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  1. Pc Games On Android Tablet

Games from the category of action are most popular in the gaming community – this is due to the attractive gameplay, high entertainment, endless opportunities, and constant action, developing in several directions. Do you want to have fun and set a new record? Hence, download a novelty for Android from this catalog! See our selection of the best Offline Action Games for Android:


Plot and rules. The camp of wandering warriors, hidden in the darkness of the night, was completely emptied after a recent battle. There are few fearless fighters who gave their lives for loyal allies. Part of the equipment has disappeared, and there are serious problems with supplies – if the travelers will not start fighting right now, then, most likely, this week will be the last in the history of protracted travel. And the heroes of Eternium: Mage And Minions re-pack daggers and swords, add life-giving bottles, hoping to move to the dungeon at dawn …

Combat system. The main idea of Eternium: Mage And Minions for Android – to turn magic and witchcraft into a kind of entertaining puzzle where each spell will have to be delineated on the screen. You also need to move around the levels, collect items and develop skills, using points in various indicators. And do not forget about the bosses and the emerging trials …

Skills and complexity. Downloading Eternium is recommended for all fans of role-playing adventures, who wish to diversify the standard game set with an unusual interaction with spells. Well, who does not want to send fireballs, meteorites, and lightning on the Earth, drawing circles and checkmarks on the screen? And each time the complexity of such skills will increase – you will have to show all the skill!

Downloads: 1 180 600 +

Customers rating: (4.8 / 5)

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SoulCraft – Action RPG

Here you can immediately see an interesting idea of the developers who decided to make the gameplay more diverse and added a choice of factions of angels, demons, and people.

Also in the game SoulCraft – Action RPG there is the opportunity to learn skills, purchase ammunition and various armor. Graphics component is not inferior to those that we see in console games. Management has several types: with the help of swipes, joystick or buttons.

Gameplay and characters. People have to reveal the secret of eternal life very soon. However, demons with angels decided to destroy the world of people and concluded a treaty between their factions that would lead to an apocalypse. You can choose which side you will play for. You can be a supporter of demons, people or angels. It will depend on you who can win. By the way, all military operations will take place in real cities: Rome, Egypt, Hamburg, etc. In the near future, developers promise to increase the number of areas.

You can fight with swords, and use spells. At each level, you need to collect equipment, and various items to increase strength and skills. You can download the game SoulCraft – Action RPG for free and fight in the legendary quests. By the way, very soon the developers promise to add a multiplayer mode, and you will have the opportunity to play with your friends. And now you have the ability to play the game offline. So, if there is no Internet it is not a problem. Enjoy the game!

Downloads: 253 700 +

Customers rating: (4.2 / 5)

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Implosion – Never Lose Hope

This is a madly beautiful fantastic action similar to a Hollywood action movie. Game Implosion Never Lose Hope for smartphones and tablets will allow you to plunge into the world, where there is another battle, threatening the complete destruction of mankind.

The plot is not new, but still relevant. Our planet’s resources are on the verge of exhaustion, abandoned cities are infected with terrible viruses, the few survived inhabitants are doomed, they have nothing to do but wait for imminent death … And all this happens against the backdrop of the unprecedented development of breakthrough technologies that, in theory, should not have allowed this at all. Does humanity have a chance to survive and save the planet? Who is the hero who can prevent another Apocalypse? It is possible that you can.

Skills and equipment. Taking under your control the protagonist, you will move through locations, crashing enemies along the way and causing such large-scale destruction, from which the enemy will not recover. You can destroy monsters in many ways, which you will eventually master – coupled swords, pistols, rifles and anything that comes to mind. Your fighting skills will develop right on the run.

During the game, there is a constant development of not only skills but also combat and protective equipment. Earned points (money) can be spent on changing weapons, opening additional protection or special skills. And then, for sure, you will become the most invincible fighter, throwing enemies to the right and to the left! Stunning, large-scale battles, magnificent graphics, fascinating plot will not leave anyone indifferent!

