Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro User Manual

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
ManufacturerLenovo Group Ltd.
Release dateOctober 2013
Operating systemWindows 8.1

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro is an Ultrabook-class convertible device that can be used as both a tablet and laptop computer in the IdeaPad series. Lenovo unveiled the Yoga 2 Pro at the 2013 IFA in Berlin, Germany. It went on sale in the United States in October 2013.[1] It comes in two colors, silver gray and clementine orange, and is designed for flexibility—allowing the user to use it in a variety of situations. Because of the durable hinge that allows the screen to swivel 360 degrees, the Yoga 2 Pro is able to fully utilize Windows 8 and its emphasis on touchscreen integration. The Yoga 2 Pro is the first laptop to earn a Green Mark certification from TUV that recognizes Lenovo for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and low energy consumption.

Design and Performance[edit]

  1. laptops-and-netbooks yoga-series Yoga 2 13 Laptop (Lenovo) Yoga 2 13 Laptop (Lenovo) Product Home; Drivers & Software; Diagnostics; Documentation.
  2. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13 inch Display Hardware Maintenance Manual. Notes:. Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read the general information under “Notices” on page 71.
  3. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro is an Ultrabook-class convertible device that can be used as both a tablet and laptop computer in the IdeaPad series. Lenovo unveiled the Yoga 2 Pro at the 2013 IFA in Berlin, Germany. It went on sale in the United States in October 2013. It comes in two colors, silver gray and clementine orange, and is designed for flexibility—allowing the user to use it in a.

Nov 08, 2012  Before using the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, you should read first the safety information and useful tips contained in this manual. This manual user guide is intended for users of Windows 8 OS, if you use other windows OS than windows 8.

The Yoga 2 Pro's backlit AccuType keyboard

The Yoga 2 Pro is an Ultrabook-class device. It weighs 3.1 lb (1.4 kg), is 0.61 inch thick and has tapered edges, giving it an appearance more like a conventional ultrabook laptop vs the earlier model's 'book-like' symmetrical design. The Yoga 2 Pro features a 360-Degree Flip-and-Fold design that encompasses four modes—laptop, stand, tablet, and tent mode and has a subtle rubber trim around the edge of its top half in order to prevent slipping on hard surfaces when in tent mode. It comes with an backlit AccuType keyboard and features stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater. Unlike earlier Yoga products, the home button is now a touch-key on the bottom center of the display. Lenovo moved the power button away from the front and to the side in order to prevent accidental key presses.[1][2]

The base package comes an Intel Core i3 4010U, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes solid state drive with configurations up to an Intel Core i7 4500U, 8 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabyte solid state drive. The 13.3-inch screen uses in-plane switching (IPS) technology and has a QHD+ (3,200 × 1,800) 10-point multitouch display with a brightness of 350 nits. The Yoga 2 Pro come with Intel Wireless Display technology in order to conform to the Ultrabook specification. The ports it comes with are an USB 3.0, an USB 2.0, a micro-HDMI, a 2-in-1 card reader, and a combo jack. Lenovo claims a battery life of up to nine hours.[1][3]

The Yoga 2 Pro comes pre-installed with Phone Companion, Camera Man, Photo Touch, and Chef apps. It includes a software called Lenovo Picks that detects the position of the device and recommends apps for each mode. For example, in stand mode with the screen facing outward, it assumes that you might want to use Skype or Netflix. Phone Companion is a utility that copies content such as documents and hyperlinks and sends them to your phone as a text message and Lenovo Photo Touch and Lenovo Camera Man are included for taking and editing pictures. Lenovo Chef is an included recipe app with motion and voice control.[1]


