Bunker Hill Security 62368 User Manual

View and Download Bunker Hill Security 62368 owner's manual & safety instructions online. 4-channel wireless Surveillance Systems. 62368 Security System pdf manual download. Browse bunker+hill+security+camera+62367 on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings. Shop bunker+hill+security+camera+62367 by Options, Prices & Ratings at Staples Staples Sites.

Harbor Freight Tools BUNKER HILL SECURITY 68332 User Manual. Specifications. Harbor Freight Tools Video surveillance systems Manuals Directory ManualsDir.com - online owner manuals library Search. Oct 18, 2019  Bunker Hill security camera manuals are inclusive of the package upon purchase a unit. There are different manuals for different cameras. Bunkers Hill security camera manuals 62368. The manual is exclusive on security and surveillance systems and takes the user through important information they are required to know. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bunker Hill Wireless Surveillance 4 Channel Security System - 62368 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

Bunker Hill security camera manuals are inclusive of the package upon purchase a unit. There are different manuals for different cameras. What is in them?

You will find detailed information on safety instructions and procedures on how to set up, connect, operate and care and maintain the cameras to prolong their life.

Everything about the parts and troubleshooting in case your camera develops a problem. The last pages have the warranty information and can help if you need a replacement within the stipulated time.

Bunkers Hill security camera manuals 62368

The manual is exclusive on security and surveillance systems and takes the user through important information they are required to know.

There are installation precautions and electrical safety details to allow you to use the systems properly. All specifications of the system are listed in the manual and set up steps before use.

It goes ahead to explain how the system functions from mounting to a recording. What if it develops a few hitches? A troubleshooting section will come in handy.

Bunker Hill security camera manuals 60565

You need to read the camera’s description on the manual first to know and understand how it functions. The different parts are well explained and indicated by name on the manual.

Mounting procedures and care before, during and after installation is key to allow full functionality of your system.

How to configure so that you can monitor security via your smartphone or PC is vividly described and there is more to the processes that you can think.

Bunker Hill security camera manuals 61229

Getting to know the Dvr operating instructions will be clearly explained in the manual. Safety information, the system’s specifications, and setup instructions are among the first areas covered.

Connecting and setting Dvr can be difficult without a manual.

Find it here. Learn about different menus, recording and how to link your phone to it for remote monitoring.

To fix problems, visit the troubleshooting page.

Bunker hill 62368 software

Bunker Hill security camera manual 62367

Although this manual is short, it is comprehensive since the camera itself isn’t complex. Know the dos and don’ts during installation on the first pages.

There is great information on extension cables and the camera’s specifications and features.

How do you use a camera whose parts you do not know by name or understand its functions?

The parts list will come in handy.

The assembly process is key for functionality and it is well outlined in the manual. Care before mounting has to be considered.

Read through the mounting process to hollow or solid surfaces.

Maintenance will determine how long your camera will work.

Know more about it here. In case your camera develops a problem, you can refer to the troubleshooting section for possible ways to fix the problem.

Bunker Hill security manual 62463

Learn about safety and the installation instructions before handling the camera.

There is information on the specifications of the camera and different controls and components that you should know first.

Understand the setup process so that you do not mess up.

Read about the designated location for monitor and Dvr and how to connect the cameras, monitor and audio.

It is vital to know how to plan the mounting locations of the camera and you can find it in the manual.

Make different settings like passwords, monitors, and recording before operating the cameras.

Instructions and maintenance on the entire system are indicated in the manual and the different problems you may face and how to fix them in the troubleshooting section.

Know how to connect to your smartphone or computer for remote monitoring.

Bunker Hill security camera manuals h 264

The manual has all the specifications of the camera in details. Follow with the features and setup process before understanding the controls and components of the camera system.

Cable connections and programming your Dvr is important and you can learn it from the manual.

The operation process, recording process and mobile device access set up are important to know.

Understand how the playback program and the net viewer program works.

When your camera develops hitches, get back to the troubleshooting and notes section to find solutions on fixing the problem.

