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This is the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see our Specs page.

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Galaxy Note 8 introduced several new features and improvements compared to Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 5. You may want to read the official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 user manual to get used to new functions and features, in addition to following Galaxy Note 8 how-to guides. Add a Samsung account Create a Samsung account for access to Samsung content and apps on your device. From Settings, tap Cloud and accounts Accounts. Tap Add account Samsung account. Note: To quickly access your Samsung account, tap. Settings Samsung account. Add an email account View and manage all of your email accounts.


Nec etw-16dc-1 phone user manual. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a feature-packed high-end phone aimed at power users and productivity-minded individuals. Its key stand-out features include the large Super AMOLED display, the versatile dual-camera, the huge 4000mAh battery, and the S-Pen digital stylus allowing you to take down notes and annotate documents, as well as to control media playback and flip between presentation slides remotely thanks to its wireless connectivity. And with DeX mode, the Galaxy Note 9 can connect to a TV or Monitor giving you a desktop-like environment for work or play.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The pre purchase is already available on the official Samsung page of your new Note for those who already have little Note 8 left. I do not know about you but I still have Note 5.

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Download Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user manual pdf download

We do not need to tell you that we are in front of the best of the best. The most current technology, images of madness, super optimized software and as many possibilities as there are drops in the municipal pool.

But … Do we really want to spend about a thousand euros on a device? And according to the version, it exceeds this figure.

One of the most important changes is the battery that rises to 4,000 mAh.

The network is full of users asked why their Note is not able to see the sunrise and sunset of the same day. This is due to two factors mainly: the addiction that users have to the devices and their high resolution screen.

Both consume battery in large quantity unless we use the smartphone a little for trivial things. In these cases, a Samsung Note is not necessary.

The screen also grows with 6.4 β€œto enjoy videos and games with QHD + resolution.It maintains the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection and the double curvature on the sides.

The performance does not count on a significant advance although to pass of Snapdragon 835 / Exynos 8895 to Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810, and add 2 GB of RAM, will make everything fly, without exception.


It also increases the internal memory considerably. Its 128 GB will be enough to accumulate thousands and thousands of WhatsApp photos and messages.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 User Manual

That if, as you get your emotions recorded in 4K videos, you will see reduce the space faster than you think. Even so, it has microSD up to 512 GB.

The Note 9 maintains the dual cameras and offers us a world of video and images. With maximum quality and effects that will leave you speechless although most are not new.

In connectivity there is no problem: it connects to everything! From Bluetooth and NFC, to 4G networks, Wifi, USB Type C connection, 3.5 mm Jack output. (this will soon disappear as bluetooth headphones are fashionable) and GPS geolocation – Galileo – GlonassA. He does not lack anything.

As expected, it has fingerprint and iris sensors and facial unlocking. In short, that has everything, I will not continue to put data because what you want is the manual and you have it in the following link.

But beware, if you read it thoroughly, it ends up costing you good money.

User Manual Samsung Note 4

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