Smok H Priv 220w User Manual

Nov 20, 2017  Smok is a great vaporizer manufacturer, and I always enjoy their products; however, it does seem like Smok is the type of company that is either go big or go home – that is not a bad thing. The Smok T-Priv 220W TC kit review shows that it is like they are trying to strike a balance between appealing to the hardcore vape crowd and new vapers alike. SMOK H-PRIV 2 225W TC Kit With TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank - 6ML SMOK H-PRIV 2 225W TC Kit, the upgrade version of H-Priv Kit, powered by dual 18650, the H-Priv 2 supports 225W of maximum output wattage, available in TC,VW and by pass modes.

  1. Smok H Priv 220w Manual

SMOK H-Priv Mini 50W TC Box Mod

SMOK is referring to the new H-Priv Mini 50W TC Box Mod as “Kung Fu Panda” for its short and chubby body. The aesthetics are very similar to the original and extremely popular SMOK H-Priv 220W TC Box Mod just in a smaller less power-hungry package. The H-Priv Mini is definitely one of the smallest SMOK devices to date while still providing enough punch for a quick store trip; it’s the epitome of pocket-friendly! The rise of the ‘Mini Mods’ (or ‘Thumb Mods’ as John calls them) have really picked up momentum throughout the end of 2016 and I have a feeling most of the big name players will take advantage of the obvious demand. The SMOK H-Priv Mini 50W TC Box Mod fits perfectly in that category so let’s see if it stands out among the others currently on the market.

The SMOK H-Priv Mini 50W TC Starter Kit ($46.95 at Element Vape) consists of the SMOK H-Priv Mini 50W TC Box Mod and the SMOK Brit Beast Sub-Ohm Tank. The H-Priv Mini is slightly shorter (5mm) than a close competitor, the Council of Vapor Mega Volt and a couple millimeters thicker; both are very similar in size and weight. Measuring right over 24.5mm in width, the SMOK Brit Beast Sub-Ohm Tank (or any 24.5mm Atomizer) fits beautifully flush with no overhang. The H-Priv Mini is available in White, Silver, Black (all with an Orange fire bar), Black/Green, Black/Purple and Yellow with Black accents (appears more Gold than yellow). With so many different variations to pick from, I’m sure you’ll find one that catches your eye.

Smok t priv review

Though the SMOK H-Priv Mini 50W TC Box Mod only offers 50W of power, when matched with the right Sub-Ohm Tank, it can really get the job done! At full throttle, it definitely feels like I’m getting the full 50W and with a 9V maximum output voltage, you’re able to fire a variety of resistances (down to 0.06Ω in TC and 0.1Ω in VW Mode). Expect the same Temperature Control wire options seen on other SMOK devices; Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel with the ability to adjust the TCR to any value you fancy. If you’d like to further personalize your vape, the Drawing Effects (or Ramp-up Modes) allows you to set the device to preheat with more or less wattage (Min, Soft, Norm, Hard or Max) if you need a little boost or decrease to fit your vaping style.

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The SMOK H-Priv Mini has a built-in 1650mAh non-removable 22450 (22mm around and 45mm tall) battery that kept me going for right around 2 hours of continuous 50W vaping. Charging is completed through the micro USB port under the regulatory buttons with the included USB cable. The 1A charging does seem to take longer than similar devices (roughly an hour and a half) but is still a pretty quick charge for the most part. When holding the device, I get no rattling and everything feels well-built and solid. There is some battery venting underneath that must work since the device never gets overly warm. Using the same charging cable, the firmware is upgradeable (there is a new update so be sure to check the SMOK website to see if your device is current) but doesn’t have OTA Bluetooth capability. I’ve always appreciated the very detailed and well-written User Manuals from SMOK and it’s no different with the H-Priv Mini Starter Kit!

The 0.74inch OLED display screen is placed on top like multiple other SMOK devices and is definitely larger than I originally anticipated. Empire earth for android free download. Most of these Mini Mods have tiny screens with minimal statistics but the H-Priv Mini gives us everything the larger H-Priv does. I haven’t had any condensation issues (screen fogs up and gets worse over time) like my SMOK X-CUBE Ultra Box Mod so hopefully that trend continues moving forward. The menu system shares the same functionality as the original with 5-clicks to power the device on and 3-clicks to bring up the menu. The nice thing with SMOK’s software is you’re able to do all the commands with only the fire button so navigating is simple and fast. The only thing I noticed that’s different in the menu system is the puff counter won’t reset after removing an Atomizer or when the battery dies out. If puffs are something you keep track of for any reason, you’ll have to manually reset it in the Puff Menu option. The Gold-plated510 connection has the elastic-touch design making all Atomizers fit perfectly. While I can’t get any information from SMOK about this technology, all the Atomizers I attached fit clean and flush with no connectivity issues.