Tech Specs
DescriptionLenovo Yoga 2 Pro
Processor4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4510U (2.00 GHz 1600 MHz 4MB)4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4500U (1.80 GHz 1600 MHz 4MB)4th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-4210U (1.70 GHz 1600 MHz 3MB)
Operating SystemWindows 8.1 Pro 64Windows 8.1 64
MemoryUp to 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz, on-board two-channel (4GB/8GB)
Display/Resolution13.3' high-resolution QHD+ (3200 × 1800)IPS wide-view display with 10-point multitouch technology
Dimensions (W × D × H)12.99' × 8.66' × 0.61'
Weight3.06 lbs, 1.39 kg
Camera720p HD webcam
Storage128GB / 256GB / 512GB (SSD)
Integrated CommunicationsIntel® Wireless-N 7260 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.0
Connectors1 × USB 3.0, 1 × USB 2.0, Audio Combo Jack (headphone and microphone), micro HDMI-out
SoundIntegrated stereo speakers with Dolby®Home Theater®
GraphicsIntegrated Intel® HD Graphics 4400
BatteryUp to 9 hrs Windows 8 Idle @ 150 nitsUp to 6 hrs FHD playback @ 150 nits


Dan Ackerman of CNET wrote, 'I'm pleased to see a backlit keyboard, and in our brief hands-on time with the Yoga 2, it felt like a nice upgrade from the previous version, and it's still one of the slickest-looking ultrabooks out there, even without its hybrid properties.'[4]

Sasha Muller of PC Pro wrote, 'There's no question that the Yoga 2 Pro is a triumph. It's lighter, stronger, prettier and all-round better than before. And, somehow, Lenovo has managed to deliver all this for only £1,000.We have to be realistic: the high-DPI display is more of a limitation than a benefit at this time, but at this price, we’d be more than willing to put up with the occasional annoyance. It's a remarkable achievement.'[5]

The Yoga 2 Pro also been criticized for a relatively short battery life, especially when compared to other 2nd-half-2013 Ultrabook releases that saw much prolonged battery life when switching from Intel's 3rd-generation 'Ivy Bridge' to 4th-generation 'Haswell' chips. While the Yoga 2 Pro's battery has a higher capacity than the Yoga 13, it uses up more power due to having to display more pixels (3,200 × 1,800 versus 1,600 × 900), thus battery life has not improved much.[6]

Writing for the Supersite for Windows, Paul Thurrott stated, 'Where the Yoga 2 Pro excels is in its multiple usage possibilities, and while it is absolutely an Ultrabook first, its ability to transform really does set it apart. And that I'm even comparing this device head-to-head with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is telling: this is a truly versatile machine. 'Battery life is impressive and is roughly on par with that of the X1 Carbon. I routinely get 7 or more hours of life, and it withstands cross-country flights and long train rides with ease, using my typical combination of work (writing, image processing) and entertainment (videos).'[7]

Writing about the display, Thurrott stated, '..I spend most of my time in the desktop. And super-high-res simply doesn't work in that environment if you run certain poorly-written applications regularly as I do. Were I to stick to Windows 8.1's 'Modern' environment, this wouldn't be an issue. Likewise, if you use well-written desktop applications exclusively, you'll find that the Yoga 2 Pro's screen is best in class, and that the desktop scaling functionality works just fine. In fact, better than fine: The text on onscreen controls is so crisp it looks fake.'[7]

Yoga 2 (standard version)[edit]

In 2014, Lenovo announced the IdeaPad Yoga 2 (minus the 'Pro'), which will be less expensive, but still maintain the flexible convertible hinge. It will be available in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes.[8]

The 11' model starts at $529, weighs 1.3 kg (2.9 pounds) and is 1.7 cm (0.67 inch) thick. The starting configuration is a quad-core Intel Pentium CPU and 500GB hard drive.[9]

The $999 13-inch Yoga 2 weighs 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds) and is slightly thicker than the 11-inch model, with a 1,920x1,080 panel, 500GB hard drive, and backlit keyboard. The CPU can be upgraded to a fourth-gen Intel Core i5 CPU, and solid-state drive (SSD) storage is optional.[10]

See also[edit]

  • Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro based on Atom Z3745 processor


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by Ching-Wan Yip

Last Updated: June 12, 2014 1:10 PM

First published: Apr 2, 2014

announced: September 5, 2013 http://news.lenovo.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=1714



  • Lenovo Unboxed: Yoga 2 Pro: http://youtu.be/lNv0dbXP9No
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: 4 Awesome Modes, 1 Incredible …: http://youtu.be/JLY9TUOynR4
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga and Yoga 2 Pro: Hands On: http://youtu.be/T4B_jICj99k
  • Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro @ IFA 2013: http://youtu.be/89k39k8LpNI



