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Image Adjustment allowing the image to be adjusted on the user interface without the need of a laptop. Power saving features reducing power consumption by up to 50%. IP protection kit for installed SmartDate X60. SmartDate Print Capabilities H2 (1.73 MB). Markem imaje a dover company. MARKEM-IMAJE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. Thermal transfer - SmartDate X40. Markem Imaje, supplier of thermal ink printer and coding solutions, presents the SmartDate X40 model. It represents an advanced coding solution including long term cost control and increased performance on the line. CimPak specifications Print features Other characteristics. rint methods: Thermal transfer or direct P thermal. Full interactive backlit interface with function key operation (no pc required). Maximum print width 152 mm. Full on screen fault diagnostics. Electrical power supply single phase 115/230 V 50-60 Hz. Standard application pad 150 x 210 mm (minimum label size 75 x. Marking and coding equipment, ink jet, industrial ink jet printer, laser, thermal printer, print, apply system. Imaje: coding software and process to personalise documents.

print and apply systems Our technology ■ ■ ■ CimPak pallet labeling systems have earned a reputation for quality and reliability in the toughest of manufacturing environments. Their design offers a flexible, > scaleable solution for achieving the ultimate traceability in warehousing and inventory control. The CimPak’s proven design delivers accurate, clear, crisp codes and text with 100% readable barcodes meeting GS1 (UCC-EAN) standards to enable superior visibility in the supply chain. Uptime - Synchronized ink ribbon roll change thus maximizing uptime. Built-in user interface with simple button operation and service diagnostics. Performance - Maximize productivity with proven, accurate pallet labeling up to 4 labels on 3 sides (front, side and rear) with 100% readable barcodes at speeds up to 120 pallets per hour to meet customer demands. Connectivity - Flexible integration into packaging lines, databases and ERP systems via CoLOS® Enterprise Software. Traceability - Each unique pallet label can be identified and tracked at every step of its journey, from when it leaves your facility to its final destination. markem-imajethe team to trust ■ ■ ■

These titles featured a more extensive soundtrack and utilised ethnic samples taken from among other sources the same Korg M1 synthesizer that was sampled by David Whittaker for the original game (although in this case, it was the rack-mounted version the Korg M1/R). Beast 2 contained a total of 17 tracks, most notable of which are the title theme and the game over theme, both of which feature real sampled electric guitars.Ports Shadow of the Beast II was ported to the Atari ST and FM-Towns computers, as well as the Mega Drive and platforms. Production As in the first game, the cover art for Shadow of the Beast II was created by and the game was packaged with a promotional black T-shirt that featured Dean's artwork. /shadow-of-the-beast-2-users-manual.html. The Mega-CD version had drastic changes made to it, the most noticeable being a new soundtrack complete with voice acted dialogue sequences and added FMVs. The music for Beast 2 & 3 was composed and produced.

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