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  1. Cat C13 Acert Service Manual
  2. Cat C13 Engine Manual

The Caterpillar C11, C13 KCA, KCB, JAM Diesel Engine Shop Manual covers complete service information for the diesel engines listed. Over 4,000 pages are included with topics covering maintenance, mechanical service/overhaul, testing and adjusting, and troubleshooting. Official source for Caterpillar® parts catalogs, operator and maintenance manuals, and service manuals for all Cat machines and engines. Purchase yours today!

  • This manual may contain attachments and optional equipment that are not available in your area. Please consult your local distributor for those items you may require. Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • WARNING: Unsafe Use of this machine may cause serious injury or Death.Operators and maintenance personnel must read this manual before operating or maintaining this machine. This manual should be kept near the machine for reference and periodically reviewed by all personnel who will come into contact with it .
  • This manual presented for you in electronic format you can just print out the page you need then dispose of it when you have completed your task. this manual has detailed illustrations as well as step by step written instructions with the necessary diagrams or pictures. these manuals are your number one source for repair and service information & specifically written for the do-it-yourself as well as the experienced mechanics worldwide used to use this factory manual to fix your vehicle. using this repair manual is an inexpensive way to keep your car working properly. it is this level of detail, along with illustrations, that guide the reader through each service, repair & maintenance procedure.
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Cat c13 acert repair manual


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Complete workshop & service manual with electrical wiring diagrams for Caterpillar C13, C15 & C18 Engines. It’s the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page.

Cat C13 Acert Service Manual

This Caterpillar C13, C15 & C18 Engines service & repair manual (including maintenance, overhaul, disassembling & assembling, adjustment, tune-up, operation, inspecting, diagnostic & troubleshooting…) is divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific component or system with detailed illustrations. A table of contents is placed at the beginning of each section. Pages are easily found by category, and each page is expandable for great detail. The printer-ready PDF documents work like a charm on all kinds of devices.

RENR5042 – Troubleshooting (C13, C15 & C18 Industrial Engines)
RENR7934 – Schematic (C18 Generator Set with EMCPII, EMCPII+, and EMCP3 Electrical System)
SENR9706 – Troubleshooting (C13, C15, & C18 Generator Set Engines)
SENR9707 – Specifications (C13, C15, & C18 Generator Set Engines)
SENR9708 – Systems Operation (C13, C15, & C18 Generator Set Engines)
SENR9708 – Testing & Adjusting (C13, C15, & C18 Generator Set Engines)
UENR0179 – Disassembly & Assembly (C18 Marine Engines)
UENR2648 – Schematic (C18 SCAC Marine Genset Electrical System)
UENR3201 – Schematic (C18 and C32 (Commercial) Alarm and Protection Electrical System)
UENR3226 – Schematic (C18 SCAC Marine Radiator Genset Electrical System)
UENR3426 – Specifications (C18 Marine Auxiliary & Marine Generator Set Engines)
UENR3427 – Systems Operation (C18 Marine Auxiliary and Marine Generator Set Engines)
UENR3427 – Testing & Adjusting (C18 Marine Auxiliary and Marine Generator Set Engines)
UENR5917 – Schematic (C18 SCAC Non-MCS Marine Genset Electrical System)
UENR8252 – Schematic (C18 SCAC Marine Radiator Genset Electrical System)
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Cooling System (2009 Volvo VNL).pdf
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Electrical System (2007 Volvo VNL).pdf
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Engine Brake (2009 Volvo VNL).pdf
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Fuel System (2009 Volvo VNL).pdf
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Intake, Exhaust & Turbocharger.pdf
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Lubrication System (2007 Volvo VNL).pdf
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Mechanical (2008 Peterbilt 389).pdf
Caterpillar C-13 (EPA07) Mechanical (2009 Volvo VNL).pdf
Caterpillar C-13 & C-15 (EPA07) Troubleshooting (2007 Volvo VNL).pdf
SEBU8013 – Operation & Maintenance Manual (C18 Marine Generator Set).pdf

Cat C13 Engine Manual

Inlet air passes through the air cleaner into the air inlet (8) of the turbocharger compressor wheel (10).
The turbocharger will supply more volume of air into the engine. This compressing of the air is referred to as boost. The compressing of air causes the air temperature to rise to about 204 °C (400 °F). As the air flows through the aftercooler (7) the temperature of the compressed air lowers to about 46 °C (115 °F).
Cooling of the inlet air causes the air to become more dense. This increases combustion efficiency and this increases horsepower output.
From the aftercooler, air enters the inlet manifold (3). Air flow from the inlet manifold (3) into the cylinders is controlled by inlet valves (1). There are two inlet valves and two exhaust valves (2) for each cylinder. The inlet valves open at the top center position before the piston moves toward the bottom center position. This is called the inlet stroke. When the inlet valves open, cooled compressed air from the inlet port enters the cylinder. The inlet valves close as the piston reaches the bottom center position.
The piston begins to travel back to the top center position on the compression stroke. The air in the cylinder is compressed to a very high temperature. When the piston is near the end of the compression stroke, fuel is injected into the cylinder and mixes with the air. This causes combustion to start in the cylinder. Once combustion starts, the combustion force pushes the piston toward the bottom center position. This is called the power stroke. The exhaust valves open when the piston moves toward the bottom center position and the exhaust gases are pushed through the exhaust port into exhaust manifold (4) as the piston travels toward top center on the exhaust stroke. The exhaust valves close and the cycle starts again. The complete cycle consists of four strokes: