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Like all Humanscale monitor arms, the M8 allows the user to work in a healthy posture through setting one or multiple monitors at an optimal distance and height, collaborate easier through effortless screen sharing, and increase desk space. Humanscale monitor arms offer the ultimate stability and effortless functionality to instantly create a more ergonomic workstation. See all models. Manuals, Installation & Maintenance. Price Guides. Industry Solutions. Watch, Listen & Learn. Product manuals and product part diagrams are available here to assist with product fitting. Humanscale’s dual flat panel system allows for each screen to be independently adjusted to suit individual ergonomic comfort. Monitor Arms & Integrated Docks Humanscale monitor arms offer the ultimate stability and effortless functionality to instantly create a. Created Date: 1/20/2017 3:03:00 PM.

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M/flex installation hardware, Step 9: arm adjustments




Hex Key A

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Hex Key B


Hex Key C


Humanscale monitor arm manual

Hex Key D



If your monitor is particularly
heavy, or after prolonged use, the
Ball Joint Swivel/Tilt Mechanism
may require increased friction. This
can be achieved by tightening the
(3) Ball Joint Friction Screws (A)
using Hex Key C.

Your monitor should move up and
down easily and should stay in
place once adjusted. If it is difficult
to adjust or moves without
assistance, it is not properly
counterbalanced. Monitor should
not exceed 20 lbs.

1. Use Hex Key C to loosen the
two side screws (C) on the
dynamic arm’s joints. Then use
Hex Key B to loosen the two
top screws (B) on the
dynamic arm.

2. Tighten the two side screws (C)
to achieve the force needed to
hold the monitor weight. After
tightening the side screws to
the desired amount, tighten the
two top screws (B) firmly to
hold the adjustment.

Humanscale Dual Monitor Arm Instructions

Note: Do not overtighten the
screws as it can damage the screw
head or threads.

3. Move the monitor around to
ensure that movement is
smooth and the arm functions
as desired. If required, repeat
steps 1 and 2 (in order) to adjust
the force as needed.

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Humanscale Monitor Arm

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Adjust Humanscale Monitor Arm Instructions

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