Point Of View Automation Direct User Manual

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  1. Point Of View Automationdirect User Manual

Point of View Documentation. Point of View Software Reference Guide (PV-SWREF-M) and Communications Drivers Guide (PV-ADCDRV-M) Point of View Frequently Asked Questions. Point of View Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Point of View Documentation

Point of View Frequently Asked Questions

Point of View Communication Drivers

NOTE: You must change the default folder for the driver install to point to the current installed version of POV C:Program Files (x86)AutomationDirectPoint of View


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Point of view automationdirect user manual




Point Of View Sentinel USB Driver

NOTE: Use this link to download the latest driver for your POV license USB hardkey from Sentinel.

Point Of View Automationdirect User Manual

In these videos we’ll use two different methods to connect Point of View to a Productivity Series Controller. The easiest way is to use Tag Integration where you just export the tags from the Productivity Suite software into a CSV file, then you tell Point of View where to find that file which is just a look up table that tells Point of View how to access the tags in your controller project. While that is quick and easy, it does have some limitations and there are some important things you need to be aware of when using tag integration, so we put those in a separate video just to make sure they don’t get glossed over … In the 4th video we’ll look at the second method to connect Point of View to a Productivity series controller – which is using the Main Driver Sheet. Just like Tag Integration, the main driver sheet is just a big lookup table. The difference is YOU manually fill in the details. While that is harder and a little tedious, it gives you total control over how the tags are brought into Point of View which can be handy in some situations AND it gives the Point of View project a way to talk the controller if you don’t happen to have access to the controller’s software to do the export. Can you do both? That is, can you use tag integration to bring in the bulk of the tags, but then use the Main Driver Sheet to tweak the few tags that need special attention? Sure. So take a few minutes to watch these brief videos – it can save you hours of frustration and headaches. If you need any help, please call AutomationDirect’s Free, Award winning tech support during regular business hours – they will be happy to help. And don’t forget the forums – there are lots of folks there that love to share their years of experience. Just don’t post any questions directed at AutomationDirect’s support team there, they don’t monitor the forums on a regular basis.