and studio use.

The microphone channels are fitted with BEHRINGER’s brand

new high-end IMP INVISIBLE MIC PREAMPs that boast the

following features:

130 dB dynamic range for an incredible amount of headroom


A bandwidth ranging from below 10 Hz to over 200 kHz for

crystal-clear reproduction of even the finest nuances


The extremely low-noise and distortion-free circuitry gua-

rantees absolutely natural and transparent signal repro-



They are perfectly matched to every conceivable micro-

phone with up to 60 dB gain and +48 volt phantom power



They enable full utilisation of the greatly extended dynamic

range of your 24-bit/192 kHz HD recorder, thereby main-

taining optimal audio quality

In addition, your BEHRINGER EURORACK offers an effects

processor equipped with 24-bit A/D and D/A converters. The

processor is fitted with the effect algorithms from our tried and

Behringer Ub2442fx Pro Unpowered Mixer

tested 19' multi-effects device, the VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P.

99 presets are available providing first-class room simulations,

delay and modulation effects, as well as compression, tube

distortion and many other effects, all with stunning audio quality.

The mixing consoles of the PRO series feature a state-of-the-art

integrated switch-mode power supply. One of the great advantages

is that (compared to conventional circuits) a switch-mode power

supply adapts to mains voltages between 100 and 240 volts

automatically. Furthermore, due to its much greater efficiency, it

consumes much less energy than a conventional power supply


Examples: LG534UA. For Samsung Print products, enter the M/C or Model Code found on the product label. For HP products a product number. Hp elitebook 850 g3 user manual.



We should like to draw your attention to the fact that

extreme volumes may damage your hearing and/or

your headphones or loudspeakers. Turn the MAIN

MIX faders and phones control in the main section

fully down before you switch on the unit. Always be

careful to set the appropriate volume.

1.1 General mixing console functions

A mixing console fulfils three main functions:


Signal processing: Preamplification, level adjustment,

frequency response correction, mixing of effects.


Signal distribution: Collection of the signals on the

aux sends for effects processing and the monitor mix,

distribution on several recording tracks as well as power

amp(s), control room and 2-track outputs.


Mix: Setting the volume level/frequency distribution/

positioning of the individual signals in the stereo image,

level control of the total mix to match the recording devices/

crossover/power amplifier. All other mixer functions come

under this main discipline.

The control surface of BEHRINGER mixing consoles is opti-

mized in such a way that these functions become easy to fulfil

while the signal path remains simple to follow.


Dear Customer,
I’m sure you’re one of

those people who have

devoted themselves body

and soul to your chosen

area and no doubt this has

transformed you into an

expert in your field!
Well, for over 30 years,

my passion has been

music and electronics.

This not only led me to

establish BEHRINGER,

but also enabled me to

convey and share my

enthusiasm with my

During all the years I’ve

been involved with studio

Eurorack Ub1202fx

technology and end users,

I have developed a feel for the things that really count, such as


sound quality, reliability and ease of use. What’s more, I have always

had the desire to push the boundaries of technical possibilities to the


It was precisely this motivation that prompted me to start work

on a new series of mixing consoles. Since our EURORACKs had

already set new standards world-wide, I knew the development

objectives behind the products bearing my initials had to be

especially ambitious.

Thus, the concept and design of the new UB mixing consoles

bear my signature. The design work, the entire circuit diagram

and PCB development, and even the mechanical concepts are

my own work. I carefully selected each individual component—

with the aim of pushing the mixing consoles’ analog and digital

technologies to their limits.

My vision was to enable you, the user, to give free rein to your

Behringer Eurorack Ub1222fx Pro Manual

true potential and creativity. The result is incredibly powerful mixing

consoles that offer intuitive operation. They cannot fail to impress

with their extremely flexible routing possibilities plus fantastic wealth

of functions. Innovative technologies, such as the completely new

IMP “Invisible” Mic Preamps, guarantee optimum sound quality.

And extraordinarily high-quality components provide unrivalled

reliability, even under extreme loads.

Your new UB mixing console is of high quality yet is simple to

use; you’ll soon appreciate that I, both personally and in my

capacity as musician and sound engineer, put you, the end user,

first and that these products were only possible because of the

passion and the attention to detail that went into them.

Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us by

Behringer Eurorack Ub2442fx-pro Service Manual

purchasing the UB mixing console. I should also like to thank all

those who, with their personal commitment and passion, have

helped me realize this impressive series of mixing consoles.

Behringer Eurorack Ub2442fx-pro Price

Kindest regards,

Uli Behringer


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Behringer Ub2442fx-pro Manual

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