New Home My Excel 15s User Manual

I'm having a terrible time all of a sudden with my New Home Excel 15S machine.

Welcome to New Home We carry a large selection of Instructions and Service Manuals for New Home Janome Sewing Machines. We offer these manuals in a variety of different formats for your convenience. Ordering is easy and we ship fast! Thanks for visiting us.

I have never had a problem in the 13 years I have had the machine (which is probably why I can't find the manual!). When I used the machine in the fall, it worked fine. Yesterday I went to sew some covers for my patio cushions. I had to make a new bobbin and thread the machine. I thought I was doing it's really simple. The thread on the lower side of the fabric is all loopy and bumpled up. I asked a friend and she said it sounded like the tension and that maybe I had missed the tension something or another when threading the machine. At this point my tension was on 6 - where I think it has been all along.
This morning, I unthreaded the machine, rethreaded the machine and changed the tension to 4. It sewed fine. Yippee! Until the bobbin ran out. I had to unthread the machine, make a new bobbin, and rethread the machine. Now it's back to what it was doing before. I unthreaded and re-threaded and no luck.
  • Selection of genuine and replacement Janome Sewing Machine MS3015 (My Excel 15S). My wife received a Janome/New Home Excel 23L from a friend. Check your manual, it is something that can be turned on and off if I am not mistaken (haven't. JANOME MYEXCEL 18W-MW3018 PDF User's Manual Download & Online Preview.
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I think if I had the manual, it might help. Of course, I can't find my manual anywhere! Does anyone have one that they could scan and send to me? The nearest retailer to me said it would cost between $15-20 for me to order one...and that seems high. You woulds think that they would just have them online in PDF files like most other manufacturers do.
I eeally want to have these cushions covered for a party on the weekend!!!!

We Stock a Huge Range of Janome Accessories(Will Also Fit Elna Models);

Janome Bobbins

A Standardised range for top load and under load sewing machines make it very easy.

Janome Bobbin Cases

New home my excel 15s sewing machine manual

We stock a wide range of bobbin cases for replacement or for freemation embroidery. Damage to your bobbin case will stop your machine stitching correctly, especially with top load cases as problems can amplify poor thread or incorrect tensions.

Janome New Home My Excel 15s Manual

Janome Presser Feet

There are a few major types to fit different Janome Machines broken down in to categories;

Janome Cat A - Front Loading / Short Shank Snap-On Machines

Machines that fit a Catogory A Foot;

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Dealer Machines, 100-110, 1000cs, 1004, 1012a, 1014, 1018s, 1220, 1308, 1312, 1406, 1408, 1410, 1504, 1508, 1512, 1550, 1560, 1571, 1580, 1585, 1714, 1722, 1780, 1804, 1814, 1818, 1918, 2039, 2041, 2050, 2139, 220XT, 300-372, 3816, 3822, 415, 419s, 423s, 660, 808, CJ14, CJ24, DM21, ENX24, ES14N, J1012, J1024, J3-18, J3-20, J3-24, RX18s, Simplicity, 1822, 2023.

Dunhelm Machines, DM1118, DM1018, DM1108, LX180, DE1800

John Lewis Machines, J1024, JR1012, JL100, JL125, JL200, JL110, JL110SE

If you have a sewing machine with one of these numbers on it, you need these Janome Cat. A feet.

New home my excel 15s sewing machine manual

New Home My Excel 15s Manual

Janome Cat B - Top Loading Bobbin/Short Shank Machines

Dealer Machines, MC5600P, MC3000, MC3500, MC4000, MC4800, MC4800QC, MC5000, MC5500, MC6000, MC6500P, MC7000, MC7500, MC4900QC, MC5200, MC5900QC, DC4030, DC4100, DC3050, 6019QC, 6260QC, 6125QC, JEM GOLD, JEM GOLD2,DKS30 XL30, XR33, XC33, XC50, 150, 2014, 2018, 2022, 2100, 2122, 2522LE, 2536, 3015, 3018, 3023, 23L, CXL301, 3123, 23X, 4018, 4023, 4035, 4052, 4618, 4623, 5018, 5050, 5024, 5124, 521, 525s, XL601, DXL603, TXL607, 625E, 652, 654, 658, 659, QXL605, 7021, 7025, 8077, 826, BCC-30, CM2200, COMBI DX, DC4100, DM3000, DM2000, JEM PLATINUM, JP720, JP760, JL150, JL250, JL300C, JL300, JUBILEE 85, K150, M7, RE3000, SR2000, CREATE, STYLE, MY Excel 15S,

MY Excel 18W, MY Excel 23X, MY Excel 23L, MY Style 16/652,

New Home My Excel 15s Sewing Machine Manual

MY Style 21/658, MY Style 30/654, MY Style 22

Dunhelm Machines,

John Lewis Machines,

Janome Cat C - Top Loading Bobbin/High Shank Machines

Dealer Machines, MC11000SE, MC11000, MC10001, MC100000, MC9700, MC9500, MC9000, MC7700QCP, Horizon, MC6600p, MC5700, MC5000, XC500.

Dunhelm Machines, None Produced

John Lewis Machines, None Produced

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Janome Cat D feet - Top Loading Bobbin/High Shank Machines with the NEW 9mm Stitch Width

Dealer Machines, MC15000, MC14000, MC12000, MC8900QCP, MC8200QC, MC12000, MC9900, Atelier 3, Atelier 5, Atelier 7.

Dunhelm Machines, None Produced

John Lewis Machines, None Produced

Looking for a specific foot;

Janome foot Controls

getting this right is important, Janome have a very good Japanese approach to accessories and have standardised most of there foot controls over the last 15 years so the majority of machines use a standard 3-pin janome foot control.

Janome Needle Threader

Needle threaders are easily broken when your needle isn't in the up position or you have a bent needle, choosing the correct replacement is a mine field so please follow of link to a free information page to help you get the correct part to fix your machine.

Janome Needle Plate

Easily damaged by using cheep thread (with a stretch to it, moon etc.) a bent needle or the wrong needle while sewing, you will notice little scratches or marks cut in to the metal of the needle plate, they don't look like much but will cause thread snapping and irregular tension problems. If you can't file and polish it out its time for a new Needle plate. please follow link above to help find the janome needle plate you need.

Janome Bobbin Cover or Bobbin window

Not only are these clear plastic covers handy to see how much thread you have left they also create the perfect pressure on the bobbin to stop it jumping around to help give you that perfect Janome Stitch.

Extension tables

An extension table is designed to take the stress of your feed dogs, if you have a heavy quilt or curtains draping off your table then all that weight is going through your gears causing ware at a very rapid rate.

Janome Instruction Manuals

Oops! lost your instruction book, we can get one printed out for you or get one sent out via PDF. follow the link above for

Embroidery Hoops

Because you just don't get enough hoop with your machine, how nice would it be to hoop up your next project while your machine is still stitching out.

Janome Bobbins

Ill just use the ones out of my old singer! the phrase we hear all the time in the shop.

Dont, Janome use there own bobbins on all there machines they are a unique size and make a huge difference to the quality of your tension, especially if you do any embroidery.

Janome Spool Pins,

Overlocker Accessories