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SoundGuard™ Down-the-Tube Exhaust for Quieter Operation

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View and Download Ryobi RY09056 repair sheet online. RY09056 Blower pdf manual download.

150 MPH / 400 CFM

Easily convert your blower into a vac/mulcher for quick clean-up

Variable speed throttle for adjustable clearing power

  • Engine: 26cc 2 Stroke Engine
  • Air Velocity: 150MPH/400CFM
  • Sound Pressure: 70dB(A)
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Blower
  • Upper Blower Tube
  • Sweeper Nozzle
  • Upper and Lower Vacuum Tubes
  • Vacuum Bag
  • 2 Cycle Engine Lubricant
  • Operator’s Manual

What is the correct fuel mixture to use with my 2 cycle engine RYOBI Outdoor Product?

Your 2-cycle engine requires pre-mixing gasoline and 2-cycle lubricant. Pre-mix unleaded gasoline and 2-cycle engine lubricant in a clean gas container. DO NOT mix quantities larger than usable in a 30-day period. Do not use automotive lubricant or 2-cycle outboard lubricant. We recommend using a RYOBI/Homelite premium 2-cycle oil or a PowerCare 2-cycle oil.

Filling your tank:

  • Clean surface around fuel cap to prevent contamination
  • Loosen fuel cap slowly. Rest the cap on a clean surface.
  • Carefully pour fuel into the tank. Avoid spillage.
  • Prior to replacing the fuel cap, clean around the gasket.
  • Immediately replace fuel cap and hand tighten. Wipe up any fuel spillage

Note: it is normal for smoke to be emitted from a new engine after fist use.

How do I start the blower? (RY09056)

  • The blower should be on a flat, bare surface for starting.
  • Slowly press the primer bulb 10 times

NOTE: After the 10th press, fuel should be visible in the primer bulb. If it is not, continue to press the primer until you see fuel in the bulb.

  • Set the choke lever to the FULL CHOKE position
  • Lock cruise control lever/throttle lock
  • Pull the starter grip and rope sharply until engine attempts to run. Do not pull the starter grip more than four (4) times
  • Set the choke lever to the HALF CHOKE position and then pull the starter grip and rope until the engine runs
Ryobi Ry09056 Manual Download

NOTE: If the engine does not start, return to the FULL CHOKE position and repeat the steps that follow

  • Allow the engine to run for 15 seconds, then set the choke lever to the RUN position

How do I CLEAN THE AIR FILTER on the blower? (RY09056)

  • Remove the air filter cover by turning the dial counterclockwise while gently pulling on the cover
  • Rinse filter with clean water and gently squeeze the filter until excess water is removed
  • Replace filter
  • Place the air filter cover back on the unit and then turn dial clockwise until cover is secure

How do I restart my engine when it’s hot? (RY09056)

  • Set the choke lever to the RUN position.
  • Lock cruise control lever/throttle lock.
  • Pull the starter grip and rope until the engine runs.

How do I stop the blower? (RY09056)

  • To stop the engine, depress and hold the stop switch to the stop position “ ”.

How do I store the blower for longer than a month? (RY09056)

  • Drain all fuel from tank into a container approved for gasoline and then run engine until it stops

How do I store the blower? (RY09056)

  • Clean all foreign material from the product and store the idle unit indoors in a dry, well-ventilated area that is inaccessible to children.

Note: Keep away from corrosive agents such as garden chemicals and de-icing salts. Also, abide by all ISO and local regulations for the safe storage and handling of gasoline

How do I use the cruise control lever/throttle lock on the blower? (RY09056)

  • The cruise control lever/throttle lock can be used to operate the blower without holding the throttle trigger
  • To engage, pull cruise control lever/throttle lock back towards yourself, and stop at the desired throttle setting
  • To release, push cruise control lever/throttle lock all the way towards the front of unit.

How do you fill the fuel tank on the blower? (RY09056)

  • Clean the surface around the fuel cap to prevent contamination
  • Loosen the fuel cap slowly by turning it counterclockwise
  • Pour the fuel mixture carefully into the tank.
  • Clean and inspect the fuel cap gasket before replacing the fuel cap
  • Replace the fuel cap and tighten it by turning it clockwise
  • Wipe spilled fuel from the product and move at least 30 ft. away from the refueling area before starting the product.

NOTE: It is normal for smoke to be emitted from a new engine during first use

Warning: Always shut off engine before fueling and never add fuel to a machine with a running or hot engine. Move at least 30 ft. from refueling site before starting engine. Do not smoke and stay away from open flames and sparks. Failure to safely handle fuel could result in serious personal injury.

How do you installing the vacuum bag on the blower? (RY09056)

  • Remove the nozzle and upper blower tube from the blower by twisting and removing from the blower housing outlet
  • Unzip the vacuum bag and push the vacuum bag adaptor through the opening opposite the zipper as shown
  • Make sure the wider end of the adaptor remains on the inside of the vacuum bag when installed properly
  • Align the raised slots on the vacuum bag adaptor with the raised locking tabs on the blower housing outlet
  • Push the vacuum bag adaptor onto the housing and twist to lock into place
  • Rotate the vacuum bag until the shoulder strap is upright
  • Make sure the vacuum bag is zipped and closed before starting the unit

How do you installing the vacuum tubes on the blower? (RY09056)

  • Secure the upper and lower vacuum tubes together by aligning the raised locking tabs with the raised slots
  • Tap the tube assembly on ground until the screw holes in the lower tube are in the raised slot of the upper tube and then secure with the supplied screws.
  • Then depress door tab using a flathead screwdriver and open the vacuum inlet door
  • After you open the inlet door, align the screw mounts on vacuum opening with screws on
  • vacuum tube assembly
  • Turning the screws clockwise, to tighten and secure the upper vacuum tube to the blower housing

How do you remove the vacuum tubes on the blower? (RY09056)

  • First, Loosen screws of the upper vacuum tube by turning them counterclockwise
  • Then, remove the vacuum tube assembly from the blower housing
  • Close the vacuum inlet cover door securely

What is the right mixture of fuel to fill the blower up?

This product is powered by a 2-cycle engine and requires pre-mixing gasoline and 2-cycle lubricant. Pre-mix unleaded gasoline and 2-cycle engine lubricant in a clean container approved for gasoline. DO NOT mix quantities larger than usable in a 30-day period.

NOTE: We recommend you use Homelite premium 2-cycle lubricant, PowerCare 2-cycle lubricant (6.4 oz. or 16 oz.), or an equivalent high-quality synthetic 2-cycle lubricant in this product. Mix at 2.6 oz. per gallon (US). Do not use automotive lubricant or 2-cycle outboard lubricant.

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26cc Blower/Vac - Model ry09056

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Ryobi Model Ry09050 Manual

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Ryobi Ry09056 Repair Manual

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