Bissell Powerforce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum User Manual

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Maximum power and convenience to thoroughly clean your home

* easily cleans multiple surfaces
* easy to maneuver and carry
* ready to use tools

Model #: 6582
Rewards Points: 45
Power Rating: 12 Amps
Cleaning Path: 13'
Cleaning Surface Type: Carpets, Upholstery, Stairs
Cord Length: 24'
Filtration: 3 Stage
Easy Belt Change
No Tools: No
Bag Type: Bagless
Surface Settings: 5
Brush: 2 Rows
Hose Style: Wire Reinforced
Color: Midnight Blue
# Other: Dual Edge Cleaning
# Back Carrying Handle
# Bumper
# Additional Tools: Dusting/Upholstery Tool
# Crevice Tool
# Extension Wand

PowerForce Helix 2111F User Manual This warranty gives you specific legal rights, in addition to rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law. If you need additional instruction regarding this warranty or have questions regarding what it may cover, please contact your local BISSELL Consumer Services on the details set out below. Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless 12B1,1240-, Find Any Part in 3 Clicks, If It's Broke, Fix it! Free Shipping Options, Repair Schematics.

Why should I own a BISSELL PowerForce® Vacuum?
BISSELL has been providing quality products for over 125 years. Our deep cleaning products are well known for their quality and superior performance. These same standards apply to our vacuum products as well. BISSELL supports their products with a fully staffed consumer services department to answer your questions.

What features are important in a vacuum?
There are many vacuums offered today. Most people are concerned with cleaning performance, durability, quality and versatility. Added features such as washable filters and multiple height adjustments can be beneficial. Finally, when considering a vacuum purchase, be sure to buy a brand that you can trust. The BISSELL PowerForce is a good value for your money with all the features you need and want.

What surfaces can I clean with a BISSELL PowerForce®?
The BISSELL PowerForce® has 5 height settings to clean surfaces from bare floors to plush carpet. The ready to go on-board tools can be used to clean stairs, furniture, drapes or blinds, baseboards, crevices and much more.

Why is it important to know when to change my vacuum bag?
When accumulated, the small dust particles and debris in your bag can keep the air from circulating, which can reduce the suction in your vacuum. It's recommended that you change your bag when it's half to two-thirds full to maintain optimum suction. Change it more frequently if you are vacuuming fine particles such as drywall dust that can clog the bag. /garmin-gpsmap-540s-manual-download.html.

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Bissell's 2014 lineup of PowerForce bagless vacuums includes the PowerForce Helix Bagless 12B1, PowerForce Helix Turbo Bagless 68C71, and PowerForce Bagless Vacuum 6582, 6584 and 6594. While these upright vacs pack plenty of diverse features -- from 'Easy Empty' dirt cups to 'Surround Suction' -- Bissell recommends some basic troubleshooting measures that apply to all models when your PowerForce plays dirty.

Start Simple

Vacuum problems often call for the most basic of solutions. If your Bissell PowerForce doesn't power on at all when plugged in, check the fuse box for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. For vacs that feel sluggish, turn the knob near the foot of the device to adjust the PowerForce's height. The lowest setting caters to bare floors while medium works best for short- and medium-pile carpets, and high suits plush carpets. Similarly, remedy a sluggish vacuum by removing debris from the drive belt and brushes on the vacuum's bottom, which you can access by removing the bottom cover with a screwdriver.

Clear Up Clogs

Clogs and dirty filters inhibit your PowerForce from optimal operation; if your vacuum doesn't seem to pick up dirt as well as it should, target these issues. Empty the dirt container and inspect the suction inlets for visible debris, which you can remove by hand. To clean the filters, remove the dirt container and pull out the filter from its bottom. On some models, you may need to grasp the filter's tabs and twist to release it from the container. Separate the outer foam filter, filter cup and the inner circular filer, and wash them in a solution of warm water and mild detergent, thoroughly rinsing the filters before air-drying and reinstalling them. Remove and wash the same way the pre-motor filter, located underneath the filter cup.

Check Your Hoses

If you find air escapes from the vac's hose attachment or the attachment lacks suction, inspect the hose's connection point on the rear of the unit. The PowerForce line features Bissell's Twist 'n Snap hose connection, so ensure the hose aligns with the corresponding tabs and notches before turning the hose's collar clockwise to lock it in; you'll feel it snap into place when it is properly attached. When cleaning, keep the hose free of kinks and twists to encourage suction.

Reach Out to Bissell

Bissell recommends that damaged or nonoperational PowerForce vacuums be brought in to an authorized service center. When normal troubleshooting doesn't do the trick, call Bissell or use the service center locator at the company's official site. Provided you register your new PowerForce at Bissell's site upon purchase, the vacuum includes a one-year limited warranty.

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