Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash Dishwasher User Manual

  1. Kenmore Elite Dishwasher User Manual
  2. Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Troubleshooting
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  2. Poor wash quality, the most common problem reported by Kenmore owners, can be due to anything from low water temperature to improper loading technique. Check the wash and rinse water temperature. The dishwasher should use water at about 150 degrees Fahrenheit for both its wash and rinse cycles.

Looking for a Kenmore Dishwasher Repair Manual?

My Kenmore Ultra dishwasher had the blinking CLEAN button issue. I reset it as you suggested. It went off, but, am I to understand that I now have to find out what the malfunction was or if it turns back on and works well, then its problem solved.



Download manual ericsson md110. IS YOUR KENMORE DISHWASHER LEAKING? IS IT NOISY?


Though Kenmore is the largest dishwasher brand in USA, they are known for producing reliable and dependable products.

No need to call an expensive serviceman, and then wait a couple of hours (or DAYS) for him to show up! Diagnose your problem RIGHT NOW, cheaply and easily, with our FREE ONLINE Kenmore dishwasher repair manual!

Kenmore Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Our Kenmore dishwasher repair manual can help! The same things tend to fail in the same designs. Why not save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money, and just go there first? Why are some dishwashers so bloomin' sensitive to food left on the dishes, when it seems like others could double as a wood chipper? Why do some dishwashers get dishes so clean, when others leave spots as heavy as a new snowfall? Our dishwasher manual attempts to answer such profound philosophical questions, as well as more acute ones, like: 'where in the heck is that water on the floor coming from?' Common complaints are covered, such as wash quality problems (spotting, filming, etching, etc.), leaking, water not filling, water level and draining problems, pump rebuilding, motor, timer, heater and other electrical problems, drying troubles and other Kenmore dishwasher problems.

Chapter 1: Dishwasher System Basics, brand identification

Kenmore Elite Dishwasher User Manual

Chapter 2: Troubleshooting, tools and safety, tips and tricks
Chapter 3: Kenmore Dishwasher wash quality problems
Chapter 5: Kenmore Dishwasher Pump and motor problems

NOTE: The diagnosis and repair procedures in this manual do not necessarily apply to brand-new Kenmore dishwashers, newly-installed dishwashers or recently relocated dishwashers. Although they may posess the problems described in this manual, Kenmore dishwashers that have recently been installed or moved are subject to special considerations not taken into account in this manual for the sake of simplicity. Such special considerations include installation parameters, installation location, the possibility of manufacturing or construction defects, damage in transit and others.

Our Kenmore Dishwasher Repair Manual was designed to assist the novice technician in the repair of home (domestic) dishwashers that have been operating successfully for an extended period of months or years and have only recently stopped operating properly, with no major change in installation parameters or location. Find which Kenmore dishwasher parts in your machine need replacing and how to do it yourself.

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Kenmore Elite 14712 24' Built-In Dishwasher with 360° PowerWash® Technology - WhiteItem # 02214712000PModel # 14712
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Power Through the Dishes

The Kenmore Elite 24' dishwasher with 360° PowerWash® makes doing the dishes quick and easy--just load up the dishwasher and get back to living your life. The 360° PowerWash® uses a custom spray pattern that reaches deep into those tough-to-scrub corners and crevasses so you don't have to worry about pre-soaking or post-scrubbing stuck-on foods or stains. Spend less time scrubbing dishes and more time enjoying a meal with your family with the Kenmore Elite 24' dishwasher.

Quiet Operation

This Kenmore Elite dishwasher runs at a Whisper Quiet 39 decibels--quiet enough that you'll barely hear a thing, even if the whole house is asleep. You won't even know it's running.

Fits All the Dishes

With enough room for 14 place settings, this dishwasher can handle it all, from weeknight meals to dinner parties. A removable third rack makes it easy to fit in a few extra utensils, lids or silverware settings. The adjustable upper rack gives you more space below for larger pots, pans or casserole dishes.

