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‘Crazy fit massage machine’ is a product that utilizes the power of Whole Body Vibration Therapy to transform your fitness regime or to help you to take an effective start if you’re a beginner. This machine provides a light training without eating on your precious time, or making you sweat profusely. Suited for young and old alike, it promises to provide you benefits that are equivalent to spending an hour in the gym! However, you may look at the fine details while buying it. If you’re extremely bulky and do not fall within the upper weight limit that they’ve designed the machine for, it may not be beneficial for you. This machine has been made keeping the most common needs in mind. Many happy and satisfied users reveal about the efficiency of the product. If it fits in your requirements, it’s a good take home product! Buy at best price.

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  2. Crazy Fit Massage Machine (Powerplate) R3190 Slimming, Toning, Reduce Cellulite, Increase Blood circulation - the easy way with no sweat and tears! Direct importer - CFM Agencies. We also carry spares and do repairs to Crazy fit massage machines.

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  1. Introduction:

Crazy Fit Massage Manual, Crazy Fit Massage Manual. offers 366 crazy fit massage manual products. About 47% of these are gym equipment, 25% are other fitness & bodybuilding products, and 19% are massager. A wide variety of crazy fit massage manual options are available to you, such as free samp.

Among many products that provide Whole Body Vibration therapy, Crazy Fit massage machine has features that help it to create a unique selling space for itself. Well built, compact in size, high on delivery and still reasonably priced make it a desired choice by many.

The buzz about WBV!

Keeping oneself fit and full of energy, in today’s busy life is everyone’s dream! Strict daily schedules, deadlines at work, and sedentary lifestyle keep us away from physical activity. This leads to deteriorating health, diminished muscle and bone strength, lethargy and still a long list of diseases that one may become prone to, may continue.

Vibrations have been used as a target specific remedy for relieving pain and increasing mobility in limbs, by doctors. It is now also being used for weight loss! It is known for many more benefits than just this, and has caught attention of many, who despite the urge are not able t give time to maintain a healthy exercise routine.

It isn’t a hypothetical claim, it is something that people have benefited from in have seen results in reality.

Let’s understand more about WBV:

Whole body vibration (WBV) is a technique where vibration of any frequency is transferred to the human body.

Vibration is a mechanical stimulus characterized by an oscillatory motion.

This exercise equipment has a ‘power plate’ that is the platform that vibrates. The frequency is the number of times that this platform may vibrate in one second and amplitude is the extent of oscillation (displacement from the equilibrium position).

Marco Cardinal, head of science and research at the British Olympic Association is the author of many studies into WBV. He believes it is a valuable tool for a number of purposes, including improving fitness and rehabilitation.

Benefits that WBV may provide:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Local fat burning
  • More toned muscles
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved circulation
  • Increase lymph drainage (reduce edema)
  • Improve bone metabolism
  • Preventing osteoporosis
  • Lower risk of diabetes

‘Crazy Fit massage machine’ is a product that works on the same principle of WBV and promises all the benefits that are integral to any WBV training. The product has been designed, to provide you to realize the most coveted weight loss aim and of course that’s not the only one. You can get many more benefits apart from this.

Before getting into fine details, we would like to point out that this machine is very user friendly.

  • There are three programmed workout settings that can help those who aren’t sure to experience several different settings. Moreover there are 20 unique settings to choose from that can be combined into a dynamic exercise program.

Overall dimensions – The Crazy Fit Vibration Machine measures 24 1/2” x 25” x 48 1/2”.

Plate dimensions – 21″ x 14 3/4″.

Weight – It weighs 75lbs which makes it easy to relocate

Crazy fit massage manual

User weight limit – The upper user weight limit for this model is 264 pounds.

Crazy Fit Massage Manual

Apart from the basics, highlights that you must know:

  • The machine needs to be assembled by the user. A detailed manual is provided along with the equipment. After assembling it, it is ready to use.
  • Body fat scanner lets you know about your fat level.
  • Comes with variants of speed range and strong massage vibration
  • Fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms
  • Perfect for muscle toning, muscle building, weight loss & cellulite reduction
  • Enabled with remote control
  • The power level for this machine is 200 watts, which is on the low side. This is however, powerful enough to accommodate most people.
  • 90 days warranty

Many customers have used the product and boast about its utility and efficiency. User reviews reveal that the machine has features that make it a satisfactory take home product. A good addition to your fitness regimen or it can be a great start towards your fitness journey if you’re a beginner.

Apart from all that has been said, lets also look at what made customers unhappy, or what more the product should have offered at the same price!

The flip side

  • The warranty period is less
  • Low power range
  • 270 pound user capacity may limit some users to use it
  • The foot plate is fairly small (15 x 18 inches)
  • Lesser statistics! Other similarly priced products provide more information like minutes used, calories burnt etc. Although it has a unique feature of a body fat scanner which other products lack.
  • We conclude by saying, that it is a good product. The price is reasonable. You may not regret, rather be overwhelmed after using it, if it fits in your unique requirements!
  • The points that are negative for some may not bother you at all, like upper body weight limit, size of platform and power of the machine.

Make a well informed and wise decision. This machine is not just another product, but a smart and effective WBV machine!

