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The GDS-2000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes feature a bandwidth of 60, 100 or 200MHz. These 2 or 4 channel instruments deliver a sample rate of 1G Samples/s and a maximum record length of 25K Samples. GW Instek GPT-9801 User Manual. Download Operation & user’s manual of GW Instek GPT-9904 Test Equipment for Free or View it Online on This version of GW Instek GPT-9904 Manual compatible with such list of devices, as: GPT-9904, GPT-9804, GPT-9803, GPT-9802, GPT-9801. GW Instek GDS-3152 User Manual Operation & user’s. Software Downloads. Below is the latest geotechnical software downloads from GDS Instruments.

PIDScan 100 series is the latest range of portable PID detectors that are highly sensitive to VOC measurement and humidity resistance even up to 99% RH.They are incorporated with built-in humidity and temperature sensors that provide real-time humidity and temperature compensation for more reliable and repeatability in VOC detections.With various options available for you to select from, PIDScan series 1000 are the most compact VOC monitors available in the market today, that provide you with detection range capable from 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm.

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Features include:

oAuto-range VOC measurements

oMulti-range from 1 ppm to 10,000 ppm

oPID sensor with built-in humidity and temperature sensors

oon board for real-time compensation and accurate readings

oFast response and recovery during measurement

oEx-approved for application in hazardous environment

oHealth and safety mode as standard

oLarge LCD display with backlight

oAutomatic and manual data-logging feature

oData-download to computer via USB cable

oComes with free interactive user-configurable software

oLibrary with more than 250+ VOCs and their response factors

oUser customized input correction factors for desired VOCs

oInterchangeable PID lamp;

ooptions for 9.8 eV, 10.6 eV (standard) and 11.7 eV lamp available

oUpgraded to higher version.


SensorsTypeRange / Resolution

PID (10.6 eV)0 ppm-4000 ppm / ppm

0 ppm-10,000 ppm / ppm

0 ppb-10,000 ppm / ppb, ppm

*with Temperature and Humidity compensation on board

*other lamps available on request

Response factorBuilt-in library for up to 70 gases

Gas library extended to 250+ gases

Able to edit and customize response factor to new VOCs in library

Data-logging User downloadable data-logger

Gm Gds Download


CommunicationPC to instrument via USB; GDS-Scan software for instrument configuration and data handling

UpgradeableAble to upgrade to higher version of PIDScan series

SizeL165 mm x W67 mm x D45mm

Weightapprox. 500 g


Response timeT90 < 3 sec


Alarmsaudible and visual alarm (95 dB and LEDs)

Gds 2 software

high alarm (adjustable)

low alarm (adjustable)

STEL and TWA alarms(adjustable)

additional diagnostic alarms

alarm and display for low battery status

low flow alarm

vibrator alarm

calibration due alarm

CalibrationAutomatic 2-point field calibration for zero and span

Auto zero Yes

Batteryrechargeable Li-ion battery pack

drop-in charging cradle

Operation TimeUp to 16 hours continuous operation

DisplayLarge LCD 128 x 64 pixels with backlight

KeypadThree tactile button operation

ReadoutInstantaneous VOC gas values

TWA and STEL values for VOC readings

High and Low values

Next calibration date

Real-time clock

Battery status

TaggingAdd, remove and edit tags on measurements

Op. Temperature-20 deg C to +50 deg C

Op. Humidity0%RH to 95%RH (non-condensing)

ApprovalEx ib d IIC T4 (pending)

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IP ratingIP65

EMI/RFICompliance to EN 50270 (pending)

CommunicationPC connectivity via USB and docking station

using GDS-Scan PC software

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