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View and Download Nilfisk-ALTO NEPTUNE 5 operating instructions manual online. NEPTUNE 5 Pressure Washer pdf manual download. Also for: Neptune 7, Neptune 8. Read online or download PDF. Page 20 / 24. Nilfisk-ALTO NEPTUNE 5 FA 107400337 C User Manual. Nilfisk-ALTO Carwash.


Options / model variants

Original instructions


Do not touch, cover or place
hose or cord over the chimney.
Danger for persons, risk of
overheating and fi re.

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Electrical equipment

Never spray electrical equip-
ment with water: risk of elect-
trical shock and short-circuit.

The cleaner may only be con-
nected to a correctly installed
plug socket.

Switching on the cleaner may
cause voltage fl uctuations.
Voltage fl uctuations should not
occur if the impedance at the
transfer point is less than 0.15


If in doubt ask your local electric-
ity supplier.

Maintenance and repair

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The cleaner must be discon-
nected from its power source
during cleaning of the machi-
ne, maintenance, when repla-
cing parts or converting the
machine to another function.

Carry out only the maintenance
operations described in the oper-
ating instructions. Use only origi-
nal Nilfi sk-ALTO spare parts.

Do not make any technical modi-
fications to the high-pressure

Ensure that the machine is regu-
larly serviced by authorized Nil-
fi sk-ALTO dealers in accordance
with the maintenace plan. Failure
to do so will void the warranty.

High-pressure hoses, fi ttings
and couplings are important
for the safety of the cleaner.
Use only high-pressure parts
approved by the manufac-

The power cord must not differ
from the version specifi ed by the
manufacturer and may only be
changed by an electrician.
Please contact your local author-
ized Nilfi sk-ALTO equipment dis-
tributor for all other maintenance
or repair needs!


The cleaner conforms to the Ger-
man „Guidelines for Liquid Spray
Jet Devices“. The high-pressure
cleaner must be subjected to a
safety examination in accord-
ance with the „Accident Preven-
tion Regulations for Working
with Liquid Spray Jet Devices“
as required, but at least every
12 months, by an authorised

After all repairs or modifica-
tions to electrical equipment,
the protective conductor resist-
ance, the insulation resistance
and the leakage current must
be measured. Furthermore, a
visual inspection of the mains
power cord, a voltage and current
measurement and a function test
must be carried out. Our after-
sales service technicians are
at your disposal as authorised

The complete „Accident Preven-
tion Regulations for Working
with Liquid Spray Jet Devices“
are available from the Carl Hey-
manns Verlag KG, Luxemburger
Strasse 449, 50939 Cologne or
from the appropriate associa-
tion of employers’ liability insur-

The pressure-bearing parts of
this high-pressure cleaner have
been manufactured in accord-
ance with § 9 of the German
Pressure Vessels Ordinance
and successfully subjected to a
pressure test.

Bypass valve

The pressure is reduced by
means of a 'bypass valve' which
returns water to the inlet side of
the pump at a minimum pressure.
The point at which this occurs is
set and sealed at the factory and
must not be adjusted.

2 Description

2.1 Purpose

This high-pressure cleaner has
been designed for professional
use. It can be used for cleaning
agricultural and construction
equipment, stables, vehicles,
rusty surfaces, etc.

The cleaner has not been ap-
proved for cleaning surfaces
which comes into contact with

Chapter 5 describes the use of
the high-pressure cleaner for
various cleaning jobs.

Always use the cleaner as de-
scribed in these operating in-
structions. Any other use may
damage the cleaner or the sur-
face to be cleaned or may result
in severe injury to persons.

Nilfisk Alto Neptune 5 User Manual

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Nilfisk Alto Neptune 5 Manual

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