Mini Crazy Fit Massager

List of brands that are selling ‘Crazy Fit massage machine’ :

This machine with all its basic features is being sold under different brand names. We will list down the most popular ones for you.

  • Lifeline Crazy fit massage full body massager
  • Kamachi Crazy fit massage full body massager
  • Pro Bodyline Crazy fit massager
  • Deemark Crazy fit massager
  • Crazy fit massager full body exercise machine by Luyuan Inc
  • JSB HF14 Crazy fit Massager for full body workout and fat loss
  • Kansa Crazy fit massager full body vibration power machine
  • Sunny Health and Fitness Crazy fit massager

Here are our top recommended crazy fit massagers –


  1. Positive customer reviews:

  • It was pretty easy to assemble. I did it myself without any help – which is saying something. It’s very solid and is much more substantial than I thought it would be. It’s easy to use, though I still need to track down Youtube videos that show the different exercises you can do on it. So far, I’ve only tried various standing postures. The only problem with the machine is that the plastic part of the base came cracked on one side. It doesn’t seem to effect the operation of the machine, so I didn’t worry about trying to get a replacement. Overall, so far I like it.So I wrote the above shortly after I started using the machine. I’ve had it now for about 1.5 years and I’m still using it regularly. I like the machine and do various standing Yoga poses on it while watching tv in the evenings. I haven’t noticed weight loss, but I do notice that I feel my muscles relaxed after a session. I use it anywhere from 20-60 minutes at a time and have had no ill effects.
  • Great product. BUT it is not so great to put together. The pictures don’t really line up to what really needs to be done. And one of the cords kept falling down the tube. Arghh. There really isn’t a way to tell the actual speed — there are just “settings” from 1 to 20. But I still like to do this every morning. It has helped my edema in my feet. It is also a great way to “exercise” when you are too tired to do anything else. The price is great.
  • My husband laughed when he put this together for me, now he’s a believer. He had some love handles no matter how many sit up he did they wouldn’t go away. They’re gone in only 4 weeks of 10 min in the morning.
  • I’ve had this for about a month & have been using it almost daily (but not always) for about 10-20 minutes & haven’t been working out any other way & I’m hearing people tell me I look like I’ve lost weight! Definitely going to use every day for a little longer (25-30 mins probably) to see even more results! It’s a great buy!!
  • I really enjoy this machine. I bought it mainly because I’d heard they’re good for bone density, balance, and energy. I do the 10 minute program that starts out and ends slowly. This is not an exercise or weight loss machine, but I noticed almost immediately that if I squat slightly, it works towards toning your thighs as you tense against the vibration. After a month of use, I definitely have less jiggle in my thighs and backside. I feel invigorated and have noticed that I sleep better on the days I use it.One word of caution: start out slowly! The higher speeds can be very jarring and can actually hurt you, not to mention if you get on it right after eating, it can really upset your stomach. I use it three to four times a week, for 10-15 minutes each session.
  • This piece of machinery is awesome, quiet inexpensive and simply amazing. We use it every day, my husband and I, and are so impressed with it’s many different uses. My husband has COPD and cannot do much and this machine helps keep him in shape relaxes him, keeps his circulations moving and his muscles toned up some. I advise everyone to buy one. It fits good everywhere and is extremely quiet. We LOVE it. Best purchase I ever made.
  1. Negative Customer reviews:

  • The on & off switch quit working the 3rd time I turn it on. Fortunately it’s stuck with the on position so I can still plug it in and out. It’s okay but I wouldn’t buy another one. Was a little disappointed.
  • I tried to use it and found it most painful. However, that being said, I have had surgery and three lumbar fusions with rod fixations, so I would not recommend it to anyone who’s had similar surgery. My wife, no spinal surgery history, uses it and finds it comfortable.
  • Good choice for the money. Easy to assemble and use. This is my first machine like this, and I feel like I got what I paid for. Not the best machine on the market but a good one for a beginner.
  • Like others, I bought this unit because I didn’t want to pay $3000 or more for a vibration machine. I’ve only had it for 2 days, but I like it so far! I’ll try to remember to update my post after I’ve had it a little longer.The unit requires some assembly. I had to take apart what I put together a couple of times because I didn’t do it right the first time. But it was not all that hard to put together. I’m just not really that mechanically-inclined.What is advertised as a Body Fat Scanner just calculates your BMI from what I can tell. That was a bummer because I thought it would actually tell me my body fat percentage. Also, to calculate your BMI, you have to enter your height in cm and your weight in kg. Another bummer, since I live in the US and we use inches and pounds here.

    The programs and buttons are a little difficult to figure out. You can’t just turn it on and start going. But it’s not too hard to figure out. All in all, I think it is a pretty sturdy machine and a good unit for the price. I like the feeling I get when I’m on it. And the 10 minutes goes by really fast!

  • Received in a timely manner but machine is not as strong as I would have like. I should have paid more for a stronger one.
  • I just got the unit. It seems to work well and is bigger than I imagined.
    However, this vibration machine doesn’t vibrate.
    Instead it rocks left and right.
    I guess that’s OK, seems to have a similar effect at high speeds – just not what I expected.
  • What a bunch of false hope. Eat right and exercise then you will lose weight. This thing does not do anything but vibrate really fast.