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According to well-known expression, the only lesson that can be learned from history is that we learn nothing from history. But we will arm ourselves with smartphones and still try. We carefully selected a few good mobile applications that will help to study history. They will become the first step on the way to reading serious literature. So, take a look at our top list of history apps for Android!

Today in History

Today In History is a mobile application not only for those who are interested in history but also for those who want to be an erudite person, knowing interesting facts from world history. The program is designed to show the user the most important historical events of the selected day.

The main advantage of the application is that events are structured not by years and centuries, as in other similar programs, but by date. That is, the user can view important historical events that occurred on the same day, but in different years. It is only necessary to enter the necessary date and the application will show all the years that are marked by significant events, be it the end of the war, the beginning of the crisis or the birthday, the death of outstanding people.

As for the technical parameters, you need an Android-smartphone version 2.1 and higher and access to the Internet. The application allows you to sort the necessary information. For example, if you want to find out which famous person was born today, you must enter a date and select the function to display only the birthdays.

You can also send the information that you found particularly interesting to your friends. With the help of Today In History, you can save important dates to your phone and view them without connecting to the Internet.

The Today In History application will help you not to forget the important facts of world history and to show your erudition in an interesting conversation.

Downloads: 3 100 +

Customers rating: (4.6 / 5)

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History Today

If there is no time for a comprehensive approach to studying history, you can subscribe to at least one of the numerous applications – History Today. What is noteworthy is History Today? The information that is used is from leading historians. It covers all periods, locations and topics.

If you are interested in learning about the events that happened on this day several centuries ago, you can also look at the expanded version, requesting it with one click. Other sections of this app that do not require additional explanations are Birthdays, Days of Death, This Day in Sports History and This Day in the History of Music.

The app will be interesting to both students and academics.

Downloads: 40 +

Customers rating: (3.9 / 5)

World History Quick e-Book

World History Quick e-Book is a historical app with educational functions. It will help you to prepare for examinations or just refresh your knowledge of history. The app has a fast user-friendly interface that helps to find all needed materials. The content is well organized for quick access and it is free.

Here you can search for any information from Ancient World History to Modern world.

Downloads: 1 400 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)

History In Pictures

History In Pictures is an amazing app that will guide you through world history with the help of pictures. This tool has an easy to use interface and will make remembering historical events a simple process.

The main features of the History In Pictures application:

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The app has a huge library of pictures and photos (famous people, historical events, wars, etc.). The service is constantly updated. If you wish, it is possible to view the pictures that have been added in the last 24 hours. To zoom the picture, just tap on it. You can also share the pictures with others via social networks.


There are several background themes to choose from. The app is free of charge.

Downloads: 1 300 +

Customers rating: (4.3 / 5)

Learn World History

Learn World History is a free application for studying history. There is also a paid version which has no ads and more historical events.

With the help of this service, you will learn the world history from the ancient times. The app offers several options. There are two quiz games: “Which Came First” and “When Did It Happen”. Here, you can set a time period that you want to refresh. You can also choose a specific theme: Warfare and Politics; Science and Exploration; or Arts and Culture. Then, choose a difficulty level (easy/hard) and you can start.

The next section is “Browse World History” where the events are shown in order with color coding by category on.

Downloads: 800 +

Customers rating: (4.0 / 5)

Escape Through History

We should include the Escape Through History app on our top list as it also reflects history. The game justifies its name with a small prehistory and thematic design of the levels.

So, there is a time portal. When you enter into it, you begin to travel not only in space but also in time. You will be transported to different epochs. That is why you can find yourself in a vintage bedroom, in the room of a German soldier, and in a cave of a prehistoric man. And who knows which of the rooms will seem more difficult for you. Of course, you can not view the whole world, but nevertheless, all the rooms are thoroughly decorated and designed in the manner of time in which we are now.

The task is still the same: open the door and run. The door is opened with a key, password or magnetic card. But at first you need to solve several mini-puzzles, correctly arrange the elements, their sizes, colors, positions, decode codes and prompts, build and correctly use the tools.

Downloads: 35 300 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)

History of the Universe

How did our universe appear? How did it turn into a seemingly infinite space? And what will it become after many millions and billions of years? These questions are always actual for philosophers and scientists. This information was interesting for them from the beginning of time, giving rise to a lot of interesting and sometimes even insane theories.

If you are also interested in the answers to such questions, then you can download the History of the Universe app and through yourself into the study of the history of the origin of our universe. The app contains a rich and comprehensive overview of the history and future of our universe, earth, and nature.

