Opel Vectra B 1997 User Manual

I managed to get another engine 1.6 with 590000 mileage exact the same engine. As I haven't done it ever before I needed some extra help from my roommate Artur.

Jul 18, 2012  manual opel vectra b 2001 free Products and names mentioned are the property of their respective owners. PDF Owner Manuals and User Guides are NOT affiliated with the products and/or names mentioned in this site. This site consists of a compilation of public information available on. Opel Vectra B 1997 Service Manual The Opel Vectra is a large family car that was engineered and produced by 2 Vectra B (1995– 2002), 3 Vectra C (2002–2009), 4 Motorsport Steering gear is a rack and pinion type (manual or power assisted, It was not sold in Australia, where Holden instead offered a rebadged Toyota Camry called Apollo until 1997. Sep 18, 2017  VECTRA B 1997 MANUAL PPT. Opel vectra b 1997 manual ppt Get instant access for opel vectra b 1997 manual ppt. Simply follow the link provided above and you can directly download opel vectra b 1997. View and Download Vauxhall VECTRA owner's manual online. VECTRA Automobile pdf manual download.

For people who say this job is in possible THINK AGAIN! We both had 0 experience on swapping engines.
Tools needed :
  • Ratchet set
  • Engine crane - can be rented from tool renting companies there is quit a number of them. That's what we did and paid for two days 70 Euro. Which I think was still cheaper then buying one.The company I used was http://www.azhire.ie They were very friendly and easy to deal with, even agreed to pick it up in the end when we were finished!
  • Book needed Haynes Manual - Can be bought on Amazon.co.uk for only 7 pounds including shipping!Its easier when you have it in front of you. Thought its hard sometimes to understand what they mean in there. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/1859603963/ref=sr_1_3_olp?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1291200262&sr=8-3&condition=used
Opel vectra b 1997First thing you have to find is a nice and dry spot where you can keep the car overnight and make sure that it can stay there for a while if something might go wrong!

Opel Vectra B 1997 Service Manual

First start with downer car , which engine you are going to use!

Jack the car up and remove the wheel first from one side and secure it with axle stands ( got two of them for 10 euro in Lidl).
And then the other side. Make sure its high enough that u can access engine underneath. Best place to place Axel stands is under the frame just in the front of the car. Use two of them ! SAFETY FIRST. (Always make sure car is safely lifted. Use two wheels under the middle of the car just in case!)
Then remove the front bumper There is a 'star' screw on each side and two on the top. To access them you need to move the 'arches covers' Black plastic covers. They are held by black pins by pressing on inside of them you can remove the pins Also underneath of the bumper are the same type pins.(when removing front bumper you also need remove front grill that is attached with 3 screws on the top .

Removing Gill :


As this a big job and might get messy I also recommend to remove front lights. They are very easy to remove. Once you have removed the front bumper you have full access to all screws. DO NOT USE FORCE!
Now we are ready to get started!

For next move you are going to need two people!
You are going to remove the hood now there are 4 screws holding it on both side.

Put the hood safely aside, when removing hood disconnect the washers cables!

Next step would be to take pictures of your engine so in case you forget where something was, you can have a look from pictures:

Now we are going to remove the rest objects that might be in our way! Its clever to make enough space around the engine for your easier access.

Air box ( black box on left side of the engine) Remove the top cover first and then two screws on both side under the box. Also remove the pipe running from engine.

Opel Vectra 1995

Now you are ready to start removing radiator:
Before starting remove the battery!
Now open the thermostat that is located on the left side on bottom of the radiator to let the liquid out! Make sure you dispose of the liquids properly!

Opel Vectra 2003

Now we are ready to start disconnecting pipes.First the top then the middle and the bottom. Also disconnect the wiring for the cooler fan.

Opel Corsa B 1997 Manual

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Opel Vectra repair manual, which also contains data on the operation and maintenance of machines of this manufacturer.

These Opel Vectra service manual will certainly benefit not only the experienced motorist, but also the one who only recently got behind the wheel, because all the material of the book is prepared with the aim of helping the driver to improve his theoretical and technical training at the maximum possible level. At the same time, the manuals do not suffer from an overabundance of information, since the authors themselves, as practicing auto-engineers, offer only the most necessary information when dealing with a car, which every driver needs to understand. A lot of well-prepared photographs provide the book with visual clarity, thanks to which it becomes quite easy to follow any recommendations for car diagnostics and repair.

Opel Vectra B 1997

The presented Opel Vectra repair manual begins with a theoretical section from which the user will learn such important information as the features of the external and internal design of the car, recommendations for the correct use of the car and the frequency of maintenance work that the driver can carry out independently without giving the car to HUNDRED. Also on the pages of the manual contains instructions for use Opel Vectra, which will save the motorist from a long search for basic information about your car.

The second section of the manual is written to help those motorists who have at least initial repair skills, and wish to work on the diagnosis and repair of motor vehicles on their own. To do this, it is enough to use the richly illustrated instructions for repairing a car. All of them are clearly spelled out and are listed in the book in stages, from elementary actions to more complex ones, including even minor intermediate works. There is also a summary table of various faults and the most common causes of their occurrence.

Opel Vectra C

Thus, on the basis of this Opel Vectrarepair manuals, it is possible by all the rules, without the risk of setting up and repairing a car, to assemble or disassemble, lubricate, replace or repair all major car assemblies and components, including the engine, braking system, steering, gearbox, etc. .d And if, for example, you need to replace the headlamp or make any other work with electrical equipment, then the driver of the Opel Vectra circuit diagrams will come in color with important comments.

Opel Vectra

In the annex to the manual there is a lot of useful information for caring car enthusiasts, including several summary graphs and tables, tips on road safety, notes about tuning cars and much more.

Opel Vectra B 1997 Manual Pdf

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