Downloads: 263 500 +

Customers rating: (4.2 / 5)

Inotia 4

If you played in the Inotia 3 game, then you will also be interested in playing the game Inotia 4, where you will find a similar plot. In addition, the game has a well-thought-out pumping system and an exciting arcade gameplay. On a nonlinear story, you will fight with an entire army of evil forces that will surround you and attack from all sides.

Gameplay. In the game you will immediately see an amazingly big world, so you will play for a long time. Pump your group of allies to improve their abilities. With the heroes pumped, you easily go through all the quests and complete the tasks. Do not forget to get a new and more powerful weapon. Battles in the Inotia 4 are held in real time – you’ll have to carefully build a strategy and to choose different actions in the right order.

Download the application Inotia 4 and appreciate the advanced system of mercenaries, storyline, high-quality graphics and improved support for the screen. It is considered one of the best applications of this genre.

Downloads: 524 600 +

Customers rating: (4.6 / 5)

Broken Dawn II

Storyline. June 29, 2015, the planet Earth in the alternative reality has undergone a lot of changes: first, it is mired in dense vegetation. Secondly, scientists discovered an unknown type Z virus (deadly or extremely dangerous) in water and soil, as well as in a couple of patients at the local hospital. Ten days of painful research and now an outbreak of activity – and a fast death of millions of people. The fever that turns people into zombies cannot be stopped …

Characters and goals. Broken Dawn II is a spectacular combination of role-playing adventure and adrenaline thriller. An unnamed heroine armed with pistols and bazooka and acrobatic techniques: the girl moves around the destroyed locations and collects all the useful information for saving human civilization. Hence the goal is to download Broken Dawn II to Android, and, choosing the most aggressive path, walk through the rotting gardens of the planet.

Actions and rewards. The screen is covered with dazzling explosions and flowing puddles of blood, limbs fly everywhere, the house burns or the roof collapse in real time. Watching such a thriller is really nice, and victories inspire no worse than a superhero comic. But will the action save people?

Downloads: 52 900 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)


Locations and plot. Mourngard’s abandoned possessions are in a deplorable state – houses are burning with righteous fire, wounded and killed everywhere, the pungent smell of blood and hardened steel is in the air. It is even difficult to distinguish the silhouettes in the military mess of the fighting. The protagonist of the action movie Dawnbringer for Android will have to participate in the battle – first with the descendants of hell, and then with his own brother who is leading this army of darkness forward…

Combat system. Dawnbringer is an exciting thriller with a serious plot and an interesting system for holding fights between the characters: you’ll have to fight in the “one on one” mode. The main goal – to correctly apply the innate skills.

Control and development. Full touch control – no virtual joysticks on the screen, no quick access buttons responsible for witchcraft or spellcasting. You can control everything with your finger. Everything is much more interesting with the elements of development – the hero can change costumes and can be equipped with additional skills. Click to download Dawnbringer on Android and start the adventure!

Downloads: 11 100 +

Customers rating: (4.1 / 5)

Critical Ops

Can not wait to try your hand at a realistic shooter? Then you should download Critical Ops on your gadget. This is a new exciting game of the genre FPS. It will help to improve not only tactical but also intellectual skills. In it, you can finally understand who you are. A superhero capable of dealing alone with an indestructible terrorist organization. Or you are closer to the dark side – the indefatigable sower of discord and chaos.

Show all that you are capable of participating in battles alone against the whole world. Or be the first among friends in multiplayer matches. Arsenal of weapons is truly huge – various brands of pistols, sniper and assault rifles and much more. Each weapon has its certain characteristics and helps in different situations – it is impossible to find a strong weapon: you will have to select a new one for each map.

