Best Bollywood Songs Download App For Android

  • Aug 06, 2015  Download songs easily. One of the best features provided by Gaana Bollywood & Hindi Songs Android App on PC is that it allows you to download all the songs available in its database. This means that you do not have to stream every single song every time you want to listen to it, since you can simply download the song and then play it offline later.
  • Dec 22, 2013  Tune in to Bollywood & Hindi music songs from all genres radio music app, is the best free internet online music player for Android Listen 24/7 to your favorite Bollywood & Hindi music music from all genres. Now you can listen to Bollywood & hindi music stations on Android mobile phones with our Bollywood and Hindi music app.
  • Bollywood Songs app offer World Best Bollywood songs by category wise. If you are a fan of Bollywood Hindi music, Hindi love, sounds,ringtones. Well you are in the right place.

Bollywood Best Songs Free Download

Bollywood is a culture. Everyone likes to follow its trend and stay updated with the news related to their favorite celebrities. Fans can also stay tuned to Bollywood music and movies. Here are few apps that will give you all the information you need to know about bollywood from music to gossips.

14 Best Android Music Downloader Apps 2019 (Free & Paid) 1. 4Shared Music. 4Shared Music is the one of if not the biggest file-sharing website, it makes downloading music songs a breeze on mobile devices may it be Android or iOS.

Desi Music

This app not only focuses on bollywood music, but it also gives you the top song charts of other Indian genres. It even has the link to the videos. This app is completely ad free. You can download it for 4.99$ on app store.

Top 400 Bollywood and Hindi Songs

This app offers more than 400 bollywood songs. You can find any song you like in an alphabetical order. It has a new version out for iPhone 5. You can purchase this app for 3.99$.

Bollywood Hit Songs

It has two categories, bollywood classics and latest hits. Listeners can enjoy both of them depending on their interest. This app is for 1.99 $ on app store.

Bollywood Latest Songs

Bollywood latest songs, helps you stay updated with the latest bollywood movies and songs. It’s for 1.99$ on app store.

Kishore Kumar Hit Songs

This app is for all the Kishore Kumar fans. He was one of the best singers of the golden age of bollywood. This app is for 3.99$ on app store.

Radio Teen Taal

Radio Teen Taal is purely a Hindi music app. It has all Indian folk music and bollywood. It also keeps you updates with the latest Indian news. You can download this app for free.


This is one of the famous Hindi radio apps. It has a lot of talk shows and it features RJ blogs. It keeps you updated with bollywood music. It’s a free app on app store.

MeraGana Karaoke

This is a karaoke app for all the bollywood and Hindi songs. It has all the regional songs in different languages. MeraGana Karaoke also has the list of devotional and gospel songs. It’s a free app.

Masters of Sufi

This app completely focuses on Sufi and Qawwali. It’s a form of music, sometimes used in bollywood music. You can listen to all the Sufi singers with the help of this app. Masters of Sufi is a free app.


It provides all the Indian forms of music. It has good clarity and plays almost all the Indian radio stations. This is a free app.

Jagjit Singh

This is another cool app for all the Jagjit Singh fans. Jagjit Singh is one of the greatest singers of India. He also sang a lot of bollywood songs. You can listen and download his songs with the help of this app. You can download this app for free.

Coke Studio @MTV

This is one of the best apps for Indian music. It has all the live performances and new songs that keep changing every week. You get to listen to new artists and follow their episodes. This is a must have app for iPhone. Download it for free on App Store.

Top 10 Videos

This app keeps you updated with the new videos that come out every month. This helps you know new artists, movies and songs, as it keeps changing. You can download the app for free, but you will have to spend 0.99$ if you want to subscribe.

Radio Dil

This is one of the largest radio apps in Asia. This gives you the details on what songs are going to be played next. This app is for free on app store.

Radio India


This has all the Indian radio stations. You can even record your favorite songs on to your device. It also offers other cool features like setting your alarm with the music on your library or with the radio station. You can buy this app for 0.99$.

The Ultimate Indian Music Guide

This app has all the categories of Indian music. This app is developed by Times Music. It also has some amazing music forms like Indian classical. Download this app for free.

Pow Wow Radio

This app also covers all the international radio stations. You can listen to over 2,000 songs from any region you want. Purchase this app for 0.99$ on app store.

Indian Music Videos

Indian music videos, has the channels that will help you find the right category. This is a perfect app for people who love Indian music. Galaxy grand prime user manual pdf. This app is for 0.99$ on app store.

Baadshah SB

This app has all the dialogues and songs of Shahrukh Khan. This app is for all the King Khan fans. It has his famous dialogues from his movies. You can download this app for free on app store.


This app is a very good app for people who are interested in Indian bands. This also includes all the other forms of Indian music. You can download this app for free.

iMusti Video

This app is developed by IMUSTI INC. They also have another app similar to this, but it only focuses on audio. Download iMusti for free on app store.

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This is a radio channel based in Hyderabad which is broadcasted all over the world. This is an online radio channel that helps you stay updated with latest bollywood music and other Indian music forms. You can download this app for free.