  • Quad HD+ 3200x1800
  • 'normal' keyboard
  • 360-Degree Flip-and-Fold Design - Multimode 4-in-1 - Laptop, Stand, Tent, Tablet Modes


  • no TrackPoint
  • no pen
  • no mini DisplayPort, VGA, Ethernet
  • miniHDMI too recessed for some adapters
  • no dualband 802.11n (Kona Intel chip?)
  • no 802.11ac
  • one USB 3.0, one USB 2.0 with power only
  • no Lift and Lock keyboard like ThinkPad Yoga
  • no OneLink port
  • no Ethernet
  • no Ambient Light Sensor?
  • no NFC
  • no fingerprint reader
  • no RapidCharge battery
  • slow driver update
  • no Lenovo System Update - need manual update?
  • no other Lenovo ThinkVantage stuff - QuickConnect, QuickCast, Settings, Companion, Support, Password Manager, Access Connection, Reach
  • no TPM 1.2/2?, iAMT? hard drive password? eDrive? OPAL? connected standby?



data sheet - http://www.lenovo.com/shop/emea/content/pdf/IdeaPad/Yoga/en/ideapad-yoga2-pro-datasheet.pdf

User Guide - 2013/10/16 - http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?DocID=UM019242

Driver Matrix - http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS038317

HMM -2013/10/16 - http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?DocID=UM019262

Product Overview - http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/product-and-parts/detail.page?DocID=PD030402

Parts list - System configuration for your product - IdeaCentre, IdeaPad and 3000/Lenovo G, H, K, Q, S, U, and Y Series systems. To learn the system configuration of your product, please kindly contact our support centre for assistance:?


  • i7-4500U (4MB Cache, 1.8GHz up to 3.00GHz) 4th Gen Intel Core
  • i5-4200U (3MB Cache, 1.6GHz up to 2.60GHz)
  • i3-4010U Processor (3MB Cache, 1.70GHz, no Turbo)
  • 13.3' high-resolution QHD+ (3200 x 1800) IPS wide-view display with 10-point multitouch technology
  • Integrated Intel HD graphics 4400
  • Up to 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz, 1 SO-DIMM slot (2GB / 4GB / 8GB)
  • 128GB / 256GB / 512GB SSD
  • 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0
  • Audio Combo Jack (headphone and microphone)
  • micro HDMI-out
  • 2-in-1 (SD/MMC) card reader
  • Integrated stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater
  • Intel Wireless-N 7260 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.02 (optional)
  • 720p HD webcam
  • Integrated dual digital array microphone
  • Backlit AccuType keyboard
  • Multi-touch 2 button touchpad
  • weight (average) 1.39 kg (3.06 lbs)
  • 4 Cell 54 Watt Hour Lithium-Ion
  • >=9 hrs Windows 8 Idle @150 nits - Battery
  • >=6 hrs FHD playback @ 150 nits
  • 330 mm x 220 mm x 15.5 mm1 (12.99' x 8.66' x 0.61')
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64
  • Windows 8.1 64


  • McAfee Internet Security (30-day free trial)
  • VeriFace Pro
  • OneKey Recovery
  • Zinio Online Newsstand
  • Skype
  • Amazon Kindle for PC
  • CyberLink YouCam
  • Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 30-Day Trial
  • Lenovo Cloud Storage
  • Phone Companion - Bespoke?
  • Yoga Camera Man
  • Yoga Chef
  • Yoga Photo Touch
  • Yoga Picks
  • Lenovo Motion Control
  • Lenovo Voice Control (Dragon Assistant also?)


as of 2014/04/02

too bad that lenovo stopped publishing ipbook.pdf after version 437 2013/06/06 and Janet X. Zhang departed PSREF development after 6 years, 111 versions '.. Due to reduced resources ..' '.. PSREF sheets will only cover Think branded commercial product lines, and stop covering all Lenovo & Idea branded consumer product lines going forward..', hard to figure out the exact configuration, only 2 models left on sale on website, closing out? new models coming out?

  • $1049 i3-4010U/4G/128GB (1.7) - 59394185 silver gray
  • $ 999 i5-4200U/4G/128GB (1.6) - 59394174 silver gray
  • $1049 i5-4200U/4G/256GB (1.6) - 59409364 clementine orange
  • $1199 i5-4200U/8G/256GB (1.6) - 59394171 clementine orange
  • $1199 i7-4500U/4G/256GB (1.8/3.0) - 59409368 silver gray
  • $1199 i7-4500U/4G/256GB (1.8/3.0) - 59409367 clementine orange
  • $1199 i7-4500U/8G/256GB (1.8/3.0) - 59386391 silver gray- BestBuy only?*
  • $1499 i7-4500U/8G/256GB (1.8/3.0) - 59394180 silver gray
  • $1599 i7-4500U/8G/512GB (1.8/3.0) - 59409372 silver gray
  • $1749 i7-4500U/8G/512GB (1.8/3.0) - 59394173 silver gray - w/ integrated camera?

* $1499+ web price -> BestBuy -> $1149 (buying from them is a whole different story. they 'give' you one year free Kasp., Webroot, or Trend Micro Anti-Virus, but the cashier won't give you unless you give them phone number, email. Tried to give them the store phone number, she won't take it, I complained to supervisor, there is no reason they need to store my personal information, didn't they learn from Target, unless it is absolutely essential, he said it is policy, need to 'active' the software blah blag,(


  • Lenovo Yoga Slot-In Case (888015541) $39.99
  • Yoga 2 Pro Screen Protector (888016036) $9.99

Tested System


Device Manager


by WFU Post Office scale

laptop - lb oz

AC adapter - oz

travel weight (2 pieces) - lb oz


powercfg battery report


FULL CHARGE CAPACITY - mWh (out of the box)

running handbrake, high performance profile

drained to 5% shutdown - h m

charge back to 100% - h m

User Manual For Lenovo Yoga

Battery - Windows Assessment

Lenovo ultrabook yoga 2 pro manual

ADK 8.1 ? http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/hh825285.aspx

battery life during full video playback settings

AC Adapter


Model - ADXL65SDC2A

FRU - 45N0358

20A 3.25A, 100-240V 1.5A

Consumo de energia - 74.45 Wh

En. Modo de espera - 0.20 Wh

Made in China, Delta Electronics Inc.

Rev: B

Date of Manufacture : 2014.01

power usage

P3 Kill A Watt http://www.p3international.com/products/p4400.html - A - W (up to %)

APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 https://www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BR1500G - W


FLIR i7 thermal camera - http://www.flir.com/thermography/americas/us/view/?id=54156

Acoustic - noise level

Pyle PSPL05R - http://www.pyleaudio.com/sku/PSPL05R/Digital-Sound-Level-Meter-With-recording-Function

Audacity 2.0.2 Frequency Analysis spectrum plot -noise (normalized) recorded Sony PCM-D50 http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-audio/resource.latest.bbsccms-assets-cat-audio-latest-pcmd50.shtml


Benchmark - WEI

no WEI UI in Windows 8.1

Benchmark - WinSAT

Benchmark - CPU - Handbrake

Handbrake 0.9.8 - 2h10m Grandmaster 7.27GB DVD

Benchmark - PCMark

PCMark 8 Home Conventional 3.0

  • Score :
  • Test Duration : m s
  • Web Browsing - JunglePin : s
  • Web Browsing - Amazonia : s
  • Writing : s
  • Casual Gaming : fps
  • Video Chat v2 / Video Chat playback 1 v2 : fps
  • Video Chat v2 / Video Chat encoding v2 : ms
  • Advanced Photo Editing part 1 : s

PCMark 7 pending

Benchmark - PassMark

v8 build 1031

Benchmark - SiSoftware Sandra

Lenovo ideapad yoga 2

2014 SP1C 20.25

Benchmark - FurMark


720 preset

point, fps (min:, max:), ms

Benchmark - GeekBench

v3 x32

Benchmark - IntelBurnTest


Benchmark - MediaCoder 2014 Mar 25

9m57s 731MB 1920x1080 10Mbps MPEG-Ps -> 1Mbps MP4

Benchmark - Graphics - 3D Mark

v1.2.362 March 12, 2014

3DMark, 11, Vintage, 06 - pending

Benchmark - Maxon CineBench



fps - HD Graphics v.

