Woods Surge Protector Model 2278 User Manual

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Recently I was posed the questions: 'Are both the RED and GREEN indicator light supposed to be on at the same time?' and 'What is the difference between the Grounded and Protected indicator lights?'

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The green grounded light and the red protected light on the plug-in protectors serve two
different functions.

The green light indicates that the receptacle has a ground reference. Grounding references are vital for surge protection because Ground is the exit pathway for the excess surge current. No Ground reference and your surge protector will not work. This is why surge protectors are not used on 2-prong outlets. Be mindful, some 3-pronged outlets may not have Ground tied to them and this will be evident when you plug-in the surge protector and the green light is not illuminated.

Ungrounded outlet
Grounded outlet
Woods Surge Protector Model 2278 User Manual

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The red light indicates that the surge protection elements are working. If the red light extinguishes then the surge protector is no longer protecting your equipment.

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Our surge protectors are designed so that they shutdown when the surge protection elements have expired. Always be mindful of the 'failure mode' of your surge protection. Some manufacturers products will continue to allow current to flow to your equipment after the surge protection elements have expired. So unless you notice an extinguished indicator light you won't know that your equipment is now unprotected.
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Woods Surge Protector Manual