The game is absolutely free. No paid content. The only thing you can buy for real money is the skins for weapons. But this purchase doesn’t affect the characteristics of the battle. All in all, Critical ops is an energetic online action game, attracting attention with protracted battles, a wide choice of weapons and a system of dropouts through the purchase of keys for chests.

Downloads: 1 166 000 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)


In the game Xenowerk, you will face the result of a scientific experiment that has turned life on earth into hell. It is you – the last hope of humanity because only you are able to destroy the terrible mutants.

Gameplay and goals. Game Xenowerk is a shooter with high-quality graphics. The action takes place in the dungeons of the laboratory, where an unsuccessful experiment was done. You are immersed in the darkness of the dungeons, armed with a flashlight to find out what is hidden in the dark labyrinths. The main goal of the game is to destroy the mutants themselves and their nests so that the virus does not spread. In total, Xenowerk has 70 levels with increasing complexity, and in the bottom of the dungeon, the most horrible and dangerous creatures hide.

That’s why during the game you need to accumulate experience and points to gradually improve weapons and equipment. Only in this way you can go through all levels and save the inhabitants of the Earth from monsters. Special super-abilities will help you. You can activate them at any time to defeat the enemy.

The peculiarity of this shooter is that you will see what is happening from the top down as if looking into the dungeon. Despite the excellent graphics, the game is very easy to manage: just press only two buttons to move the character and destroy the monsters.

Downloads: 124 100 +

Customers rating: (4.6 / 5)

Space Grunts

History and places. Space Grunts is an energetic action game with a top view, performed in the colorful stylistics of distant and unexplored space: game events unfold on an artificial satellite, captured by unknown organisms. Information about the loss of control over the satellite came in an emergency with the help of the signal “SOS” – is the enemy so serious and dangerous? Players who decide to download Space Grunts on Android should understand!

Combat system. Defeat enemies, save hostages and understand the technology of aliens in a step-by-step mode – the main character moves on invisible cages, shoots from blasters and pistols, picks up items and becomes stronger with new skills. While the main character does not move, all the aliens around are static too – use such a tactical pause for good, weigh every step in a difficult situation and achieve victory!

Heroes and weapons. A mercenary sent to an artificial satellite does not become stronger and does not develop according to the principles of the RPG genre – all the characteristics and skills remain the same, but it’s a pity! Enemies get stronger after each race level! But weapons and materials at hand always change – you can, for example, gain access to grenade launchers and machine guns and destroy everything around in seconds! In general, develop, and the Space Grunts action game for Android will give a lot of emotions!

Downloads: 1 200 +

Customers rating: (4.1 / 5)


This is a wonderful shooter with amazing graphics and detailing. In UNKILLED, you will find an unforgettable post-apocalyptic world full of danger and enemies.

The tension will not leave you throughout the game because zombies do not slumber! Walking dead, in fact, do not sleep at all, but only hunt for people in search of flesh. Feel yourself a fighter with evil spirits, clean the streets of the ghouls and save the surviving people.

Gameplay. Have you started the game? Now you are Joe, one of the detachment members, whose forces are thrown to fight the zombies. Your goal is to find, track down and kill. Kill as many infected people as possible to save the surviving. Try to bring back to Earth those peaceful times when the threat of extinction did not hang over mankind. You will definitely like UNKILLED if you like:

Diversity – there are about three hundred different missions in the game, each of which is a whole story.

The reality of what is happening – graphics, music, and battles with people in online mode contribute to a complete immersion into the world of chaos.Or you can play in offline mode if there is no Internet connection;

Uniqueness – each of the characters has distinctive features and is designed specifically for this game, the same situation with bosses.

You are the only one who can save people from fear! Run the game and try to kill as many zombies as possible.