Radio Josh

This online radio channel has close to 260 genres. It is broadcasted over 150 countries and playing the music they desire. It’s a free app on app store.


This app gives you day to day news about your favorite music directors and singers. This is an online radio station which will keep you engaged with the latest music updates. You can download this app for free.


This is another good Indian radio station. It has more than 10 Indian music forms. It has other cool features like sleep timer. It’s a free app on apple store.


This is one of the famous apps used for bollywood music. It keeps you updated with top 15 bollywood songs every week. You can download and listen to your favorite songs. You can download it for free.

Hindi Songs + Bollywood Music Radio

Best hindi songs download app for android

This app has 40+ Indian languages and genres. This doesn’t restrict to bollywood it also focuses on devotional and English. You can upgrade it with 1.99$ for more features otherwise it’s a free app.

Desi Music

Desi Music is an amazing app for bollywood music. It offers more than any other music apps. It has bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. It’s rated as the top music app in more than 4 countries. The best thing about this app is that it’s for free.

Tambura Radio

This app covers every Indian form of music. This doesn’t restrict to music. It also gives you the updates of sports. There has been positive response about the app all over the world. You can download it for free on app store.

Deykho Bollywood Pro

It posts all the latest bollywood trailers and sends you a notification when there’s something new. There are other features like videos and news that will keep you tuned in to it. This is available in more than 40 countries. You have to purchase this app for 3.99$.

Hindi Radio

This online radio station has 7 channels. It has a background play option that helps you multitask. You can listen to music and watch videos. It also gives you news and other info to keep you updated. This is a free app.

All India News

This app keeps you updated with all the celebrity news and gossips. This will also get you info of your favorite celeb and on their current movie or the project they are working on. It’s a useful app if you are a fan and you can download it for free.


This app helps you select the song according to your mood. It has a feature were you can select an emotion and it will give you the song list accordingly. Most of the users loved it. It offers you more than other music apps. Download it from app store for free.


This app has songs of 22 different languages. It has over 1 million songs on love in all the Indian languages. It’s very easy for you to share it with your friends on social networking site. This app is for free, but if you want to avoid all ads and improve the quality you need to upgrade it for 3.99$ every month.


This is another good app that will provide all the information about Hollywood and Bollywood. You get to watch all new trailers, listen to music, share the info and subscribe. This is a free app on store and it doesn’t have any plug-ins.

Monsoon Special Hits

This app has all the bollywood songs you need for monsoon. This app lets you watch the video of your favorite song and share them with your friends. You can download this app for free.

A. R. Rahman Hits

For all the A.R Rahman fans out there, Sony music India is giving you a chance to stay updated with all the music of your favorite artist. This app provides 100 movie songs, cool wallpapers of A.R Rahman and his biography. All you need to do is download this app on app store for free.

Shake It Party Hits

This is another cool app by Sony Music India. Get all the dance party numbers from bollywood by downloading this app for free. It has everything from old to new.

Bollywood Karaoke

Now you can sing your favorite bollywood song without any band. Bollywood karaoke helps you select your favorite song from classics to latest. This is a free app.

Bollywood Top Hits Free

Here you get to hear all the top songs, basically all the bollywood hits. You can rate songs, add them to your favorite list and share it with your friends. This app is totally free on app store.


This app is developed by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It offers you a wide range of bollywood collection and also keeps you up to date with all the bollywood news. You can also watch the videos and trailers. This is a free app.

Bollywood Dance Numbers

Best Hindi Songs Download App For Android

This is another cool app by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It gives you a list of the dance numbers, so you don’t have to worry about what to play in a party. Download this app for free on app store.

Raaga Hindi Tamil Telugu songs and radio

This app gives you a lot of categories to choose from. All you have to do is select your language and you will get all the hit songs from that category. It has online radio which goes on 24/7 to make sure that you don’t fall short on music. You can download it for free.

Desi Videos-India videos

This is a simple app that is packed with a lot of music. You can find music from all the corners of the country. It doesn’t end there you have video clips of songs, trailers, sports and a lot of other TV shows. It’s a free app on app store.

Desi Radio

This is a free app. You have all the categories just like every other music app. In this app you get to forward and rewind the tracks as you like. It also has a cool interface and you also get to customize the colors.

Desi News Reader

Hindi Songs App For Android

This app provides all the information you need about your favorite topics in bollywood. You can also stay updated with the upcoming movies and songs. You can download this app for free.


It’s just like other bollywood online radio. Spuul has better features like smooth interface. You can also subscribe for movies by paying 49.99$ yearly. It’s a free app on app store.


You can subscribe any movie you want with the help of this app. You can watch your favorite movie for free. There are dedicated sections for kids and it is totally ad free. You can download this app for free.

Best Apps For Android Free

Bollywood Gossip

This app updates you on latest gossips in bollywood and keeps you informed with the latest movies and reviews. You can also enjoy your favorite songs and videos.


This app has all the Indian radio stations that are broadcasted all over the world. It has a simple and easy to use interface. Download this app for free on app store.

Download All Android Apps Free

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