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Today, it’s a well-known fact that medicine heals your body, but Music heals your mind. The different genres of music serve as a different purpose to many people at various periods. From singing in the shower to sobbing over a breakup, music is an essential commodity. But the main problem that arises when Android users want to access this commodity on their Android smartphones for free.

Ever since DMCA and many other copyright elements stopped their flow of music to earn some additional revenue, Android users have taken refuge in illegal downloads on their Android mobile devices. The price for this free music streaming service comes with constant pop-ups of annoying ads and high risk of viruses on your smartphone. Now, what if we told you that you don’t have to suffer through all of that by downloading music from these free music downloader apps?

Best Free Music Streaming Apps For Android

Here’s a list of the top music downloader apps for Android users that we have curated after performing a ton of research on hundreds of Android apps that offer free music downloading services to their users:

1. SoundCloud

Jul 03, 2019  There are many apps allows searching for songs and download free music. Below you will find the best free apps and websites to Search and download music free. Check out these mp3 downloader apps to free music download for android. Discliamer: Some of the following apps has been removed from google play store. Having trouble downloading YouTube music to Android? This article will introduce you to the best 6 YouTube music download apps for Android.

SoundCloud is hands down one of the most popular music streaming apps for Android that is currently available, which provides music streaming and content downloading options from hundreds and thousands of independent musicians as well as from some professional artists/singers.

But one thing that you as an Android user need to know is that not all of the music tracks offered at this Android app are free. Also, if you see a download button next to a soundtrack, then it means that a particular song can be downloaded right away, even if you don’t have a user account on SoundCloud.

You can download this app from HERE

2. Music Maniac – MP3 Downloader

This Android app is rated highly on the Google Play Store; this music app provides access to millions of free, high-quality music tracks from the public search engine. Since the user can download them directly to your Android mobile device, they can listen to them in the offline mode as well.

The only shortcoming to this free music downloader app for Android smartphone is that since its database includes only those songs that are licensed as “free to use,” sometimes users may not find the particular song that they are looking for. Besides that, it's a great Android mobile app for music enthusiasts, and the quality of the MP3s is also pretty good.

You can download this app from HERE

3. Google Play Music

As music streaming app, Google Play Music is another widely known Android mobile application which allows its app users to access various music stations that are specially curated by many popular experts. These music stations can be further categorized as per the users' mood, activities, music genres, etc.

Along with this, users also get the option to upload their songs and create a personalized music collection folder with a song limit of 50,000 music tracks. Once your custom song collection is created, you can even access it later for free from any platform including iOS, Windows and of course Android.

You can download this app from HERE

4. MixerBox Lite

This music app is loved by more than 80 million music buffs from all around the world and is also rated 5-star ratings by more than 300K users. MixerBox Lite is the best free music streaming app for Android users.

Yes, the app doesn’t support downloads but who wants to struggle with storage space and other downloading issues, when you can stream millions of songs anytime and anywhere you want for free.

You can download this app from HERE

5. Spotify

Also featured in:Best Free Android Apps

Spotify is a top ranking application for free music download works for a wide range of devices from smartphones to tablets. This free music streaming app allows users to listen to unlimited music on the go while offering millions of soundtracks and music numbers across the world.

Here, users have the option to create their playlists with their favorite songs while discovering new tracks by using different filters, for example, artist name, genre, etc. Advertisements support the free version of this mp3 download app, but if you want an ad-free version of this app then opt for a premium version.

You can download this app from HERE

6. Music Download Paradise

It is the best free music app for Android smartphone if you’re looking to download the copyleft MP3 files. In fact, this free application doesn’t limit itself to just music; it has everything from sound effects to ringtones. And apart from this, there is another opinion to download all the short clips from Music Download Paradise.

This music app has a simple user interface (UI) that consists of a basic search function and a library where users can store the music they download. But unlike many free music downloader apps, this music app actually works.

7. iTube

In simple words, you can think of iTube as a less fancy version of the Spotify mobile app. Users need the Internet to download songs, but they can listen to the already downloaded songs in the offline mode. The free music downloader app for Android devices has no in-app purchases or any hidden charges.

And just like the iTunes application, this app offers a section in which users can see the top 100 music tracks in different genres. We think that the UI of the app still needs minor improvements, but this hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of our favorites at the Google Play Store.

You can download this app from HERE

8. Wynk Music

The next name in our list of top music apps for Android is Wynk Music which is leading free music streaming app. As per the recent statistics, this mp3 download app has more than 12 million Android app users, and one of the plus points here is that it lets you stream unlimited music without any interrupting ads.

With the Wynk app, users can tune in with Internet radio for direct music streaming. Here, you also get to see a flexible range of music quality like HD(320/256 kbps), High(128 kbps), Medium(64 kbps) and Regular(32 kbps), where you can choose which quality of music you want to hear.

You can download this app from HERE

9. 4 Shared

Although this app was primarily designed as a file sharing and backup service mobile application, 4 Shared also allows users to search files uploaded by other app users. This data also includes thousands of MP3’s files and songs uploaded by its users, making it a fantastic alternative for downloading music files on an Android device.

And to download any particular song from the app’s data, just search for the song with its artist name, select the audio music you want to save from the search results, and then tap on the “Download” button.

You can download this app from HERE

10. MI Music Player

This official music player from Xiaomi is by far one of the best free music streaming Android apps for users that we have come across. Not only does it allow you to stream free music, but it also lets you play any song or music track you have on your phone.

This free music player app also offers an incorporated radio that lets you stream music 24 hours every day. Simply browse its FM tab if you want access to more than a dozen different stations with music for all different types of tastes. The app comes with an elegant interface that makes it a well balanced free music streaming app for Android devices.

You can download this app from HERE

11. Napster

It is a popular free music download app for Android that provides you with access to over 15 million songs and music tracks, with genres spanning from billboard hits to obscure reggae rhythms. Its impressive User Interface brings desktop efficiency to mobile screens while offering albums, top tracks and the option of starting playing selected artists' radio stations.

This free music app mainly opts for a freemium approach with a one-month free trial and also offers a large number of online downloads. Overall, it’s one of the best investments Android users can get for a free music application.

You can download this app from HERE

12. RockMyRun

RockMyRun is another excellent app to download music files for free on an Android device which has been featured in known places like 'The New York Times,' 'LA Times,' 'TIME Magazine,' 'Rachael Ray Show,' and 'The Today Show' (twice!). RockMyRun mobile app is not only one of the best free music apps, but also a great fitness app as well. The Mixes built in this free mp3 downloader app are based on a BPM (beats per minute) which further drives the music tempo of mixes and playlists to match with users’ steps and desired goals.

For the best part, the app offers a one-month free trial, and after that, it provides 45 minutes of limited access. Nevertheless, its innovative UI makes it one of the best free music downloader apps for Android users in the Google Play Store.

You can download this app from HERE

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13. Jamendo

This free music downloader app is an excellent source for discovering new music as well as artists that you may not have even heard of. The choices are infinite but can also be sorted into the most popular, most downloads, most played, the latest releases of free music downloads and editor-curated lists.

The app users can even hunt for a particular artist and download their music if it's available in the application. Since all the available music falls under a Creative Commons license, i.e., artists have agreed to give out their music for free to you, the music app is entirely legal and also free.

You can download this app from HERE

14. Slacker

Slacker is also highly popular music streaming app for Android devices which lets its app users access an unlimited amount of music that they love. Also, this app can provide users with access to hundreds of different music stations where they can also create their music stations and share it with their friends and family.

Apart from these services, Slacker also offers a subscription package for its customers by which they can have on-demand access to millions of trending soundtracks. And if you choose premium subscriptions, then it allows you to download music that can be listened to in the offline mode.

You can download this app from HERE

15. Pandora

Pandora is a leading free music downloader app for android that is backed up by the Music Genome Project. This Android mobile app is actually an internet radio which lets you browse through various music stations which are updated regularly. With Pandora, users can listen to their favorite soundtracks as per their mood.

Along with this clear music downloader, you can access many mp3 files from a wide range of different devices like mobile, tablet and even desktop. All you need is to create a free account or else get a subscription to Pandora Plus for just $4.99 for an ad-free experience.

You can download this app from HERE


Final Thoughts

So these were some of the best free music streaming apps for Android smartphones that you need to try out in 2020. Apart from this, we at MobileAppDaily have covered many more articles on such exciting topics such as lyrics apps, AR applications, etc.

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Vikram is an experienced wunderkind, who embraced technology at a very early age, and today he is at the helm of it. Mobile apps are something that excites him the most, and now he is up to give this vertical the best shot. He routinely catches up with the new apps and comes up with the top apps that can excite you to the core.

