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Oct 22, 2016  Featuring a number of tracking and display options, the RBXTR2 is the ideal choice for those leading both an active and regular lifestyle. The Tracker device records and displays steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, current time, and alarm clock. General information Reading and storing the user manual This user manual accompanies this Wireless Activity Tracker. It contains impor- tant information about operation and care. For improved readability, the Wireless Activity Tracker will only be referred to as wristband below. View and Download Reebok Rbx 550 manual online. English Manual. Rbx 550 Treadmill pdf manual download. Also for: Rbtl15900, Rbx 550. Reebok fitness user's manual rbx 575s treadmill rbtl14600 (38 pages) Treadmill Reebok RBTL19900 User Manual. Reebok user manual treadmill rbtl19900 (38 pages) Treadmill Reebok RBTL10500 User Manual. RBX Active Smartwatch Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Tracker RBX Active Smartwatch Tracker. 2.6 42 Ratings. Tracker, charger, instruction manual. How Does Bluetooth Work? A Guide to Pairing Wireless Devices. Not good Battery dies very quickly and it is not user friendly. Was this helpful? Helpful Thank you for your vote. The item you’re trying to find may be discontinued, or the page may currently be unavailable. Please feel free to continue exploring the site.

    1. Download “Actiiv Trackers” app from iOS
      or Android store.
    2. Open the app, select ‘skip’ to go to
      ‘Settings’ page.
    3. Set up your profile, Goals, Alarms, etc
      then press ‘Save’.
    4. Ensure your device is in ‘Step’ mode.
      Press the ‘SYNC’ button on your
      ‘Settings’ page.
    5. You will notice a ‘lock’ symbol will switch from unlock, to locked. This means the app has paired with your device. If message “scanning time out” is displayed, retry after 30 seconds.
    6. To remove or unpair your device, you will need to press the ‘lock’ symbol to unlock.
    7. Once you have completed steps 1-5, you can sync your device via the sync page (with the big SYNC button), provided you have selected “step” mode on your device.
  • If you have trouble pairing your Actiiv Tracker

    • Make sure the Actiiv Tracker is fully charged
      (please remove the device screen from the wristband to charge device)
    • Your Bluetooth is turned ON via Phone/Tablet,
    • Sync your Actiiv Tracker to your Phone/Tablet – PLEASE NOTE: Go to settings, enter your personal information, then press SYNC and the LOCK will lock (the lock symbol is located next to the SYNC button in your ‘settings’ page).
    • Click out of the Actiiv Tracker APP
      ANDROID: Swipe away to your right/left
      IPHONE: Double click the home button and swipe away the APP.
    • PLEASE NOTE: When you have synced your device to your Phone/Tablet, the Actiiv Tracker APP
      that’s completely normal.
    • Ensure that your device is in ‘STEP MODE’, then PRESS the SYNC button in your ‘Settings’ page.
    • The next morning, just press the button on the Actiiv Tracker device and the tracker will reconnect with your Phone/Tablet.

    *Please take note the device does not sync automatically

    Each time to update your activities to your Actiiv Tracker APP you will need to resync your device.

    Still not pairing? Follow these steps in order:

    • Delete the APP
    • Restart your Phone/Tablet and reinstall the app from the App/Google Play store.
      Note: Deleting the APP will not delete the data associated with your account.
    • Please make sure your Bluetooth is ON.
    • Log into the app and go through the syncing process again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the most asked questions

I cannot find the App in the APP Store

When searching the App store please search for “Smartfit” and it should come right up. If you are searching on an iPad please make sure you are searching under “iPhone Apps”.

Please click here to go straight to the app on the app store




How do I set the correct time?

Rbx Live Life Active Clothing

In order for the correct time to appear you must connect the tracker to the App. It will then display the same time as your phone/tablet.

The “Save Button” in the User settings is not visible

You must be connected to the tracker in order to save user settings. Please follow the instructions in the user manual to connect the APP to your tracker.

I have an Android device and cannot connect the APP to the activity tracker

Rbx Live Life Active Wear

If you are using and Android device please follow the below steps;

1. Go into the App’s connection settings

2. Turn Auto Upload On

3. Click the function button on the activity tracker so the screen turns on.

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4. Under the connection settings, the activity tracker should show up under “Searching device”

5. Place your finger on the name of your tracker and swipe right until a green “connected” button appears. Click on the green connected button.

7. A countdown will now appear on the tracker, please press the function button before the countdown ends.

8. You are now connected!

/htc-desire-manual-pdf-download.html. Is the Activity Tracker waterproof?

No, please do not wear the watch in the shower, pool, or any other wet areas. Water damage is not covered under our 1 year warranty.

When trying to connect it is asking me for a pass code

Please make sure that you are connecting to the activity tracker through the APP and NOT through your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth settings. There is no pass code and it should not ask you for one.

My Screen Displays “G Sensor Failed, Flash Done!”, Now what?

Please contact us if your screen is displaying this message.

I cannot find the charging port, where is it?

The charging port can be found on the bottom of the watch underneath the black flap. Simply, lift up the flap and plug in your included cable.

To measure your walking stride length:

  1. Go to a track or some place where you're sure of the distance.
  2. Count your steps as you walk across that distance, making sure you travel at least 20 steps.
  3. Divide the total distance (in feet) taken by the number of steps to get your stride length.

If you are having difficulty reading this, please save the image to your computer so you can zoom in. If you would like a PDF copy please email us at [email protected]