Downloads: 495 200 +

Customers rating: (4.5 / 5)

Dead Effect 2

History and heroes. The science-fiction thriller Dead Effect 2 throws the main character on a space station lost in the depths of the galaxy. There are no signals and reports. The landing, the fearless protagonist, immediately appears here and immediately reports to the authorities: the station is crushed, corpses and government agents are everywhere. But what is the reason for what happened and what to expect is unknown …

Tasks and rules. The atmospheric thriller Dead Effect 2 is devoted to the living dead, only the atmosphere and military attributes were replaced. Instead of the narrow streets of the tiny city, there are wide sectors of the space station. Pistols replaced with blasters and rifles with laser cannons. The list of enemies has also expanded. It is necessary to fight both with the dead, and with the division of “Alpha”, unknown mercenaries. It seems they are hiding the real state of affairs.

Levels and shooting. Key and adjacent locations are worked out to the smallest detail. On the way there are working terminals, opened shop doors, lockers stuffed with cartridges and money, and also batteries and activators. Shooting is realistic. So, grab your weapons and go ahead, kill the bloodthirsty creatures.

Downloads: 144 500 +

Customers rating: (4.3 / 5)

Mad Bullets

The application Mad Bullets is an arcade, the actions take place in the Wild West. You, as a good guy, have to destroy the bandits, save the unfortunate girls and collect gold and money as a reward.

Gameplay and rules. The action in the application is from the first person. The movement is automatic, you do not need to press the arrow forward or make any other manipulations. All that’s required is to shoot in the suddenly appearing bad guys. There are also peaceful residents on the road and you can not shoot at them. You will find boxes and bags everywhere. They contain money and you will take points for them. Be careful! Armed criminals attack you in return. If you do not have time to kill the enemy before he attacks, aim at the weapon flying at you – so you will remain unscathed. Mad Bullets has tips: bullets are over – a tooltip will show that you need to refill the store. A strange character appeared – a green line around him will say that this is a peaceful inhabitant. You can also select the levels of the arcade from a light skirmish with a small number of bandits to a complex game in which the attack occurs every second. Fulfilling the mission, the entourage around and the opponents will change.

Design. The graphics in the application are quite simple. However, this does not deprive the game of color and atmosphere. Characters perform only one repetitive action (at a high speed of the game, you do not notice the minimal animation of the characters, trying to focus on the mission). The melody of the game is thematic and adds excitement during the shootout.

Downloads: 75 700 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)


MAD ZOMBIES is a popular first-person shooting range where you need to confront the crowds of the walking dead.

Act as the last protective barrier between healthy people and zombies. Pick up cool guns and fight back enemies. Try not to let the dead close, aim and shoot only in the head earning more points.

Move along the dilapidated streets of large cities, look into buildings, help people who find themselves in difficult situations. Pistols, sniper rifles, rapid-fire machine guns, shotguns, grenades, and much more will be in the hands of the protagonist. Perform tasks, earn game currency and spend it on the purchase of new weapons, equipment and improve the basic characteristics of your warrior.

In general, MAD ZOMBIES is an entertaining action game, although the concept is not original. And although this game doesn’t stand out in any particular area, it offers a good gaming experience.

Downloads: 269 500 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)

Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior

Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior is a dynamic action game in which the player has to fight for Stickman.

The application is a mixture of slasher, RPG and action in 2D format. On both sides, the armed opposition’s characters attack a player’s character. The user begins his journey with his bare fists.

But, fortunately, the protagonist has unique tricks that make it possible to cope even with an enemy that is superior in strength. The only thing is that each ability requires a recharge, and it takes precious time.

The level ends as soon as the last enemy dies. During the passage, the gold falls from defeated opponents, necessary to purchase new equipment or improve the characteristics of the character. The map of levels in Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior is extensive.

The main advantages of the game:

  • Nice picture;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Simple and intuitive controls;
  • Many levels;
  • Various improvements.

Downloads: 11 200 +

Customers rating: (4.5 / 5)

The Last Vikings

The Last Vikings game allows you to immerse yourself in the exciting virtual world of the Vikings. According to the plot, you need to travel by sea, grab and rob villages for-profit and bring glory to your people.

