Lg French Door Refrigerator User Manual

Installation guide/manual to replace left door on LG French Door Refrigerator 22.6 LG Model LFX23961S french door refrigerator with ice/water dispenser How do I clean ando reset air filter on Sears (LG) French door refrigerator measurements for the Sears item #00 - LG 24.7 cu ft french door bottom-freezer refrigerator doors my. This is a replacement mullion rail for your French door-style refrigerator. You will typically find the mullion rail on the left side refrigerator door. The mullion rail helps to keep the refrigerator door closed. If the door will not close properly or if you notice leaking on your floor, you may need to replace the door. LG Electronics LMXS30776S LG 29.7-cu ft 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker and Door within Door (Stainless Steel) ENERGY STAR - User Manuals - User Guide. OWNER’S MANUAL FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR Please read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating and keep it handy for reference at all times. LMXS30776. www.lg.com. Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support information. Find owners guides and pdf support documentation for blenders, coffee makers, juicers and more.





Change Filter

When the Change Filter icon turns on, the air
filter needs to be replaced. After replacing the
air filter, press and hold the Fresh Air Filter
button for three seconds to turn the icon light
off. It is recommended to change the air filter
approximately every 6 months.

Control Panel Features (continued)Markem imaje smartdate x60 user manual pdf.

Ice Plus

This function increases both ice making and
freezing capabilities.

When you touch the


Ice Plus

button, the

graphic will illuminate in the display and
will continue for 24 hours. The function will
automatically shut off after 24 hours.
You can stop this function manually by


touching the button one more time.

Energy Saving

The Energy Saving function disables the
mullion heater located on the refrigerator door
in order to conserve electricity. Press and hold
the Energy Saving button for three seconds to
activate or deactivate this function.


When you press the Light button, the
dispenser light will turn on and the indicator
will appear on the LED display.

Lg French Door Refrigerator Models

Change Water Filter

When the water filter indicator turns on, you
have to change the water filter. After changing
the water filter, press and hold the Change
Filter button for three seconds to turn the
indicator light off. You need to change the
water filter approximately every six months.


Discontinue using the Energy Saving
function if excessive moisture begins to
collect on the door mullion.


Door Alarm

When power is connected to the


refrigerator, the door alarm is initially set to
ON. When you press the Door Alarm button,
the display will change to OFF and the Door

function will deactivate.

When either the refrigerator or the freezer


door is left open for more than 60 seconds,
the alarm tone will sound to let you know
that the door is open.
When you close the door, the door alarm


will stop.

Control Lock

The Control Lock function disables every other
button on the display.

When power is initially connected to the


refrigerator, the Lock function is off.
If you want to activate the



function to

lock other buttons, press and hold the Lock
button for three seconds or more. The Lock
icon will display and the Lock function is
now enabled.
To disable the

Lg French Door Fridge Manual



function, press and hold

the Lock button for approximately three

Power Saving Mode

When the refrigerator is in the


Power Saving


, the display will remain off until a door

is opened or a button is pressed. Once on,
the display will remain on for 20 seconds.



( On some


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