K-way Solar Telescope User Manual

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  1. Coronado Personal Solar Telescope ™ and welcome. To the ever-growing field of solar observing. PST ™ you are holding is the result of over 40 years. Of optical engineering experience and our. Determination to provide affordable Solar. Instrumentation to the amateur community. You enjoy our Sun and will find the PST.
  2. User Guide: Questar. The 3.5-inch Questar is a mid-range telescope, easier to carry than the 8-inch but more effective than the Galileoscopes. The Questar comes with a Questar brand eyepiece and a Celestron reticle eyepiece, both of which provide roughly the same magnification (50×, not the 40× claimed on the Questar eyepiece barrel).
  3. AJ Calitz sets a new record for the 65km K-Way SkyRun 2019 race. One of the highlights of my year (although when toeing the start line, I can't remember why) is the K-Way SkyRun. 500 runners descending on the quaint town of Lady Grey (with Mayor, Uncle Aubrey ) for a quick trot –.







Dear Customer, Thank you for your purchase of a

Coronado Personal Solar Telescope

and welcome

to the ever-growing field of solar observing. The


you are holding is the result of over 40 years

of optical engineering experience and our

determination to provide affordable Solar

instrumentation to the amateur community. We hope

you enjoy our Sun and will find the PST

to be an

exciting and addictive tool. Please take advantage of

our photo gallery and chat group, ‘Solar Chat’, both

at www.coronadofilters.com

Coronado Technology Group

1674 S. Research Loop, Ste 436,

Tucson, AZ, 85710

Tel: (520) 740-1561

Fax: (520) 624-5083

Toll Free in USA: 1-866-SUNWATCH

Viewing the Sun


has been designed for the easiest

possible use by experienced and novice amateurs

1. You have been provided with a 12.5mm
eyepiece. Coronado

guarantees the performance

of this and any CEMAX

eyepiece. It is possible

that other 1.25” eyepieces will not come to focus.
Begin your set up by inserting an eyepiece and
adjusting the thumbscrew until secured.

2. The PST

has been developed with an internal

version of our Sol Ranger

sun-spotting device.

Looking at the PST

head on you will notice a small

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opening on the face of the PST

. This is the light

input for the Sol Ranger

and must remain

unobstructed. Adding a SM40/T-Max

will obstruct

the Sol Ranger


3. Along the top of the PST

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is a small opaque

window. The light from the Sol Ranger

will project

a bright but harmless ball of light on this window
when the sun is lined up. Try to get the ball of light
into the dead center for best alignment.

4. Once the telescope is pointed at the sun you
need only to adjust the focus knob on the lower rear
portion of the PST

. This is the only external portion

of the PST

you will ever need to adjust. All of the

focusing is done via this knob. By looking through
the eyepiece and adjusting the focusing knob you
will be able to bring the Sun into sharp focus – you
will know you are focused when the edge of the disk
appears solid and sharply defined. You will need to
adjust the focus for different focal length eyepieces.

If you plan on using a mount other than the MALTA

tabletop mount you may skip this section. The PST

has been thoughtfully designed to attach to any
standard ¼ 20 pitch thread; this is the standard
mounting thread for Astronomy and Photography.



has designed a portable, stable, and

rugged tabletop mount for use with the PST. By
removing certain sections of the custom foam
packaging, see the drawing to your left, the disas-
sembled MALTA

will fit in with the PST

to provide

an all-inclusive package for easy transportation and
set up.

1. Once you have attached the MALTA

to the


you only need to remove the legs for return-

ing the PST

to its case. The mount remains


2. Secure the mount head by threading the tension
screw through the swivel base and into the mount
head from the top down.

3. Attach the individual legs by threading them to
the swivel body.

Adjusting the Manual Altitude-Azimuth (MALTA



1. By adjusting the tension screw the mount will be
easily manipulated along the Azimuth or horizontal
axis. Re-tightening the tension screw will hold the

in place.

2. The silver tension screw on the mount head will
adjust the Altitude or vertical axis and will hold the

firm when tightened down.

3. See the PST

K Way Solar Telescope Manual

instructions for using the built in

Sol Ranger

for spotting the sun.


If you have not purchased the optional travel case
for the Coronado PST

you may skip this section.