Rules and gameplay. To achieve maximum progress in the game, you should build your own fleet, improve the army and improve your skills. For the successful passage of the levels, you will receive additional points and access to unique items and gifts that will help develop skills and replenish the arsenal of weapons.

But remember that the Viking population is constantly shrinking, and the legacy of a nation depends on you only. In addition to building a fleet and an army, you have to confront enemies and fight not only people but also mythical creatures: dragons, hydras and other evil spirits.

Also the game The Last Vikings allows you to explore new lands with a map and base villages in the right locations. In total, the game has more than 50 heroes, and you can develop each of them at your own discretion.

The game is specially adapted for use on mobile phones and tablets, so it has simple control. The application can be downloaded absolutely free of charge, but the additional paid content may be required for unlimited possibilities.

Downloads: 90 800 +

Customers rating: (4.6 / 5)

Overkill 3

Human civilization is going through bad times – large cities are captured by robots and participants of the “grouping”, resources and supplies are running out, and every new day presents more and more unpleasant surprises, like the loss of important strategic centers or communication sources. The fighting spirit of opponents of the regime is undermined – people need a defender, a hero who decided to download Overkill 3 to Android, and start cleaning up enemies, will you try?

Download Action Games For Android Tablet

Enemies and locations. Poorly detailed series of Overkill has changed a lot – simplified locations have turned into multi-tiered worlds, with changing shelters and unexpected situations. Enemies have become more dangerous, throw grenades, and even aim precisely at the head. In addition, the genre has changed – the novelty has outgrown the elements of a one-sided shooting range and turned into a spectacular and dynamic thriller.

Weapons and details. The novelty of Overkill 3 is tremendously and with great pleasure demonstrating the possibilities for upgrading available cannons to the players – sights, butts, damage amplifiers, pointers and much more. Each gun is allowed to be examined in detail and changed almost beyond recognition! The Overkill 3 project for Android abounds with bright elements. For example, players are strongly recommended to play with headphones for an additional sound advantage.

Downloads: 260 000 +

Customers rating: (4.3 / 5)

SoulCraft 2

Developers from the company MobileBits GmbH continue a series of stunning role-playing applications, released under the name SoulCraft. The second part of the series has a lot of changes, received an amazing asynchronous multiplayer, a new story, several characters, changed abilities and a unique world around. The novelty is called SoulCraft 2 – Action RPG for Android and fully justifies it, it’s really the second part, not an empty add-on, it’s an Action RPG and not an ordinary novel without features.

Gameplay. Application SoulCraft 2 – Action RPG has an interesting story and the multifaceted gameplay. Before the missions, players will necessarily get acquainted with the world around, listening to the dialogue of characters, learn the details of the war and discover new characters. Having finished with the studying of additional material, players simply have to join the game process immediately, enriched with bright graphics, incredible combinations, and skills. As a rule, each level represents an arena in which there are constantly different opponents. The task of players is to use the available skills, destroy enemies or perform quests.

Try to overcome the darkness alone or team up with the same heroes as you. Do not be afraid to rush into battle, demons are not as terrible as they seem at first glance. Do not forget about the various bonuses that increase your abilities. The world of SoulCraft 2 awaits your arrival and victory.

Downloads: 100 100 +

Customers rating: (4.1 / 5)

Dungeon Explorer II

Storyline and heroes. A stone cage, made in the basement of an abandoned castle, saw an entire army of prisoners, but no one had enough strength to escape from the dark and shabby corridors inhabited by ghosts, spiders and dead people. And here is another hero in captivity.

Combat system. In Dungeon Explorer II, enemies disappear under the precise blows of weapons, located in different hands. It is allowed to choose a bow, an ax or two-handed sword that cuts enemies and causes bleeding. Arsenal becomes more diverse after every successful battle.

