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  1. User Manual 4 1 Contents Describes the sound level meter and its general operating principles. A familiarization guide which explains, step by step, a typical measurement. How to prepare the sound level meter for measuring. How to calibrate and measure with the sound level meter. What you are able to do with your results.
  2. Bruel Kjaer Model 2232 Manual highway capacity manual 2010 reference 2236, 2237 & 2238 sound level meters - br el &. Edition dungeon masters guide bz-5503 and 2250/2270 user manuals - br el & kj r vauxhall ctdi bruel industrial equipment consulting services.
  3. The Octave Filter Set Type 1613 is a compact, portable unit which contains eleven passive band-pass filters for octave analysis. It is primarily designed for use in conjunction with the Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2203 or the Impulse Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2209, Four screws are used to join the 1613 and the Sound Level Meter together, making a portable noise and vibration Analyzer.

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Applications and Hardware

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Types 2250 and 2270 have generous hardware and software specifications. They deliver an extremely
flexible instrument that can cover your current and future measurement and analysis needs – from the
traditional uses in assessing environmental and workplace noise to industrial quality control and
development. These analyzers offer a technological platform for performing measurement applications in a
compact and robust hand-held instrument.

This data sheet describes different combinations of software modules (applications) available for Type 2250
and Type 2270. All instruments come with the Sound Level Meter Software BZ-7222 enabled. This makes
them modern Class 1 Sound Level Meters (SLMs) and fulfill the requirements of the latest standard,
IEC 61672–1, as well as earlier standards (see the specifications section for detailed compliance
information). Even in their most basic configuration, these analyzers are delivered with a number of pre-
defined measurement and display setups tailored to suit specific requirements.

Optional Applications

Additional applications that can be used in any combination can be purchased when needed and are
delivered as easily installed licenses. Your hand-held analyzer investment is securely protected because
when your need for measurements and analyses expands, these analyzers can accommodate your needs.
Brüel & Kjær is committed to maintaining an ever-growing range of applications on these platforms.

The optional applications described in this data sheet are:
Frequency Analysis Software BZ-7223 – analyse in real-time the 1/1- and 1/3-octave filter bands over a

wide frequency range with a dynamic range from the noise floor in each individual band to 140 dB

Logging Software BZ-7224 – freely select parameters to log at periods from 1 s to 24 h. Running

together with SLM Software, all broadband parameters can be logged. If Frequency Analysis Software is
also enabled, spectra can be logged at the same rates. Logging (or noise profiling) is used to develop
time histories for use in environmental noise as well as workplace noise assessment

Enhanced Logging Software BZ-7225 – continuously monitor and log periodic reports in addition to the

features of Logging Software. Parameters such as L



and L

Brueel & Kjaer


are calculated

Signal Recording Option BZ-7226 – attach actual samples of the measured signal to your

measurements. This option works with all other applications. The recording uses the measurement
transducer, while voice annotations (standard) use a separate commentary microphone

Tone AssessmentOption BZ-7231 – identify any 1/3-octave bands with audible tones above a set limit

Information regarding the following applications can be found in their respective Product Data sheets:
Reverberation Time Software BZ-7227 – start a basic measurement by clapping your hands. The ‘traffic

light’ shows measurement status at a glance, and the resulting reververation time (RT) spectrum is shown
as well as the average RT for the room. For assessing the acoustic quality of auditoria, halls, public
spaces and workplaces. (

Product Data BP 2152


Building Acoustics Software BZ-7228 and Dual-channel Building Acoustics Software BZ-7229 –

assess sound insulation in buildings and of building elements. Airborne as well as impact sound insulation
can be measured, and final results shown on the spot to international (ISO) and 12 national standards.
The required sound sources and PC reporting software are available, as well as complete building
acoustics systems. (

Product Data BP 2190


FFT Analysis Software BZ-7230 – analyse frequency using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm,

the tool of choice for measurement and diagnostics of machinery noise and vibration. The frequency
‘profile’ of a machine is its fingerprint, revealing sources of noise and vibration and their paths to the
measurement position. Useful in product development, troubleshooting, quality control and environmental
noise measurements.
With Tone Assessment Option BZ-7231, FFT Analysis offers objective indication of tonal noise audibility
and annoyance (

Bruel & Kjaer Norcross Ga

Product Data BP 2183


Sound Intensity Software BZ-7233 (Type 2270 only) – make sound intensity measurements from

beginning to end. A single user can make complete intensity measurements for total sound power and
noise source location. You can use the built-in camera to take a photo to aid in probe placement during
measurment and for use as a background for a map of the results (

Product Data BP 2341


Long-term and Continuous Noise Monitoring

For long-term and continuous noise monitoring, Brüel & Kjær offers a wide range of Noise Monitoring
Terminal (NMT) and Noise Sentinel solutions that will meet and evolve with your needs. For more
information, please consult

Product Data BP 2379

for NMT solutions and

Product Data BP 2389


Noise Sentinel solutions.

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Bruel And Kjaer 2250 Light Manual

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