Fuji Temperature Controller Pxr4 User Manual

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  3. Fuji Temperature Controller Manual

Perature controller enables On-Off control, PID control or 8-step ramp/soak function, using thermocouple, resistance bulb or DC1 to 5V signal as input. Though small-sized, it can be equipped with a variety of functions. PID with auto-tuning, PID self-tuning and fuzzy control. Before using the controller, check if the type and specifications are as ordered. (A Table of Model code configu-ration is given in Page 4). Check that all of the following accessories are included in the package box. Check of specifications and accessories Temperature controller 1 unit Instruction manual 1 copy Mounting bracket 1 pce.

Fuji temperature controller pxr4 manual

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Fuji Temperature Controller Pxr3 Manual

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Fuji temperature controller

Pxz 4 Temperature Controller Manual

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Fuji Temperature Controller Manual

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