Giinii Dash Cam Model Gd 80 User Manual

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3 Using the Dash Cam

3.1 Recording Videos

3.1.1 Record videos while driving

When the vehicle engine starts up and the Automatic Record function is enabled, the Dash Cam

automatically turns on and starts recording.

Recording will automatically stop when the engine is switched off.

Or, press the OK button to stop recording manually.

On some cars, the recording will continue when the engine is switched off.

If this happens, do one of the following:

- Manually turn off the cigarette lighter socket if possible.


- Remove the car adapter from the cigarette lighter.

3.1.2 Manual Video Recording

1. Press


OK button to start recording.

2. Press

Giinii Gd 80 Dash Cam Manual


OK button to stop recording.


1. One video file is saved for every 1 to 3 minutes of recording.

2. The device saves the recording on the memory card. If the memory card capacity is full, the
oldest file in the memory card is overwritten.

3.1.3 Emergency Recording At&t samsung galaxy s10+ user manual.

During normal video recording, if vehicle i

s engaged in unusual collision or impact, Emergency recording

Giinii Gd 80 Manual

Giinii Dash Cam Model Gd 80 User Manual

will start automatically. However, to turn on manual Emergency Recording, simply press the Shutter
button to begin emergency recording mode. The “Emergency” message will be displayed immediately on
the upper left corner of the screen, and the recorded file will be continuous and protected from being

Giinii Gd 80 User Manual

To stop the recording, press the OK button.


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