Samsung Mobile Sgh-u600 User Manual

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  • Released 2007, April
    81g, 10.9mm thickness
    Feature phone
    60MB storage, microSD (dedicated slot) slot
  • N/A3,576,587 hits
  • 2.2'
    240x320 pixels
  • 3MP
  • 690mAh
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  • Juju
  • PWx

Can you take the call by opening the phone and hang up by just closing the phone ?

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  • Anonymous
  • nv0

Can someone please post some images taken with the camera on this phone, both indoors and outdoors would be nice.

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  • andy
  • M3s

is the u600 touch or heat sensative?

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  • alis
  • S1s

I would like to get more info about the battery life from people who already have the phone, not from guides or anything else. In fact, how much does it last? Based on a normal use, do you have to charge the phone every night?

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  • Lu
  • Mx@

its a mint looking handset, gr8 camera, the touch sensitive screen b4 u slide up is a little strange at 1st but u soon get used to it!

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  • Anonymous
  • Sj6

Does anyone know how to stop the phone saving sent messages?

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  • Yuri
  • jpr

how big is the pictures when taken with this phone?? please give dimension of the photo because i'm a photo lover!!

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  • Meridius
  • nui

hi all to answear alot of your questions here is the manual for the u600­703/20070326083228562_SGH-U600_UG_Eng_070320_Rev­1.1.pdf
i have read some parts of it and what i like better than the e900 you can either
1 press the power button to unlock the keypad and then the hangup button to hangup
2 just press the (i) button to do the same
thast better i hate the idea that you need to press the power button and then the hangup icon butoon to hang up as i hust wanted a single hang up button which the u600 does a improvement over the e900 which only lets you do option 1 on here that i listed
hope the manual helps with some of the questions

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  • m
  • nui

when you make a call without sliding the phone open and you are finished talik how do you hang up as the buttons of the face of the phone are touch sensitive ????

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  • Anonymous
  • p5M

I confirm that the u600 record cif 352X288 vidéo. Qcif 176X144 is for mms.

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  • chocobob
  • 2CR

hi everyone
can anyone pls let me know wether the phone has any bass settings on the equalizer and does the phone do cif recordings..thx
any help will be appreciated..thx

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  • ash
  • m9}

just got this today , very pleased with it only problem is the strange way that it locks the keypad when you make a call but i suppose this is because the touch keys are so sensitive that your cheek would probabily hang up if they werent locked.
does anyone know if it accepts 2gb micro sd cards? i cant see it anywhere on the phone or box/booklet, has anyone tried a 2gb card?

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  • Anonymous
  • mHj

got the phone yesterday and used to it allready,love the fact that at last samsung have enabled the use of mp3 to be set as txt message tones ..t9 txt will take a bit of getting used to as you have to scroll to the word you want but sure it wont take long,battery seems ok,played with it allday and only just put it on a charge from out of the box. video's, pictures and music is better than the old mans d900..he is now waiting to get the u600.all round its a good phone does everything i want it to,

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  • craig
  • n$e

Is this worth £230 sim free?

U600 Battery

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  • tasha
  • MIa

Mike – fair enough about the keypad locking comment, but you should be given the option whether you want it automatic or not. Do you know if it is an option?
Not too sure about the texting - I don’t use the alpha-text when doing it.
The phone rings and vibrates at the same time. You have the option of vibration, vibration then melody, vibration and melody, increasing melody or just melody

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  • Nono
  • 2Fh

I guess you can set the slider to cut the line when you close it, without need for unlocking the keys ?

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  • Peter
  • pTR

Samsung Sgh I997

Does the phone ring and vibrate at the same time, it really annoyed me that my D600 wouldnt ring and vibrate at the same time. The best i cud get it to do was to vibrate, then ring

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  • Anonymous
  • Tke

Has anyone bought this yet ?

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  • Mike
  • mqB

I quite like the design - not sure about the touch buttons yet - they are very sensitive. The themes are very limited. In response to the Q about the locking when on the phone - i think this has to happen to stop your ears from setting off the touch buttons etc.
The one major issue I have which is making me not like the phone is in texting and I would like to know if anyone else has this issue. Its to do with predictive text and when you write out a word you can scroll through to the correct one word and press the 'I' button to select it. This is okay but there seems to be a bug causing the scroll not to work sometimes meaning you cannot select another suggestion! How frustrating is this!! EXTREMELY! Anyone else experiencing this at all?

Samsung Sgh A667

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  • tasha
  • MIa

Only the 4 buttons on the top slide are touch-sensitive. The rest are keypad (numbers 0-9 and the round button on the front)

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