Hotpoint Ariston Washing Machine User Manual

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Page 10: Preparing the laundry, Washing recommendations


Hotpoint Ariston WDG 8640B EU User Manual. How to run a wash cycle or a drying cycle. Hotpoint Ariston Washers. Manuals Directory - online owner manuals library. Makes it possible to optimise washing based.



Detergents and laundry

Hotpoint Ariston Washing Machine User Manual

garments. The display will show the level “Hanger”.

Max. load: 3 kg.

Wool: the wool wash cycle on this Hotpoint-Ariston

machine has been tested and approved by The Woolmark

Company for washing wool garments labelled as hand

washable provided that the garments are washed

according to the instructions on the garment label and

those issued by the manufacturer of this Washer-dryer.

Hotpoint-Ariston is the first Washer-dryer brand to be

approved by The Woolmark Company for Apparel Care-

Platinum for its washing performance and consumption of

energy and water. (M1135)

In UK, Eire, Hong Kong and India the Woolmark trade mark

is a Certification trade mark./download-the-vibe-manual-pdf-free.html.

Ultradelicates: use programme to wash very delicate

garments having strasses or sequins.

We recommend turning the garments inside out before

washing and placing small items into the special bag

for washing delicates. Use liquid detergent on delicate

garments for best results.

To wash Silk garments and Curtains select cycle and

then option

(in this case it will also be possible to

enable the “Extra Rinse” option); the machine will end the

cycle while the laundry is soaking and the


light will flash. To drain the water so that the laundry may

be removed, press the START/PAUSE button or the


When selecting an exclusively time-based drying function,

a drying cycle is performed at the end of the wash cycle

that is particularly delicate, thanks to light handling and

appropriate temperature control of the water jet.

The recommended durations are:

1 kg of synthetic garments --> 160 min

1 kg of synthetic and cotton garments --> 180 min

1 kg of cotton garments --> 180 min

The degree of dryness depends on the load and fabric


Anti Allergy: use programme

to remove major

allergens such as pollen, mites, cat’s and dog’s hair.

Wash&Dry: select programme for washing and drying

lightly soiled garments (Cotton and Synthetic) in a short time.

This cycle may be used to wash and dry a laundry load of

up to 1 kg in just 45 minutes. To achieve optimum results,

use liquid detergent and pre-treat cuffs, collars and stains.

Stubborn stains: it is wise to treat stubborn stains with

solid soap before washing, and to use the Cottons with

pre-wash cycle.

Load balancing system

Before every spin cycle, to avoid excessive vibrations

before every spin and to distribute the load in a uniform

manner, the drum rotates continuously at a speed which

is slightly greater than the washing rotation speed. If,

after several attempts, the load is not balanced correctly,

the machine spins at a reduced spin speed. If the load is

excessively unbalanced, the Washer-dryer performs the

distribution process instead of spinning. To encourage

improved load distribution and balance, we recommend
small and large garments are mixed in the load.


The type and quantity of detergent required depend on

the type of fabric you are washing (cotton, wool, silk, etc.),

as well as its colour, the washing temperature, the level of

soiling and the hardness of the water in the area.

Measuring out the detergent carefully will avoid wastage

and help to protect the environment: although they are

biodegradable, detergents still contain ingredients which

alter the balance of nature.

We recommend the following:

• use powder detergents for white cotton garments and


• use liquid detergents for delicate cotton garments and

for all low-temperature wash cycles.

• use gentle liquid detergents for wool and silk garments.

The detergent should be poured into the relevant

compartment - or the dispenser placed directly inside the

drum - before the wash cycle begins. In the latter case, it will

not be possible to select the Cottons with pre-wash cycle.

! Do not use hand washing detergents because these

create too much foam.

Preparing the laundry

• Shake out the garments before loading them into the


• Divide the laundry according fabric type (symbol on the

washing instruction label) and colour, making sure you

separate the coloured garments from the white ones;

• Empty all pockets and check the buttons;

• Do not exceed the values listed in the “Table of wash cycles”,

which refer to the weight of the laundry when dry.

How much does your laundry weigh?

1 sheet

400-500 g

1 pillowcase

150-200 g

1 tablecloth

400-500 g

1 bathrobe

900-1200 g

1 towel

150-250 g

1 pair of jeans

400-500 g

1 shirt

150-200 g

Washing recommendations

Whites: use this cycle

to wash white clothes. The

programme is designed to maintain the brightness of white

clothes over time. /sony-xperia-tablet-z-user-manual-download.html.

If the drying function is selected, a drying cycle

automatically activates at the end of the wash cycle that

resembles open-air drying, with the added advantages

of preserving garments from yellowing due to sunlight

exposure and preventing loss of whiteness caused by the

possible presence of dust in the air. Drying cycles can only

Hotpoint Aqualtis Washing Machine Instruction Manual

be selected on a level basis.

Coloureds: use this cycle to wash bright coloured

clothes. The programme is designed to maintain bright

colours over time.

Darks: Use cycle to wash dark-coloured garments.

This programme is designed to maintain dark colours over

Hotpoint Washer Machine

time. We recommend using a liquid detergent for the best

results when washing dark-coloured garments.

When you select the drying function, at the end of the

washing cycle the machine will automatically perform a

delicate drying cycle that preserves the colours of the

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