Schott Ceran Induction Hob User Manual

Operating and Installation Instructions Ceramic Cooktops. Correct usage Only use the cooktop for residential cooking, and for the purposes described in this manual. Other uses are not permitted and can be dangerous. Persons who lack physical, sensory. These cookies allow the website to remember choices you make (such as your user name, language or the region you are in) and provide enhanced, more personal features. These cookies can also be used to remember changes you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of. The instruction and installation manual, as well as the appliance certificate, in a safe place for. Standing near an induction hob while it is in operation, if you wear a pacemaker or a. Decreases the heat supply as soon as the user changes the setting. The induction hotplate stops the heat supply as soon as the cookware is removed. Jan 26, 2019  Summit Schott Ceran User Manual 4 PagesSchott Ceran Induction Hob Flashing Lo InstructionsChambers 30 In Schott Ceran Gl Ceramic Induction Cooktop Black With 4 Elements Including 3 700 Watt Power ElementKitchenaid Schott Ceran Cooktop Instructions Bosch ManualMarvelous Schott Ceran Cooktop Troubleshooting HobGold Cooktop Cooktops Replacement S Goldline Igniter AndSchott Ceran Stove Manual Hob. Whether it’s instructions on setting up your appliance or tips on general maintenance, our handy manuals are full of support which you can flick through at any time. Whether you have your appliance’s model number ready or need help locating this, you can have your user manual ready to download in no time by following either of the steps below.


SCHOTT CERAN® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG.



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SCHOTT CERAN® Use & Care Guide

Your SCHOTT CERAN® cooking surface is developed to be easy to use and to look
great. The following hints and tips will help you to keep it that way for a long time to
come. SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop panels can stand up to plenty of wear and tear if
you follow the simple instructions provided in this manual.

SCHOTT CERAN® is made of exceptionally durable, long-lasting glass ceramic. The
flat surface lets you move pots and pans around safely with almost no risk of spills or

SCHOTT CERAN® cooking surfaces are easy to clean

Tip: Clean your SCHOTT CERAN® cooking surface regularly, preferably after each
time you use it.

1. First remove any burnt-on deposits or spilled

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food from your SCHOTT CERAN® cooking
surface with a suitable metal razor scraper
(similar to scraping paint off of your
windowpanes in your home - it will not damage
the decorated cooking surface). Hold the
scraper at approximately a 30° angle to the
cooktop. For your safety, please wear a mitt
potholder while using the metal scraper.

2. When the cooking surface has cooled down

apply a few dabs (about the size of a dime) of
an approved cleaner in each burner area and
work the cleaning cream over the cooktop
surface with a damp paper towel as if you were
cleaning a window.

3. As a final step, clean with clear water and wipe

the cooktop surface with a clean, dry paper

Important: If any sugar or food containing sugar (preserves, ketchup, tomato
sauce, etc.), a plastic item or kitchen foil accidentally melts on the hot surface of
your cooktop, remove the molten material IMMEDIATELY with a metal razor
scraper (it will not damage the decorated cooking surface) while the cooking
surface is still hot
to avoid the risk of damage to the SCHOTT CERAN® surface.
For your safety please wear a mitt potholder while cleaning the hot cooking surface.

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SCHOTT CERAN® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG.


Updated 7/8/08, Elder

The following cleaners were successfully tested and approved by SCHOTT
for CERAN® cooking surfaces:

Cleaning creams


Weiman CookTop Cleaning Cream (

Schott Ceran Induction Hob How To Use


Cerama Bryte (

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Whirlpool Cooktop Cleaner (


Hope’s Cooktop Cleaning Cream (


Easy-Off 3 in 1 Glass Top Cleaner Spray (

!!! Do not use abrasive sponges or scouring pads of any type. Corrosive
cleaners such as oven sprays, cleaners containing chlorine or ammonia and
stain removers should not be used.

Schott Ceran Induction Cooktop User Manual

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