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the Aluminum Association recently released the 2015 Aluminum Design Manual, the 10th edition of an essential reference for all professionals working with aluminum in structural applications. This latest version of the manual, which was last updated in 2010, is available to purchase through the Aluminum Association online bookstore at

'The Aluminum Design Manual is absolutely indispensable for engineers designing buildings and other load bearing structures using aluminum,' said John Weritz, Vice President for Standards and Technology at the Aluminum Association. 'Referenced in the 2015 International Building Code, compliance to that important standard makes the Aluminum Design Manual an essential document that allows engineers to create safe and innovative structures using modern, light-weight, corrosion resistant aluminum alloys.

The Design Manual is split into several key sections, including:

Design Manual – Part 2 (Pub. 13M), Chapter 1 and Design Manual – Part 4 (Pub.15M), Appendix N updates related to. Guide Specifications for Aluminum Highway Bridges, 1991, including 2000 Interims. DM-4, Chapter 1 – Administrative Considerations April 2015 A.1 - 5 DESIGN MANUAL, PART 4 REVISION REQUEST TO:, DIRECTOR BUREAU OF PROJECT.

/atari-2600-manual-download.html. Specification for Aluminum Structures - Provides rules for determining the strength of aluminum structural components, connections and structures using either the allowable strength or load and resistance factor design method. Safety factors for buildings and bridges and resistance factors for buildings are also provided. The 2015 edition includes new or revised provisions concerning:

  • Material specifications
  • Modulus of elasticity, fatigue, compressive yield strength, and shear ultimate strength
  • Cast alloy strengths
  • Axial compression member buckling strength
  • Alternate methods for determining column and beam strengths
  • Flexural strength for yield, rupture, local buckling, and lateral-torsional buckling
  • Shear and torsional rupture strengths and shear strength of rods and in webs supported on one edge
  • Welded connections, including partial joint penetration groove welds
  • Testing, quality control and quality assurance

…and much more.

Download 2015 Aluminum Design Manual

Commentary to the Specification for Aluminum Structures - Provides background for the provisions in the Specification for Aluminum Structures and references to the research on which the Specification is based.

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Design Guide - Addresses structural design issues not included in the Specification for Aluminum Structures, including diagrams, adhesive bonded joints, aluminum composite material, extrusion design, corrosion prevention, fire protection, sustainability and design references for aluminum structural components in bridges, rail cars, ships, pressure vessels, pipe and storage tanks.

Material Properties - Includes alloy and temper designation systems for wrought and cast aluminum alloys; comparative characteristics of wrought alloys; typical mechanical and physical properties, including thermal expansion, electrical conductivity and density (all in US and SI units) and typical tensile strengths at various temperatures.


Aluminum Design Manual Pdf

Section Properties - Lists dimensions and section properties for aluminum channels, I-beams, angles, tees, zees, square and rectangular tube, round tube, pipe, and roofing and siding; sheet metal and wire gauges and section property formulas for various geometric shapes.

Design Aids - Provides buckling constants for welded and unwelded alloys, 24 allowable stress tables for various alloy-tempers welded and unwelded, allowable load tables for flexure for channels and I-beams, tread plate, roofing and siding; fastener strengths, minimum bend radii for aluminum sheet and plate, wire, and rod, allowable stresses for fillet welds and complete and partial groove welds, and formulas for moment, shear, and deflections for 50 beam cases.

Mar 25, 2015  The 10th edition, and newest installment since 2010, of the Aluminum Design Manual has been released by the Aluminum Association. This resource is important for engineers and other construction professionals using aluminum in load-bearing structure design. Referenced in the 2015 International Building Code (IBC), the resource covers sections including aluminum structures, design. Aluminum Design Manual 2015 Released in January 2015, this book is an invaluable resource to understand designing and constructing structures out of aluminum. It is divided into 8 critical sections detailing rules for determining the strength of aluminum structural components, buckling constants for welded and unwelded alloys, alloy and temper. Is Part I of the Aluminum Design Manual SAS is also called “the Aluminum Specification” Adopted in BOCA, UBC, SBC, and IBC It’s the source of all aluminum structural design requirements in the US Designing Aluminum Structures 12 Specification for Aluminum Structures (SAS) 2010 edition is a major rewrite It’s a unified Specification.

Aluminum Association Design Manual

Illustrative Design Examples: includes 31 structural design calculation examples based on the Specification for Aluminum Structures.

Free Aluminum Design Manual Pdf

The 2015 Aluminum Design Manual is available as both a searchable electronic download and hard copy. It can be purchased through the Aluminum Association's bookstore, which can be accessed by clicking on the 'bookstore' tab on the Association's website. The download price is $335 for members and $375 for non-members. The book price is $350 for members and$395 for non-members. For a limited time, if you purchase the electronic version and hard copy together you can receive a special bundle deal discount. Coupon codes are listed for members and non-members in the product description on the bookstore website.

Aluminum Design Manual 2015 Free Download

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