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Truecaller - Caller ID & Block always lets you know who’s calling – even if they’re not in your address book. Tired of telemarketers and scammers trying to give you a “free” vacation or home security system? Want a caller ID app that actually lets you make calls from inside the app? Truecaller - Caller ID &. May 11, 2017  1: Fake Call & SMS Features and functions: This is one of the highest rated and most popular free fake caller ID app for Android which sends you both fake calls and messages as well.; It lets you customize each aspect of the fake call that you will be receiving like the name and number etc.

The award winning caller ID app CIA shows the name, address and other details right on your screen, while the phone is still ringing.

Look up contact information on unknown numbers and explore previous calls and texts. The Explore function offers you multiple shortcuts to handle your contacts – call, text message, email, look up their address on a map, set a reminder to call a contact later, save numbers to your contact list or block numbers that you never want to hear from again.

Stop unwanted calls by using CIA’s Call Blocker. You can choose to block numbers by letting CIA hang up the call before it goes through to your phone, or you can choose to mute the call and send the caller directly to voicemail. With options to block all hidden numbers, all international numbers or just specific country prefixes, you are in control of who is allowed to call you. CIA will even warn you about more than 1 million spam numbers worldwide.


Never lose a contact’s phone number again. One touch and your phone’s contact list is backed up! One touch and it is safely restored. This gives you peace of mind and makes it SO easy to move your contacts when getting a new phone. Backup and Restore Contacts works across multiple platforms. This means all you need to backup, restore or move your contacts from one phone to another is the CIA App.

Manage the information other users see about you. My Profile allows you to control your digital identity and the caller ID name that appears when you make a call to other users of CIA.

CIA’s ‘Update Contacts’ feature lets you add more or new numbers, address info etc. to your existing address book. An automated process searches online for the contacts you already have in your contact list and if more data is available it automatically adds this to the contact. In this way you will always have a fully up-to-date contact list, without doing any manual input.

Fake caller ID apps are those kinds of apps which can be your rescue solution from boring situations. These apps do the task of giving you fake calls so that you can pretend to take them and get out of certain situations. While most of them are just developed and available for fun, they can actually prove useful as well. There are many free fake caller ID apps for Android which Android users can download on your handsets for free of cost. If you are looking for such apps, then the following given list of the top 3 free fake caller ID apps for Android will prove useful.

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Caller Id online, free

1: Fake Call & SMS

Free Caller Id

Features and functions:

Free Phone Caller Id

  • This is one of the highest rated and most popular free fake caller ID app for Android which sends you both fake calls and messages as well.
  • It lets you customize each aspect of the fake call that you will be receiving like the name and number etc.
  • It has a metro style which is inspired from the Microsoft Windows Ecosystem.
  • Pros of Fake Call & SMS

    • One of the best things about this free fake callers ID app for Android is that it is highly customizable.
    • Another positive about it is that it also allows to send fake SMS.
    • This software also provides the great option of simulating the fake caller ID to rescue yourself from any situation.

    Cons of Fake Call & SMS

    • One of the negatives of this software is that it doesn’t show the call duration after the call is disconnected.
    • This software seems realistic but lacks on a few details.

    User reviews:


    /download-games-for-all-phones.html. 2.AWSOmmmmmmIt's fantastic I loved it so much I make my all czns fool

    3. It is very good I pranked my friend and said to her that Harry styles is calling me


    2: Fake Caller ID

    Features and functions

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    • This is yet another free fake caller ID app for Android makes fake calls to you when simulated.
    • This app displays a large picture of the contact and also lets you customize other details.
    • It allows you to give an assigned ringtone to the fake call as well.

    Pros of Fake Caller ID

    • Fake Caller ID’s best quality is that it is very realistic.
    • It is highly customizable and lets you add many effects to make the call seem more real.
    • It is easy to active a call through this app.

    Cons of Fake Caller ID

    • One of the negatives of this app is that if the opposite person is tech-conscious then your act can be ruined.
    • Another thing which doesn’t work well is that it has an extra straight forward design.

    User comments/reviews:

    1.This is a really great fake caller id. It works likes a charm.

    2. It was ok but now that I have put money on the account again its saying something went wrong every time I try to log in

    3. I really like the fact that I can record the calls. The voice changing feature is a huge benefit. I have used it about a dozen times and it is great. Highly recommended.


    Part 3: Caller ID Faker

    Features and functions

    • Caller ID Faker is a free fake called ID app for Android which has been given a 4.5 rating on the Android app store.
    • This app can let you be the number 1 prankster in your group and lets you make prank calls easily.
    • It is accompanied by top level customer support as well.

    Pros of Caller ID Faker

    • Caller ID Faker’s best quality or feature is that calls made by it to you are difficult to detect due to its realistic nature.
    • It lets you customize many things from the name to the number and from the photo to the ringtone and this is also something great about it.
    • This app is easy to use and is ideal for pranksters to prank their friends and family.

    Cons of Caller ID Faker

    • As compared to the other free fake called ID apps, this one doesn’t work that realistically.
    • Another negative of it is that the ringing stops after a few seconds if the call is not taken.

    User comments/reviews:

    1. Great app I love this app, I use it to call my boyfriend from his dad's number when he won't answer the phone and he answers it every time lol'

    2. UNMATCHED APP Great free app fake out them folks that hide from their phone calls'

    3. 'Love it to death it works perfect. Lol omg this is the very best app. Believe me