Coronado has designed the packaging for your

to fit directly into the optional carrying case.

Simply remove the telescope and accessories and
lift out the foam, a section from the top and right
hand side will have to be removed as shown below.
Slide the foam into the travel case with the cutouts
facing up and replace the PST and accessories.
Follow the color key and diagram.

Remove for use with optional
hard case.


Remove for storing MALTA™ mount

Eyepiece storage.

PST™ storage

Coronado Safety Warnings

As with all of our solar viewing products the PST

has been built with safety as the top priority. This
instrument was tested and sealed at our facilities as
a complete, safe, and working unit. Do not attempt
to disassemble the PST


Doing so will void your

warranty and may compromise your safety.
Coronado is obsessed with safety and you should
be too. Details of our safety specifications can be
found at www.coronadofilters.com. Never use a
solar filter unless the manufacturer is able to
provide such information. Before each use make
sure the PST

does not appear damaged in any

way – if you have any questions please contact
Coronado or your dealer. It is possible to attach an

combination to your PST

to further

Solar Telescope Review

reduce the bandpass. In the majority of cases the

will 'match' optically with the PST


provide views at ~<0.6Å. In a few situations you
may need to return both PST

& SM40

to the

manufacturer for 'matching'. There is a nominal
charge for this service.


Cleaning the PST

should be done with a fine

camel hair brush to remove any dirt from the
objective. High quality lens cleaner and a soft cloth
can also be used on the objective and the body
itself. Take care of the PST

as you would any high

quality optical instrument and the views will last a

Product Specifications

Aperture – 40mm
Focal Length – 400mm
F/ Ratio – F/10
Bandwidth – <1.0Å
Thermal Stability – 0.005Å/C
Blocking – Full blocking >10



EUV to far IR

What You Will See With

The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope


The filtering of the PST

isolates a specific band-

width of light called Hydrogen Alpha. This allows
one to view the Sun’s Chromosphere. The image of
the sun will be a deep red across the entire disk. Be
aware that it can take time to ‘train’ one’s eye for
H-Alpha viewing. The more you use the PST


better your eye will get at discerning detail in the
Chromosphere. The sun is constantly changing and
will provide a new and dynamic view from day to
day and hour to hour. This is a list of general terms
for the features you will see.

Prominences – H-Alpha emissions features

projecting beyond the limb of the sun, consisting of
complex clouds or streamers of gas above or in the

Filaments – Prominences seen against the face of

the sun, appearing as long narrow dark streamers
or diffuse complex dark areas in H-Alpha light.
Filaments often mark areas of magnetic shearing

Active Region - A localized, transient volume of

the solar atmosphere in which plages, sunspots,
and flares may be observed. Active regions are the
result of enhanced magnetic fields and appear
darker than the surrounding areas with a roughly
circular shape.

Plage – patchy H-Alpha brightening on the solar

disk, usually found in or near active regions, which
can last for several days. Plage is irregular in shape
and variable in brightness, marking areas of nearly
vertical emerging or reconnecting magnetic field

Sunspots – Moderate to large spots usually consist

of a darker central region (umbra) and a lighter halo
consisting of many short fine fibrils (penumbra).

Flares - A sudden eruption of energy in the solar

atmosphere lasting minutes to hours, from which
radiation and particles are emitted.

Solar image by Jack Newton-www.jacknewton.com


Personal Solar Telescope

Instruction Manual


Best Solar Telescopes

Sol Ranger

built in

Sun finder

Popular Brands
Popular manuals

* See additional images below.

** Objective Lens Diameter: 114mm

** Magnification: 45X - 200X

** Focal length: 900mm

** Eyepieces: 1.25 - K9mm & K20mm

** Finderscope: 6X 30mm

** Accessories Included: Accessory Tray, 1.25 Moon Filter, Sun Filter

** 1.25 - 2X Barlow Lens - Doubles the magnification on all standard eyepieces

** Mount: EQ3

** Tripod: Aluminium

** Scope Adjustment: Counter Weighted

** Overall Weight: +-7Kg

Solar Telescope Information

** Length: +- 1.5M

** Height: +- 2.5M (Tri-Pod Adjustable)



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