Behringer Ultragraph Pro Fbq1502 User Manual

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View and Download Behringer ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ1502 user manual online. Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ1502 Equalizers: User Guide. ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ1502 Stereo Equalizer pdf manual download. Also for: Ultragraph pro fbq3102, Ultragraph pro fbq6200. Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ1502 manual: Limited warranty. To reduce the risk of electric shock do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operation. Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ1502 - 'For the price, it is the best!' The Ultragraph FBQ 1502 is a 15 band stereo graphic equalizer that will give you full control over your audio signal. It is great for live and studio recordings because of all of its functions.


ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ6200/FBQ3102/FBQ1502 User Manual

2. Control Elements and Connectors

2.1 Front panel

In this chapter we will describe various control elements of your equalizer.

All controls and connectors are explained in detail, and you will also find useful

hints on how to best use them. Since the three equalizers in the FBQ series

are fairly similar, let’s start with the control elements of the FBQ1502 and

the FBQ3102 that are similar to the control elements found on the FBQ6200.

The FBQ6200 additionally features extra control elements that will be explained

in detail later on.


The INPUT/OUTPUT LEVEL METER lets you keep an eye on the signal level

in order to avoid distortion. Depending on the position of the I/O METER

IN/OUT switch (2), the display shows either the input or the output signal

(switch depressed) level. When the signal level reaches roughly +18 dB,

that is, 3 dB below clipping starts to occur, the red CLIP LED lights up.
The level meter on the FBQ1502 displays only the output signal level.

Attention: extreme frequency boosts in connec tion with a high input
signal level may lead to over driving your equipment. Should this
occur, it is necessary to reduce the input signal level by using the
INPUT control.

(4) (5)













Fig. 2.1: Front panel control elements of the FBQ3102 (above) and of the FBQ1502 (below)


The I/O METER IN/OUT switch lets you alternate between displaying the

input and the output signal level. When the switch is depressed, the output

signal level is shown. The FBQ1502 does not feature this switch.


When you press the FBQ switch, the FBQ feedback detection system

is activated. The frequency (or frequen cies) that evoke feedback is/are

indicated by means of a lighted fader LED. All other LEDs are toned down.

Now, simply lower the respective frequency range somewhat until you

eliminate the feedback and the LED no longer lights up.


The AUDIO IN/OUT switch is used to enable or disable the entire equalizer

section. The FBQ1502 does this electronically, while the FBQ3102 and the

FBQ6200 feature a relay-driven hard bypass function. As long as the switch

is not depressed or while the equalizer is not powered up, the inputs and the

outputs are directly connected to one another. The AUDIO IN/OUT switch is

used to alternate between A and B, i.e. to compare the original unprocessed

signal with the processed signal.


The INPUT control is used to adjust the input signal level. You can

Behringer Ultragraph Pro Fbq3102 Manual

boost/attenuate the signal level from +15 to -15 dB.


The LOW CUT control is used to adjust the lower cut-off frequency of your

ULTRAGRAPH PRO. The high-pass filter (18 dB/oct.) covers the range between

10 and 400 Hz, whereby the filter lets the signal pass through unprocessed,

when the control is in the 10 Hz position.
The FBQ1502 features a switchable high-pass filter (LOW CUT) instead of a


low cut control, and its cut-off frequency is 25 Hz.


The HIGH CUT control is used to adjust the upper cut-off frequency of your

ULTRAGRAPH PRO. The low-pass filter (18 dB/oct.) covers the range between

Behringer Equalizer Fbq1502 Manual

2.5 and 30 kHz, whereby the filter lets the signal pass through unprocessed

when the control is in the 30 kHz position.

Use the high-pass and low-pass filters to define the frequency range
you wish to process. This provides you with an efficient way to limit the
bandwidth you work with.


The RANGE switch lets you alternate between the maximum value

of lowering/increasing of individual frequencies from 12 dB to 6 dB

(switch depressed).


These are the 31SLIDING CONTROLS (FBQ1502: 15 sliding controls per

channel) for individual frequency bands. When in “0” position, the particular

frequency range is not processed at all. To boost a frequency range, pull the

sliding control upward; to attenuate, pull the sliding control downward.

Behringer Fbq3102 Equalizer

To emphasize a frequency range, you don’t necessarily have to move
its respective sliding control upward; try lowering surrounding
frequency ranges instead. This way, you avoid causing the next piece of
equipment in your sound path to overdrive. You also preserve valuable
dynamic reserve (“headroom”).
Sliding controls feature LEDs that indicate the signal level of their particular

Behringer Ultragraph Pro Fbq6200hd Manual

frequency ranges through their varying illumination intensity: what better

way to show critical frequencies that evoke feedback. How to best use

Ultragraph Pro Fbq1502

your ULTRAGRAPH PRO to detect these critical frequencies is described in

chapter 3.2.1.

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