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Windows Phone features a new user interface, based upon Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 design system, codenamed Metro. The home screen, called the 'Start screen', is made up of 'Tiles'. Tiles are links to applications, features, functions and individual items (such. Jul 17, 2018  So, our first best practice is to use visuals whenever possible in your work instructions. This is done best with static images, gifs, illustrations, or animations. If you combine crystal-clear images with short, to-the-point text, the information in the user manual will be even quicker to process and easier to understand. Create your first professional online manual in two minutes. Easily create and update help topics in WYSIWYG editor with lots of functions. Automatically capture and annotate screenshots of your application or web system to create screencasts or step-by-step manuals. Your online user manual will have the look of a 'real' (physical) user manual, with facing 'flip turn' effect pages, and will benefit from inbuilt qualities designed to strengthen your online presence. Create an online user manual by using the Paperturn flipbook system. Create an online user manual. Flipsnack’s online guide creator has a variety of guide templates to choose from. Whether you are looking for a user manual, travel guide or brand book, each one of our guide templates is professionally designed and ready to use. You can also customize the guides as much as you want, simply by drag and drop. CREATE YOUR GUIDE.

Create online help manual with Dr.Explain.
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Creating user manuals is an important part of your software development process.
Dr.Explain saves hours of time during the documentation writing work as it automates the most time consuming and tedious tasks.

Create User Manual

The shortest learning curve ever!

Create your first professional online manual in two minutes. Easily create and update help topics in WYSIWYG editor with lots of functions.
Automatically capture and annotate screenshots of your application or web system to create screencasts or step-by-step manuals.
Add full text search function into your online manual without programming, scripting, or database engine on web server. Cisco ip phone 7931 user manual.

Make online help files from various documents!

Import existing HLP, CHM, TXT, XML, HTML, or MS Word documents formats and create a single online manual.
Automatically make table of contents, keyword indexes, and navigational menu.
Embed online help into your product web site design by customizing headers, footers and sidebars and adding your logos, menus, copyrights, and other corporate style elements.

One tool for your entire help documentation!

Create standalone CHM help files, printable PDF, and MS Word documents from the same project source and in the same tool!
Easily change the appearance of help pages with by applying various preset templates.
Deliver professional help documentation to your customers in various formats and for different platforms.

How To Write User Guide

How to create online help manual (webhelp) with Dr.Explain
More samples of online help manuals created with Dr.Explain

Use Dr.Explain to create and publish an online manual and to easily plug it into your web site design

Uniquely Dr.Explain captures application screens or web pages and documents them automatically!

Dr.Explain is based on a unique interface analysis and screen capture system. Thanks to this system, Dr.Explain can automatically analyze an application's user interface, take screenshots of all controls and elements, and then add explanatory callouts to all images in the draft help system.
After that, all one needs to do is add descriptions to the callouts, and save the result in the HTML (online manual), CHM (help file), RTF, or PDF format.

Why to create online help manual?

Online help usually consists of many HTML pages with common table of contents, navigation menus, keyword index, and search functions. Building online help is strongly recommended for cross-platform projects, web systems, and software that are frequently updated.How
Keeping your software help online offers numerous benefits:
  • Decrease the size of your installation package by excluding standalone help files and uploading software documentation onto your web server.
  • Update your online help easily as there is no need to resend an updated help file to all users. Just upload a new version of your manual to your website.
  • Easily refer users to specific topics of your online help. Just provide a URL of a certain help topic by e-mail or in chat application.
  • No need to create help files in different formats for various operating systems and platforms. Your online help will be accessible in any web browser on any OS.

How To Create Manuals

How to make user manual
Your online manual is an important part of your software business model
Online help makes your web-site attractive for search engine crawlers and brings you targeted traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines. A good online manual presents your product as serious and credible. You may easily resolve users’ issue by referring that user to a certain page of your online help. Make your help system a part of your web sites and attract more prospects and generate more sales of your software.

Thousands of excitedsatisfiedhappyeffective customers all over the world use Dr.Explain to create online manuals, user guides and help documentation for their products.

Here are just a dozen of them ..

“As my company’s sole technical writer, I maintain and update over 2,000 pages of user guides for about twenty software applications. Since at least 1998, all help and tutorials at our company were published using Doc-to-Help, a Word-based system that didn’t support embedded videos or PDFs. In early 2018, I spent two months researching alternatives, and knew Manula was “the one” about five minutes into the free trial. My instincts were right. Everybody in the company loves our new user guides, and so do our customers.

Creating Manuals And User Guides

Manula is super easy to use. The few times I needed support, I got a fast, accurate reply; and the solution was always very simple. This was such a welcome change from our experience with Doc-to-Help support.

How To Make User Manual

Our Word-based documents were more technical than most: almost 100% tables-embedded-into-other-tables and complex layers of numbered and bulleted lists. It has been time-consuming (but fun) to convert our first thousand pages of help into Manula’s Textile-based format. The effort has been well worth it! Our documentation is getting far more views and longer visits than it ever did in the old format. We don’t have numbers yet, but I suspect it is also leading to fewer support tickets, freeing up time for our sales staff.
It takes an IT staff member approximately one minute to set up our website for each new Manula help document. Manula seamlessly integrates into our website, using our custom colors and logos to give a consistent user experience. The layout, table of contents, fonts and tables are inviting and easy on the eyes. We can even hide minor topics from the table of contents, thus keeping our extensive help from appearing too intimidating. I love the ease of updating, the change control system, and ability to support multiple versions. Users who haven’t updated their software see the applicable user guide, while on-plan users see additional topics about the latest features. And because the help is online, I can fix a typo or add a new topic any day of the year. This means there is no longer a rush to get the help finished weeks before an upcoming release. The context help is extremely easy to implement on both my end and the developer end.
We are super happy Manula customers and would recommend it to anyone! An example of our help can be seen here.”