Skills and development. In general, the role-playing thriller Dungeon Explorer II for Android really returns you in the days of the classics – exactly the same camera position, traps, objects hidden in barrels and haystacks, and, of course, a whole host of enemies for every taste. Click to download Dungeon Explorer II right now and try to run around the whole castle without much help searching for the only way out …

Downloads: 13 200 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)

Mine Quest 2

History and locations. Natural mines that survived in the medieval war are dangerous and unpredictable – even true brave men do not hurry to study underground passages because of the abundance of monsters, traps, and labyrinths. And the bearded dwarf from Mine Quest 2 has a plan – the hero dreams of buying all the passes into the depths and, having studied the neighborhood, return the money from the sale of the found objects and jewelry. But before a dangerous start, you will have to deal with the management and combat system …

Battles and actions.The arcade Mine Quest 2 for Android develops in a step-by-step mode – when you click on any free or occupied by a natural material square, the hero immediately moves into battle. In this case, the points of action and energy will be spent, but the fog of war that prevents the visibility will partially disappear, and several valuable awards will appear. In battles, the gameplay is exactly the same – the action is selected, the dwarf attacks and takes damage, wins and takes the valuable prize.

Awards and materials. In addition to the expandable arsenal of tools in the project, a whole collection of outfitting items is available – bibs, protective pants, gloves for real hard workers, universal spells and portals. You will have to give the currency for useful items only as a last resort. Usually, all the necessary equipment is collected during the course of an adventure.

All in all, Mine Quest 2 – Mining RPG is an incredibly exciting game in the adventure genre for mobile devices. Evaluate the exciting gameplay, colorful graphic design, and bright special effects. Install Mine Quest 2 – Mining RPG on your gadget and immerse yourself in a fantastic underground world full of mysteries and dangers.

Downloads: 78 200 +

Customers rating: (4.4 / 5)

Legendary Heroes MOBA

Pc Games On Android Tablet

Every war has its own heroes – says the slogan of the game Legendary Heroes MOBA. And indeed, in the war that the developers of this game offer us, there are heroes, and there are many of them, taking into account the scale of the battles.

This game will bring a lot of pleasure to all lovers of games similar to Dota, even though not everything is worked out in such detail as it was done in the above-mentioned game. However, the developers try to do it more perfect.

Gameplay. You are offered a multiplayer strategy in real time, in which you and your team have to break through the enemy defense and crush his base. There are a lot of game modes and team compositions, but the essence is always unchanged – there are two teams of heroes who are given three routes, in order to make their way to victory.

Each hero is unique and has unique abilities, reinforcing, commanding or attacking, but never repeating. Choose your hero, and sharpen the skill of using it in combat conditions to the ideal, and then no battle will be lost.

Is there an unquenchable desire to think through some cunning tactical plans and put them into practice? Then you need to download the Legendary Heroes to Android and go to the weapons store for a brand new weapon – the enemy is coming …

Downloads: 104 700 +

Customers rating: (4.2 / 5)


Plot and characters. Darkness woke up once again and moved towards the human settlements. But who should defend the medieval settlements? The brave soldiers trained in army art cannot be found in the daytime, and then there are not enemy soldiers, but some monsters devouring people!

Combat system. BloodWarrior is a fantastic action movie with increased cruelty and unusually realistic graphics. Events develop slowly – some locations have to be passed several times to extract the best items and gain additional experience. Battles are active – the hero famously waves his sword, activates his abilities and turns into a murderous overgrown who cuts his enemies into pieces.

Development and modes. For each passed level in the BloodWarrior for Android, you will get a reward – magic pants, wooden boots, sweet potions, in general, any items that increase the starting characteristics and increase the chances of winning. The more time spent in combat, the stronger the character becomes. Unfortunately, behind the interesting mechanics, there is often an emptiness – there is just one class, and the opponents are often repeated. And yet BloodWarrior on Android is worth downloading, at least because of the bloody mess!

Downloads: 22 000 +

Customers rating: (4.2 / 5)