CPU - cb






Benchmark - Graphics - VMD


fps DNA

fps CPK

Benchmark - Graphics - Chimera


Benchmark - NAS Performance Toolkit


Benchmark - DPC Latency Checker


max. μs

Benchmark - Firefox


about startup 0.1.12 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/about-startup/

c.f. with other http://users.wfu.edu/yipcw/atg/moz_ff_tb/firefox/startup/

Benchmark - SunSpider


Start Up


ADK 8.1 download

What's New in 8.1

assessment - startup and shutdown experience - fast startup


processes, services, memory usage - pending








12.5' ?nits, QHD+


LCD - color/brightness

x-rite i1display pro i1profiler 1.4.2- http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=1454

adaptive brightness off

(still crash if ADC on, compare profile also crash like Helix?)

Datacolor Spyder4Pro 4.5.4 - http://spyder.datacolor.com/portfolio-view/spyder4pro/


LCD - viewing angle





no buttons clickpad

Control Panel

Motion Control



SSD - Samsung MZMTD256HAGM-000L1

Windows8_OS C: - 194GB free of 219GB

Lenovo D: - 414MB free of 3.99GB

Storage - CrystalDiskInfo


Storage - SSD utility

liteon ?


Storage - AS SSD


Storage - CrystalDiskMark

3.0.3 x64


Storage - ATTO Disk Benchmark

Storage - HD Tune Pro


Storage - HD Tach


Storage - Anvil's Storage Utilities

1.1 2014

Score :

Read :

Write :

Storage - TrueCrypt

7.1a 50MB

USB 3.0

copy from Samsung 840 EVO 250GB in Startech SATA-III ASMT 2105 SCSI UASP enclosure - ?MBps

copy from Seagate BackUp Plus FAST STDA4000100 USB 3.0 - ?MBps

USB 3.0 hub

- pending

Anker 10 port hub VIA VL812 Chipset 4A 900 mAh max. http://www.ianker.com/product/68UPHUB-B10U

Satechi 10 port hub

Plugable 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4A Power Adapter (VIA VL812 Rev B2 Chipset and updated firmware v9081 http://plugable.com/products.

High Point RocketStor 5122B dock

Icy Docl MB981U3-1SA 2.5'/3.5' SATA & IDE

StarTech eSATA dock with fan

UASP capable like Thermatake x5 (not duet?) ?

Lenovo USB 3.0 dock

Windows To Go

- pending

Optical Drive

- pending

LG BP06 Blu-Ray

Samsung SB218BB slim DVD

Samsung SE-S204 Feb 2008 F/W TS01 (white) AC powered -

Lenovo Slim DVD


Kona? Intel Wireless-N 7260 2*2? +BT4.0

maximum ?Mbps


1300+600 Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Firmware Version http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-routers/R7000.aspx , copy from QNAP - pending



best Mbps against Netgear R6300 AC1750 V1.0.2.68_1.0.49 1300Mbps 5GHz WPA2-PSK [AES] Channel 153 http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-routers/R6300.aspx

intel wireless driver?

from the server side, max. at ? MB/s



edimax BR-6478AC AC1200 867Mbps, 4MB NOR Flash, 64MB RAM, Rev A Hardware, Boot Code 1.0, WPA2 Pres-shared Key AES, v2.09 firmware, 2014/ 03/19 - pending)http://www.edimax.com/en/produce_detail.php?pd_id=484&pl1_id=3&pl2_id=18

- ? Mbps max.

from the server side, max. at ? MB/s

802.11n wfu

? Mbps max. from ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition [X-RAID2 6x Seagate ST31000528AS [931 GB] , 1GB RAM [4-5-5-15 DDR2]], RAIDiator 4.2.25


4.0 (+HS?)

- pending


USB 2.0 or 3.0 dongle (option not included)

AXIS? driver version ?

copy from Netgear R6300 from QNAP TS-659 Pro II QTS 4.0.3- ? Mbps



HDMI audio?