The signature SMOK triangle fire bar functions the same as the larger H-Priv with no firing delay. For as small as the H-Priv Mini is, holding and trigger firing is surprising comfortable considering I have large hands. I did notice the fire bar was offset to one side more than the other but it didn’t affect the way the device performed (just a nit-picky visual complaint). There is some play at the bottom of the fire bar but doesn’t bother me much since it doesn’t rattle at all. The actual firing switch behind the fire bar is towards the top so trying to fire towards the bottom is much more difficult (unlike the full-length fire bar of the X-CUBE Ultra which can be fired anywhere). There’s a pinhole reset button right in between the two small rounded regulatory buttons right below the fire bar that when pushed, is equivalent to taking the batteries out and reinstalling them. I haven’t had the device lock up so no reason to press it thus far.

SMOK Brit Beast Sub-Ohm Tank

Don’t be confused by the SMOK Brit Beast name. This isn’t the SMOK BritTank that comes included with the SMOK Brit One Mega/Mini Kit with top airflow and different structured coil heads. The SMOK Brit Beast Sub-Ohm Tank took design elements from the SMOK Minos (the top cap and drip tip) and the TFV8 Baby Beast (base and coil structure) creating a fantastic performing 24.5mm Sub-Ohm Tank! The Brit Beast Tank is compatible with all the SMOK Baby Turbo Engine coil heads (excluding the RBA) so if the included V8-Baby Q2 coil heads don’t get you out of the bed in the morning; you have options to satisfy your power craving.

The top-fill system involves unscrewing the drip tip to reveal two large kidney fill holes. For such a small kit, I’m glad SMOK went with this method versus removing the top cap like other smaller Atomizers. The SMOK website states a 3.5ml eJuice capacity and 2ml is posted on the back of the box. From a completely dry coil head I got 4ml topped off to the brim so they undercut their capacity quite a bit. I don’t know why this isn’t double checked before being released but their error is to our benefit!

The SMOK Brit Beast Tank has dual 12.5mm x 1.5mm adjustable airflow slots along the bottom that is easy to adjust. The airflow ring pops off to get a more precise cleaning and is held on by two O-rings; one on top and bottom of the airflow slots. The amount of airflow is definitely more on the restrictive side but really concentrates the flavor you get from the tank. The 12mm Delrin wide-bore drip tip (tapers down to a 7.5mm chimney) is very comfortable to vape on and never gets hot at only 50W. Since it screws into place, it’s held very securely and seals off by a single O-ring. Unfortunately the way it screws down, it’s not 510 drip tip compatible.


The 0.6Ω V8-Baby Q2 coil head has a 4mm dual parallel coil with four plentiful sized wicking slots. The Q2 is rated from 20-50W (best between 30-40W), it matches the power availability of the H-Priv Mini to the tee. I’m a triple wattage vaper so it took the full 45-50W to get the coil to its full potential; the flavor is phenomenal! The vape is just barely warm but still produced some big clouds for a minimal 50W. After 3-4 days of consistent 50W vaping, I did get some leaking out of the airflow holes. After double checking the bottom pin of the coil and the tank itself, everything was intact and tightened properly. I’m not used to seeing SMOK tanks leak so I was unpleasantly surprised. Luckily, there’s a second Q2 coil head included in the box which didn’t have the same issue right away. I did get some dribbles from the airflow slots with the second coil but nothing substantial like the first one.

Final Grade – A

“There’s not much to criticize with the SMOK H-Priv Mini 50W TC Starter Kit. The Mini Mod craze is in full effect and SMOK shows us again they can both enter and dominate any area of the vape game. For under $50 ($46.95 at Element Vape), this is a great stealthy (hence the Kung Fu reference) easily transported and reliable device for anyone that enjoys a quality vape!”

Team Spinfuel

Smok H Priv 220w Manual

  • 1 H-Priv Mini 50 Mod
  • 1 Brit Beast Tank
  • 1 Preinstalled V8 Baby-Q2 Coil Head
  • 1 Extra V8 Baby-Q2 Coil Head
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual