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Jul 12, 2005  We’ve posted a free sneak peek from Chapter 4: Classes of the Thieves’ World Player’s Manual. Read all about the Crime Lord and the Gladiator, two of the prestige classes you can play as one of the fine citizens of Sanctuary. Thieves’ World Player’s Manual is currently at print. Thieves’ World Player’s Manual PDF Preview. Thieves' World Player's Manual by Lynn Abbey: Thieves' World RPG: Traitor (Thieves World RPG Adventure) Thieves' World RPG: Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn by Owen K. Like many concepts in the book world, 'series' is a somewhat fluid and contested notion.

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Downloads : Books & Resources

Welcome to the Thieves Guild Books & Resources. Below are a collection of netbooks and user created resources that are free for use.

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NOTE ON ORGANIZATION: All items are arranged alphabetically by content. For example, The Great Net Book of Equipment would be located under 'E' for 'Equipment', and not under 'G' for 'Great' or 'T' for 'The'.
NOTE: All the files below are in zip format and require a decompressing program. If you have no such program installed, you can use WinZip.


Al Qadim Netbook (.doc file, 139 KB) - The Land of Fate and many of it's hidden secrets are divulged in this netbook on the Al-Qadim campaign setting.
Alcohol, The Complete Guide To (.txt file, 229 KB) - A comprehensive guide to alcohol and its effects in an rpg realm. Interesting.
Alignment (.txt file, 4 KB) - A description of alignment and what it consists of.
Armour, The Netbook of (.doc file, 43 KB) - Every kind of armor you could imagine.
Bard Songs, Netbook (.txt file, 26 KB) - A handful of bard songs that can be used in any campaign.
Birthright Netbook (.html file, 706 KB) - Netbook of the Birthright Campaign setting, nicely done in html.
Books, Netbook of (.doc file, 18 KB) - A list of references for AD&D related material.
Carnal Knowledge, The Complete Guide To (.doc file, 209 KB) - Sex plays an important role in life .. it's no wonder that it plays into rpgs. An interesting addition to the 'Complete Guide' world.
Character Flaws (3rd Edition) (.pdf file, 6 KB) - Collection of character flaws, their hinderances and descriptions.
Character Sheets, 3rd Edition (.pdf file, 121 KB) - Character sheets for 3rd edition players.
Class Construction Engine (.pdf file, 128 KB) - An invalueable guide for class creation. It includes comparisons of the base D&D classes using it's system.
Classes & Kits Netbook, Tome 1 (.doc file, 208 KB) - A huge collection of classes and kits, volume 1.
Classes & Kits Netbook, Tome 2 (.doc file, 164 KB) - Volume 2 of the great Netbook of Classes & Kits.
Cloaks, Netbook of (.doc file, 25 KB) - A large assortment of magic cloaks.
Crime & Punishment (.doc file, 10.4 KB) - An interesting guide to crime and punishment. Great for thiefly prosecution.
Cults (1st Edition), Netbooks of (.doc file, 13 KB) - List and description of various cults.
Cults (2nd Edition), Netbooks of (.rtf file, 84 KB) - A larger and more descriptive assortment of cults (includes the 1st edition)
Damned v2.0, Tome of the (.doc file, 306 KB) - Details of the Damned. Weapons, artifacts and spells. Also some new races and monsters.
Thieves World Player Manual Pdf Download
Dark Magic, The Ancient Tome of (.doc file, 394 KB) - A large collection of dark necromatic spells.
Dark Sun Net Handbook (.doc file, 241 KB) - Dark Sun is taken to the next level with this enormous netbook of material.
Demons, The Complete Netbook of (.doc file, 232 KB) - A large compendium of demons and their relative.
Draconis (.pdf file, 42 KB) - The campaign setting of Draconis. Includes the lands description, important npcs, and much more.
Dungeon Master Screen, 3rd Edition (.pdf file, 384 KB) - Every Dungeon Master can use this reference screen for running his/her games.
Elemental Netbook, The Great; Part 1 (.doc file, 265 KB) - Also known as a Guide to the Inner Planes.
Elemental Netbook, The Great; Part 2 (.doc file, 268 KB) - Part 2 of this great netbook series.
Equipment List, The Great Excel (.xls file, 55.6 KB) - Another fantastic equipment list, in Microsoft Excel format.
Equipment List, The Great Net (.doc file, 32.9 KB) - The title speaks for it's contents.
Feats (D&D) (.pdf file, 208 KB) - Large collection of feats, their sources, prerequisites and descriptions.
Golem & Gargoyles, The Netbook of (.doc file, 69 KB) - List and description of golems & gargoyles.
Herbs, The Complete Guide To (.doc file, 109 KB) - Every healer and assassin needs to know which weeds can do the correct job. Take a look at this fantastic 'Complete Guide.'
Hi-Level Campaigning (.txt file, 239 KB) - A guide to campaigning above level 20.
Hovering on Death's Door (.txt file, 4 KB) - A brief set of rules for death and dying.
Hygiene, The Complete Guide To (.doc file, 20 KB) - An interesting AD&D supplement - how hygiene affects player characters.
Infernus (Chapter 1), Realm of (.pdf file, 1706 KB) - Details the Realm of Infernus. Nice collection and put together very well.
Infernus (Chapter 2), Classes of (.pdf file, 1517 KB) - Several new classes in the Realm of Infernus.
Infernus (Chapter 3), Races of (.pdf file, 410 KB) - A collection of new races in the Realm of Infernus.
Infernus (Chapter 4), Artifacts of (.pdf file, 196 KB) - Nice collection of magic artifacts found in the Realm of Infernus.
Infernus (Chapter 5), Elders of (.pdf file, 1363 KB) - The Elders of Infernus is a collection of monsters (called the Elders) found in the Realm of Infernus.
Infernus (Chapter 6), Elderkin of (.pdf file, 1223 KB) - Another collection of monsters called the Elderkind that can be found in the Realm of Infernus.
Infernus (Chapter 7), Infernal Denizens of (.pdf file, 740 KB) - A collection of standard monsters found in Infernus.
Magical Blades, The Gallery of (.doc file, 206 KB) - Fantastic list and descriptions of magical blades.
Magick, Net Tome of (.txt file, 66 KB) - All about magic. This net tome details mages/clerics and provide a large collection of spells.
Names, The Net Book of Names, Businesses, Items, Geographical Locations, Peoples and Catch Alls (.doc file, 52 KB) - Nice collection of all-kinds of names. Great if you are trying to think-up some good NPCs.
Nik Nak Handbook, The Complete (.doc file, 54 KB) - Spells, magic items, devices, etc. The Complete Nik Nak Handbook has a ton of little tid-bits that other manuals tend to ignore.
NPC Handbook Vol.1 - Warriors, The Ultimate (.doc file, 543 KB) - Volume 1 of the Ultimate NPC Handbook. A huge collection of NPC warriors. This resource is great for any DM that needs some quick characters to spice up a plot.
NPC Handbook Vol.2 - Magic Users, The Ultimate (.doc file, 193 KB) - More NPCs, this time it's a collection of magic users.
NPC Handbook Vol.3 - Others, The Ultimate (.doc file, 334 KB) - Once again, more NPCs - all the major classes are represented in this collection.
Planescape Net Handbook (.doc file, 47 KB) - What is a berk to do in this crazy multiverse? Check out this handbook for some answers to the planes (kits, classes, etc.).
Poisons, Net Book of (.doc file, 203 KB) - A large collection of poisons. Nice resource, although the details of many of the poisons are left out.
Poisons, The Complete Guide to (.doc file, 48 KB) - Every assassin should know his poisons, and this nifty guide is sure to help.
Practical Jokes & Pranks, Netbook of (.doc file, 11 KB) - A funny list of practical jokes and hilarious pranks.
Proficiencies V1, The Netbook of (.doc file, 103.5 KB) - Need some new non-weapon proficiencies, then here is a great place to look.
Prostitute Class (3rd Ed) (.doc file, 40 KB) - A unique submission by Blaise, complete class description with a large list of spells.
Races, The Great Netbook of (.doc file, 35 KB) - Want to spice up an adventure with some different player characters? Try this fancy little Netbook.
Sanity, The Complete Guide To (.txt file, 37 KB) -

Thieves World Ebook

Spells, New (.doc file, 150 KB) - A great collection of new spells. These will soon be added to our website.
Thief's Netbook, The Complete (.doc file, 48 KB) - Classes, kits, proficiencies and much more in this comprehensive guide to thieves.

Thieves World Pdf

Thieves Cant, The Complete Guide To (.doc file, 100 KB) - A downloadable version of the dubious thieves cant. Cant-to-English and English-to-Cant. A linguist's nightmare.
Thieves Guild (.doc file, 95 KB) - Contains tons of information on guilds, npcs, new magical items, and many many more thief necessities.

Thieves World Characters

Undead, The Great Book of (.doc file, 148 KB) - A huge undead monster compendium - Vampires, zombies, banshees, etc.
Wizards Handbook V3, Net (.doc file, 160 KB) - This is the netbook, not the Complete Wizards Handbook from TSR. Great spells and ideas for any wizards.

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Thieves World Rpg Pdf