Dacia Sandero Stepway Laureate User Manual

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Dacia models are: Logan, Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Duster, Lodgy, Dokker, Dokker Van and here you will find owner's manuals for all Dacia models in PDF for download. Dacia Sandero Owners Manuals The Dacia Sandero is a car manufactured jointly by the Renault and Dacia. Dacia Sandero Owners Manuals. The Dacia Sandero is a car manufactured jointly by the Renault and Dacia. It was introduced in December 2007 and is based on the Logan platform.It's main competitors are the smaller but more appealing Skoda Citigo or the similarly sized but less well kitted out Ford Fiesta.

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1 - the block of safety locks 597В; 2 - relay unit 784 in the engine compartment; 3 - the injector of the 1st cylinder; 4 - protection unit); 5 - a socket of electroconducting of a motor compartment / salon (monoblock); 6 - relay 1047 in the engine compartment, relays 236 and 238; 7 - the relay 784 in the engine compartment, relay 474 (see in the engine compartment); 8 - the refrigerant pressure sensor (cars with air conditioning system); 9 - the injector of the 2nd cylinder; 10 - fuel pump and fuel level sensor; 11 - a socket of electroconducting of the panel of devices / the left rear part of a body; 12-relay unit in the engine compartment, relay 234; 13-throttle position sensor; 14 - the injector of the 3rd cylinder; 15 - the control panel of an air conditioning system; 16 - detonation sensor; 17-sensor of a position of a cranked shaft; 18-module of ignition; 19-air temperature sensor; 20-injector of the 4th cylinder; 21 - adsorber; 22-stepper motor of the idle speed regulator; 23 - combination of instruments; 24 - computer; 25 - diagnostic oxygen concentration sensor (lambda probe); 26-switching unit of the passenger compartment; 27 - coolant temperature sensor; 28 - the pressure switch of the power steering system; 29 - oxygen concentration sensor (lambda probe) of the engine management system; 30 - the diagnostic socket; 31 - the speed sensor; 32 - the gauge of absolute pressure in an inlet pipe

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Dacia Sandero Stepway Laureate User Manual


TitleFile SizeDownload Link
2002 Dacia Logan Electrical Wiring Diagram (N.T.9800).rar38.8MbDownload
2004 Dacia 1304 1305 1307 Pick-UP (Engine C3L) Repair Manual PDF.rar7.4MbDownload
2004 Dacia 1304 1305 1307 Pick-UP (Engine F8Q) Repair Manual PDF.rar8.3MbDownload
2004 Dacia Solenza Repair Manual PDF.rar15.7MbDownload
2004 Dacia SupeRNova Repair Manual PDF.rar8.8MbDownload
Dacia Dokker Owners manual.pdf2.7MbDownload
Dacia Duster Drivers Manual.pdf7.1MbDownload
Dacia Lodgy Owners manual.PDF2.6MbDownload
Dacia Logan service manual.pdf34.8MbDownload
Dacia Logan Electric Wiring Diagrams.pdf2.6MbDownload
Dacia Logan Sedan Manual.pdf4.8MbDownload
Dacia Sandero Owners manual.pdf7MbDownload
Fitting instructions Centre Armrest Sandero – Stepway II.pdf5.2MbDownload
Repair Manual Dacia Pick-Up.pdf7.9MbDownload
Repair Manual Dacia SuperNova.pdf9.5MbDownload

History of Dacia


Romanian carmakers, with the assistance of Renault in 1968 in the suburb of Pitesti, in Kolibashi, open the plant “UAP”. The company is engaged in the production of Dacia machines, named after the ancient name of Romania. The license received from the French included assembly of the bodies manufactured by the concern, testing, acceptance of spare parts and sale of finished cars. Machines that descended from the assembly line had no changes in comparison with the original Renault 8, which was introduced into the terms of the contract. In the first years of their production 1100 pieces were produced, now this number has increased almost tenfold.

Dacia Sandero Stepway

Dacia Sandero Stepway 2019

In 1969, in parallel with the French model Renault R12 was introduced to the world and a new sedan Dacia 1300. It was front-wheel drive. Four years later, on the basis of this model, the production of the 1300 Estate wagon was launched, and then the 1302 half-ton pickup model 1302. However, since 1977, the release of the Dacia 1300 was completely localized, and in 1979 saw the restyling model Dacia 1310 with a completely new lighting technology , which is four round pairs. At the same time, a small off-road car ARO 10, created on the Dacia 1300 units, was introduced. In some export markets it was sold as Dacia Duster.

Dacia Sandero Stepway Occasion

In the early 80’s, a model of the Dacia 500 microcar with a two-cylinder engine was demonstrated, which, in fact, was half the engine of the usual Dacia / Dacia. This car could become a serial, but it did not happen because of the economic crisis.

Since 1998, Dacia is a subsidiary of the Renault concern. Since 2004, Dacia has mastered the production of the Logan sedan on the world-wide Renault X90 platform. On it in 2006, also mastered the universal Logan MCV, which was soon supplemented by a commercial van, and then a pick-up Logan Pickup. After the transition to a modern model line was made, the production volumes of the Dacia auto increased many times.