Shadow Of The Beast 2 Users Manual

The Warranty Notice in this manual for further Switch your computer on. Insert a Kickstart disk so prompted. When the display prompts for a Workbench disk insert Disk I of Beast in your computer's internal Insert Disk 2/3 when prompted. Shadow Of The Beast.

When we last left our hero, 7 the Warrior-Messenger, at the end of Shadow of the Beast, he had just shed his beastly bad looks for slightly better human features by beating the foul demon Zelek's horrible hordes. Now, cruel Zelek's in deep doodoo with his demonic boss, so he's wrapped his talons around the Warrior-Messenger's little sister! Zelek's a real animal -- but he ain't seen nuttin' yet!

A Game with Bite

If you beat Shadow of the Beast by Electronic Arts, you'll find Beast I! a small step up the evolutionary ladder -- but that's alright. This time around, your hero's a hunky Tarzan look-alike who sprints everywhere, usually into packs of nightmare-looking monsters. This is a top-notch action/adventure game that's sure to make you howl.

The side-view, multi-scrolling hit-and-run action jams your thumb muscles as it messes with your mind. The game isn't organized by stages, but instead by tasks you must complete to find key game-winning ingredients, such as the Scroll, the Ring, and the Magic Spell.

Shadow Of The Beast 2 Users ManualManual


  • You need the Magic Axe to find the Ring. Once you get past the open forest area, follow the Acid Drops up. The Acid creature has the Axe.
  • On your way to free Israam's prisoner, make sure no one cuts down the first rope you climb down.

Cruelty to Humans

This game's challenge is hairy -- as in HAIR-REE! On your way to Zelek's castle, Beast dishes out a mean mix of intense monster fighting and brain-twisting, multi-step, puzzle solving that's guaranteed to bring out the animal in any Pro. Normal Mode is abnormally hard, and Ridiculous Mode is no laughing matter. Even Easy Mode will make intermediate players cry for their mommas. At least, Treasure Chests relinquish just enough Health Potion to keep you going -- barely. Since there are no continues and no passwords, it's all the way in one play.

Animal Control

Beast M's controls are solid. Your beastie boy runs like a deer. He jumps, he climbs ropes and chains, he flips switches, and he pushes stones. Your standard monster masher is a Mace, which acts like an extended punch. You'll find an Axe, magic spells, and other weapons along the way, too.

  • You need 16 gold coins to ultimately complete the game.
  • To grab the Ring, you must free BOTH of the prisoners locked up in the prison.

The seamless items interface is particularly handy. You can hold four things at any time and a nice, ever-present, onscreen display lets you know what you're holding without intruding on the game play.

Clams and Effects

Beast II's graphics will catch your eye just like its predecessors. Harley sportster manual free download. As in the first version, the animation's a bit stiff, but the artsy pix are beautifully drawn and colored. The psychedelic, fantasyland backgrounds and the detailed character sprites are especially fresh. 1956 chevy belair assembly manual download.

Shadow Of The Beast 2 Manual

Beast's sounds really sing, too. The synthesizer music pops, and the sound effects add excitement to the game.

May the Beast Man Win

Shadow Of The Beast Game

Shadow of the Beast II has animal magnetism. If you feel the call of the wild, check it out. Just don't expect any creature comfort.

Overall rating: 6