Hey guys are you searching for best free mp3 music downloader apps iphone/android 2019 for your smartphone.
Here I pick some top rated free music downloader apps 2019 android/iphone for you.
You can easily search your favorite music and download your favorite music tracks in seconds.
If you love saving offline music and love to listen whenever you want these apps for you.
So guys are you ready to download all your favorite music tracks.
Here we go.
also check – best beat making apps / voice changer apps / best song identify apps

one of the best music download app available on the both platform iOS and android 2019.
More premium features in it and much more.
Fast and high speed downloading app for music downloading.
Lets download it on your iPhone and android and enjoy music downloading on your smartphone now.
Let’s go find your favorite tracks and download them in your smartphone now.
Another great music downloading app for iPhone/android 2019.
Download and stream your favorite music directly from your smartphone.
Fastest music downloader app iOS/android 2018.
Lets search and save it on your smartphone and listen without internet.
Best app for saving mp3 music tracks on your smartphone and listen whenever and wherever you want.
3.Apple music app ios / android
One of the largest mp3 music downloading store and its completely ad free.
You know brand service of apple.
Enjoy flawless music downloading Mp3 streaming experience directly from your iPhone or android smartphone.
Lets download and play your favorite tracks now.
4.Google play music android / ios
no intro needed google is google most favorite app worldwide.
Enjoy best music downloading experience on both apple and android smartphones
In android smartphones its pre installed you can enjoy millions of tracks directly just one click away from you.
One of the largest and fastest music downloading and streaming app for iOS/android 2018.
5.Deezer ios / android
It’s also a all in one music downloading and streaming app iPhone/android 2019.
Everything related to music you will find it here.
Completely awesome app available on the play store.
Search your favorite creators music directly and stream and download with just one click.
No interner connection needed play offline music anywhere in this or out of this world.
You already know about amazon shopping store but you know amazon also started his own music store where you can download and stream music worldwide in seconds.
Listen and stream easily.
Lets go and download now.
7.Soundcloud ios / android
It’s also a beast on downloading and streaming music directly view smartphone.
100 millions hits on google play store.
large collection of worldwide music and much more.
Lets set download now
8.Free music downloader
One of the best free music download app for android. Download unlimited free music in seconds with awesome music downloader app.
Just search it and download it.
Just type your favorite song in search bar and hit on the search button.
Now your song appears on search result hit on download button and your song started downloading.
One of the top rated free music downloading app android 2017 for you.
Lets download free music now
9.Download mp3 music

Music Download Apps For Android

Another great free music downloading app for you on this list.
10 millions + downloads hits on play store.
Now you can calculate how much people love this app.
This is completely stunning mp3 music downloading.
You can easily find top tracks just filtering from menu.
Fastest mp3 music downloading for you.
Lets make a list of your favorite music tracks and download all with it.
Complete all in one music app for music lovers.
Stream+ download both functionality available here.

Free Android Apps Downloads

Fastest music downloading and playing app available on the google play store.
so what are you waiting for let’s search your favorite tracks and download your favorite music hits now.
1 millions+ hits on play store.
awesome app for offline music lovers download every type of your favorite songs anytime with it.
Latest collection available on its home page directly.
Lets create a complete list of favorite songs and download all with this awesome app.
Lets try and download now.
Just search and download.
Awesome inbuilt mp3 equalizer with it.
Super fast and easy to use.
Save directly downloaded mp3 tracks on sd memory card or phone storage.
13.Free mp3 music download
Another blockbuster music downloading and music streaming app from KitKat music developers.
This app best for music lovers.
Super fast downloading and streaming experience.
More than 1 millions hits on Google play store.
14.Mp3 music downloader
Another great mp3 music downloader app for android 2017 collection.
Lots of awesome music effects enjoy live bass experience on your smartphone directly.
All the best and all in one music downloading app for music lover’s.
Play song from any folder lets download and enjoy.
It’s your time let’s start downloading.
Another great music downloading app for music lover’s.
Just puck it search it and download it.
Awesome functionally.
All types of audio formats supports save in any type of format.
Let’s go it’s music time.
If you want to use music for your blog or website than this one is for you.
It’s gives you complete a-z collection of Coc licensed songs.
Which legally you can used for YouTube,blog,website e.t.c
Let’s download this app if you want free music for commercial use.
It’s best in class.
Another great app for music lovers it’s simply awesome.
5 millions downloads on Google play store.
Simple and easy to use.
Let’s open Google play store in your smartphone and download.
So guys these are the top rated free mp3 music downloading apps android/iphone 2019 available on google play store and ios store.
Now pick your favorite app from this list and install it on your smartphone.
All top apps with millions hits is here.
So guys download every single song from your favorite songs list and start downloading.
Streaming songs takes little bit time to load and than play.
everything have their different different benefits.
So guys I hope you like it all these free mp 3 music downloading apps android/iphone 2019.
If you love it don’t forget to leave your valuable comment below the post.
Thank you

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