It can be said that you have found a quick and entertaining way to learn about the history and the far future of the Universe and the solar system. Start now!

Downloads: 900 +

Customers rating: (4.5 / 5)

History Timeline

Have you noticed that you do not know the history well? Are you confused about the main events and do not know what many famous historical figures are famous for? We advise you to begin an independent study of the history from downloading the History Timeline app on your phone.

The app contains a comprehensive overview of world history. It covers all the periods in history from ancient times to the 21 th century. Here you will find the articles about important events in history, famous people and leaders, wars, history if science, art, literature, music, and philosophy.

Alas, but the past is dynamic: opinions change, textbooks change, Wikipedia articles are edited hundreds of times, etc. However, you want to know the main and important things. The application is constantly updated. This way you will always get the latest information.

Events can be added, edited, bookmarked, compiled into lists and shared with others apps what makes this app an excellent learning tool.

Downloads: 400 +

Customers rating: (4.6 / 5)

World History Trial

World History Trial app will also help you to study history. Here you can see the main milestones of world history – from the first eastern civilizations to the present day. All information is presented in two possible formats: in the form of a socio-political map of the world, the outlines of which change over time, or in the form of a “time scale”, where one can trace the chronology of an entire epoch.

You can read more about each historical phenomenon, event or personality directly from the application – the data is taken from Wikipedia. During installation, the application downloads the initial database, so the application can be used without an Internet connection. The free version contains visualized information about the XVII-XVIII centuries – the era of great scientific discoveries, enlightenment, revolutions and religious wars.

Downloads: 3 400 +

History App For Android Download

Customers rating: (4.2 / 5)

Civilization Revolution 2

A series of strategies “Civilization” is a legend in the world of video games, the history of which has been going on for several decades. Here, the player controls the state, its domestic and foreign policies, the economy and military strategy.

In addition to the brilliantly implemented game mechanics, the game became famous for its training clips and references to real historical characters and events. Here it is really possible to learn the key elements of the development of human civilization from our own experience, to try to build our own one, to destroy someone else’s, and to rethink all the cycles of world history.

Players can control the tribes of the Indians, and deal with the French, led by Napoleon, and even fight with the Americans, at the time of Kennedy, and even with the Russians in the days of Catherine. The list can be continued. The choice of the leader affects the course of the game. You have to either engage in the destruction of opponents, or achievements of an economic nature. You can also try to achieve a breakthrough in technology.

Civilization Revolution 2 was developed specifically for mobile devices. The interface is greatly simplified, taking into account the features of touch control. So the fans of the game will have really exciting time.

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Downloads: 32 000 +

Google App Download History

Customers rating: (4.2 / 5)

Ancient History Encyclopedia

The history of the Ancient World is a fascinating section in the history of mankind. This era, hidden in the darkness of millennia, is full of mysteries and riddles, amazing, and sometimes incredible facts, to this day not having an unambiguous interpretation. Ancient History Encyclopedia for Android presents various versions of the phenomena and processes that took place in the civilizations of Eurasia, the Ancient East, in Africa, on the American continent, etc.

The ancient world is one of the brightest pages in the history of mankind. Ancient civilizations have grandiose monuments and architectural ensembles, constructions of engineering equipment, samples of monumental painting and monumental art. Most of the cultural values which we can see today, created by the inhabitants of the Ancient World, are included in the treasury of world culture. This and much more you will learn from this application.

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Every article included in the app is carefully reviewed. It provides a high quality and accuracy of the presented material. All articles are easy to read and enjoyable. All the given information is free.

Downloads: 500 +

Customers rating: (4.3 / 5)

Medieval Handwriting

Medieval Handwriting app is one more tool to increase your knowledge of history. This application from medievalists from Leeds can be advised to those who are interested in medieval manuscripts but have not yet learned to read them. Here you can choose one of 26 scanned old texts and try to make its transcription. An annotation and explanations for recognizing the most complex letters are attached to each manuscript.

After your version of the written text will be ready, you can see how much it differs from the version of specialists. This application presents manuscripts in different languages: from Latin to Anglo-Norman and Middle Dutch.

Downloads: 150 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)

History is a very serious subject and many cannot cope with its study. The problem is that it is difficult to master this subject if you do not learn it systematically. So, a lack of knowledge or vague knowledge will be the result. In such cases, when you seem to know and do not know the history at the same time, you can start learning history using these apps. In conclusion, we would like to wish you good luck. Whether you need to prepare for the exam on history from scratch or you teach it for yourself, we wish this process would be interesting for you.