Bunker Hill security system setup

Test the unit first by hooking up all connections before mounting your cameras.

This is to be sure that the unit is functioning properly. Different units come with different cameras for instance cameras for a wider angle, for longer range, for viewing, and for shorter range.

Bunker Hill Security Item 62368

You will be required to test your cameras to get the best location before you can proceed to install them.

/music-games-for-android-free-download.html. Perhaps you have recommendations?

Use a working area with good lighting and should be far from children and pets.

Route your power code and all cables along a safer route without making a tripping hazard.

Make sure not to expose cables and cords to any damage.

To guard against power fluctuations, use a surge protector. You will buy it separately.

For cable connections, you must have connected the DVR to a monitor so as to be able to adjust the settings despite the final intended setup.

Bunker Hill security Dvr troubleshooting

There are different problems that could occur like the monitor not displaying, the system not being able to detect HDD, getting error codes, buzzer sounds, poor image quality, or being unable to access DVR remotely.

There are main causes of these problems that have solutions.

Causes of DVR malfunctions could be a proxy not being specified, firewall protection hindering access, incorrect IP address or the port forwarding not being completed.

To troubleshoot, complete all port forwarding procedures then check for the right external IP address and the firewall settings.

Add the proxy to the allowed IP address and this will help you to solve many of the problems.


Investing in a security and surveillance camera or units is among the wisest things to do in this time and era.

With so much burglary taking over the world, safety and security measures should be at its best to protect your property from the thieves.

It is important to go through manuals of your cameras and units before beginning any process on the units.

Manuals have all the relevant information and procedures to follow to ensure successful installation and operation of the camera.

Nowadays you can remotely monitor your property on your phone or PC. Click here to check out Security Cameras’ Price Here.

It is important to go through the connection steps one after the other to maximize functionality.

There is more on safety, care and maintenance to ensure you do not damage your units and to prolong their lifespan.

To fix problems on your own, read through the troubleshooting section.

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B Specifications

1 Safety Warnings

2 – Grounding

4 Introduction

4 – Features
4 – Setup Overview

5 Components and Controls

5 – Components
6 – Remote Control
6 – Front Panel
6 – Back Panel

7 Set up

7 Cable Connections

8 Programming Your DVR

8 – Entering the Main Menu
9 – Main Menu
10 – Camera Setup - Channel

Bunker Hill Security 62368 Reviews

Title, Position, Live Display
10 – Color Setup - Image

Brightness, Saturation,

Contrast, Hue
10 – Autoseq - Image

Bunker Hill 62368 Software

Auto Cycle Function
10 – Privacy Zone
11 – Record Setup - Resolution,

Quality, Audio, Record Time
11 – Record Schedule
11 – DVR Recording Time
12 – Network Setup
13 – Static Addresses

14 – Device Management
14 – HDD Management
15 – Alarm Set
15 – Email Alarm Notification
16 – PTZ Setup (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)
16 – Mobile
17 – Motion Detect
18 – System Function
18 – Time Setup
18 – Password
19 – Video Setup
19 – Language
19 – Information
20 – System Maintenance
20 – Menu Lock

21 Basic Operation

21 – Navigating the Menu List

22 Recorded Video

Search and Playback

22 – Video Search
23 – Recording File Backup

24 Mobile Device Access Set up

24 – Windows Mobile
25 – Symbian System Mobile
26 – iPhone
27 – Blackberry Mobile
27 – Loading program
27 – Setup and Operation on

Blackberry phone viewer
29 – Android Mobile

30 Playback Program

30 – Using Playback
31 – Playback Settings

32 Net-Viewer Program

32 – Installing Software
32 – Adding DVR to Trusted Sites
32 – Port Forwarding
33 – Main Screen Controls
33 – Live Mode
33 – Log-in to Net-Viewer
34 – Replay Mode
34 – Controls
34 – Setup Mode
34 – Record
34 – Schedule
35 – Alarm
35 – PTZ Control
35 – Network
36 –

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36 – Host Information

37 Troubleshooting

38 Warranties

39 Notes



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