Cleans the Tough Stuff with Ease

This Kenmore Elite dishwasher comes packed with cleaning technology to get your dishes cleaned up right. 360° PowerWash® Technology uses a custom spray pattern to clean dishes all over, inside and out, more effectively than traditional spray patterns. TurboZone® uses the power of rotating spray jets to clean tough stains, stuck-on foods and other tough food messes. UltraWash HE Wash System uses 6 water jets to help target tough messes and get your dishes super clean.

A Cycle for Every Load

Alongside the standard wash cycles, this Kenmore dishwasher has a few extra cycles to make your life easier. The Sanitize Rinse Option helps eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, perfect for really dirty dishes, baby bottles and toys and more. Got a smaller load? Use the Bottom Rack or Top Rack Only options to cut your water and energy usage in half without sacrificing cleanliness or your time. The Express Wash cycle gets dishes done in a hurry while the Delay Wash option lets you schedule the dishes to meet your schedule.

Dry Dishes After Every Cycle

SmartDry Technology helps get your dishes nice and dry after each load by optimizing time and energy usage to match each cycle. The stainless steel tub helps retain heat from start to finish, helping you cut down on energy usage.

The Fine Details

This built-in Kenmore dishwasher has a Smooth Glide upper rack, at-a-glance display and responsive Light Touch integrated controls for a sleek design.

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More Information

Feature Highlights

Skip the scrubbing with Turbo-Zone

TurboZone® boasts 4 Rotating Spray Jets positioned in the back of the bottom rack to power-clean stuck-on foods while two stationary jets reach into the deepest corners

Dishwasher with 360° PowerWash® Technology

Wash Utensils with Ease: Removable third rack offers 37% more loading area.

360° PowerWash Technology

360° PowerWash Technology: Delivers corner-to-corner coverage so dishes come out spotless.

Our Best Dishwashers

Scouring jets inside, whisper quiet outside. At a soft 39 decibels, this dishwasher allows you to wash dishes during movie night or while you are on the phone


Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Width (in.) 23.88
Cutout Dimensions 24L x 24W x 33.875H
Maximum Height (in.) 34
Minimum Height (in.) 33.5
Shipping Depth (in.) 26.5
Shipping Width (in.) 24.5
Shipping Height (in.) 35.625
Appliance Features:
Quiet Package Yes
Multiple Door Positions No
Frameless Styling No
Dishwasher Features Rinse Aid Dispenser Indicator
Power & Performance:
Minimum Circuit Breaker 15 amps
Annual Operating Cost, Estimated $ (Electric Water Heater) 32
Annual Operating Cost, Estimated $ (Gas Water Heater) 25
Kilowatt Hrs. per Year 270
Materials & Finishes:
Tub Material Stainless steel
Rack Material Nylon
Item Weight (lbs.) 100
Weight, Shipping 109
Door Style Flat
Accepts Custom Panel No
Third Rack Yes
Adjustable Upper Rack Yes
Removable Upper Rack Yes
Upper Rack/Drawer Features Upper Drawer Cushion Tip Tines
Holders & Racks 3-Piece Splittable Silverware Basket
Lower Rack/Drawer Features Lower Rack Fold Down Tines
Filter Cleaning Manual
Cycle Options:
Delay Wash Yes
Number of Automatic Cycles 6
Heavy Duty Cycle Yes
Number of Drying Options 1
Quick Rinse Yes
China, Gentle Wash Yes
Drying Options No special features
Rinse Options Sanitary Rinse
Wash Type Quick Wash
Installable Under Sink No
Installation Side Mountable
Product Includes:
Drain Hose Included Yes
Fill Hose Included No
Includes Rinse Aid Dispenser
Number of Place Settings 14



SSIN : 02214712000P

UID : 195eaeb0-093b-4bef-89a0-2e760d710baa

MfgPartNumber 14712
ItemPNO 02214712000
BrandName Kenmore Elite
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Kenmore Elite 14712 24' Built-In Dishwasher with 360° PowerWash® Technology - White