Dolby Digital Plus?

Home Theatre v4?

Audio output

TRRS 3.5mm combo output to TRS splitter (optional)

KM-IPHONE-2TRS http://www.kvconnection.com/product-p/km-iphone-2trs.htm

  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Lavaliere microphones (with batteries)
  • Wireless microphone systems

KM-IPHONE-2TRS-ECM - http://www.kvconnection.com/product-p/km-iphone-2trs-ecm.htm

  • ECM Microphones that require 2 VDC plug in power
  • Lavaliere ECM Microphones (without batteries)
  • ECM PC Microphones
  • ECM Headset/boom Microphones

- pending


  • micro HDMI to VGA
  • micro HDMI to VGA with audio
  • microHDMI to HDMI adapter - 1080p ok
  • microHDMI to HDMI sony cable 3840x2560 @ 30Hz - Dell P2815Q 4K ok
  • microHDMI to HDMI cable 15' cable matters or adapter 3840x2560 @ 30Hz - seiki SE39UY04 4K not ok- not supported

OEM software


problem resizing the columns

  • Absolute Reminder
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 10
  • Dolby Digital Plus Home Theatre
  • Dragon Assistant Application en-US version 1.58 (3 others) - Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • Engergy Manager
  • Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework
  • Intel Experience Center Desktop Software
  • Intel PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth Technology
  • Intel Smart Connect Technology
  • Intel Graphics Driver
  • Intel Management Engine Components
  • Intel PROSet/Wireless Software
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology
  • Lenovo EasyCamera - Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
  • Lenovo Experience Improvement
  • Lenovo Motion Control - PointGrab
  • Lenovo OneKey Recovery - CyberLink Corp.
  • Lenovo Smart Voice
  • Lenovo Transition
  • Lenovo VeriFace
  • Lenovo Yoga PhoneCompanion
  • McAfee LiveSafe - Internet Security
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010 x64/x86 Redistribution (4)
  • Nitro Pro 8
  • Realtek Card Reader
  • Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
  • User Guide - Lenovo
  • Windows Driver Package - Lenovo (ACPIVPC) System
  • Windows Driver Package - Lenovo (WUDFRd) LenovoVhid
  • Yoga Picks

Start Menu

bloatware - evernote, zinio, ebay, jindle, etc.

Lenovo Startpages


Lenovo User Guide


30-day trial?

Nitro Pro



from X1C2 Mimaki jv33 service manual pdf download.

Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro6.0.1.701016 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037467
BIOS Update & Lenovo Energy Management for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro3113 Nov 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS035004
Bluetooth and Modem
Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Prodevice manager 3.1.1307.360
control panel 3.1.1307.0362
16 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037469
Camera and Card Reader
Bison Camera Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro6.2.9200.1024016 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037472
Liteon Camera Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037473
Realtek Cardreader Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro6.2.9200.3016416 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037475
Intel Chipset Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro9.4.0.102616 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037474
Intel Management Engine Interface for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro9.5.13.170616 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037478
Display and Video Graphics
Intel Video Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro10.18.10.330416 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037480
Mouse and Keyboard
Touchpad Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037484
Networking: Wireless LAN
Kona Intel Wireless Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Procontrol panel 16.5.3
device manager
07 Nov 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037481
Power management
Intel DPTF Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro [Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framework?] Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037476
Lenovo Energy Management for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro1.0.1.4913 Nov 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS038865
Lenovo Onekey Recovery for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, Lenovo G410s Touch, G510s Touch8.0.0.210516 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS038136
Software and Utility
Intel Smart Connect Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro4.2.40.2418.A16 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037483
Lenovo Transition 2.0 for Windows 8.1(32-bit, 64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro2.0.13.821107 Nov 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS038767
Intel Rapid Storage Technology for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro12.8.0.101616 Oct 2013http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS037479

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True Image 2004 Premium build 6673 2014/02/22 http://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/updates/


Creative Cloud Photoshop CC 64-bit - crashed display driver on startup, less than 512MB VRAM, no 3D, stop waiting for assessing video driver - turn off hardware feature




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