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Last updated: August 9th, 2016

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The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL Home Gym is a home gym that offers a variety of workouts and exercises. This fitness trainer has a multitude of attachments to add that enables you to countless exercises and become your own multi station gym. It is durable, strong, and can be your one-stop source for working out at home with ease. It’s one of our top picks of the best home gym of this year.

View and Download Bayou Fitness Total Trainer owner's manual online. Total Trainer Elliptical Trainer pdf manual download.

The Good

  • Multiple Programs

The countless addition of programs allows you to workout and be your own trainer. The instruction manual should help get you accustomed to the home gym, but with the 14 programs in the DVD, you can workout on your own and know which workouts to do for maximum effect. No need to grab a gym trainer and any other machine because it provides more than enough exercise options.

  • No Cramp

The gym trainer does not take too much space, but it still does not cramp the body inside of the machine. Sitting inside does not feel difficult, and you don’t need to feel as though the space is limiting. Feeling cramped is a problem on most machines for most people, but this feels a bit more free.

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer Instruction Manual

  • Wide Range Of Resistance Settings

Resistance settings is oftentimes a big problem, especially if they don’t give you much options available. There are resistance settings that range from 4% to 69% of your body, so you can utilize your own bodyweight in different resistant levels. The settings can be changed almost instantly to either increase or decrease intensity.

  • Add Free Weights

For some of the exercises, you can actually add in free weights for added difficulty and weight lifting. Adding weights is completely optional and you have to buy some weights separately in order to add some, but they can be added and this option is helpful for more difficulty.

  • Fully Assembled

It is fully assembled when it arrives. Just unfold and add in the attachments to start working out and doing the exercises. There is no need to spend hours to assemble it when you open it up from the box. The manuals make it easy to know what to add and how to add them to start working out.

  • Strong Foam

The strong foam is of high density and quite thick, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable as you workout. The cushion in the double stitched box makes it comfortable on the feet as well.

  • Folds and Rolls

Want to hide it away when you’re done? All you have to do is fold it up quickly, and then roll it right away into the small closet. The wheels are out together like a pulley system, so you just have to roll it around with you. It is easy to put it away and just roll it out.

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The Bad

  • Glider Isn’t Fast Enough

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer Manual Pdf

In some of the exercises where you glide and pull your body, the gliding may not be as smooth as you may wish. If you try to add too little or too much resistance, it isn’t as smooth. Of course, it all depends on your weight and the machine itself. Usually it smoothens out after you have used it several times.

  • Limitations

It does pose some limitations when you are in completely good shape. Strength-wise, it may not be the best purchase for someone who is already in perfect shape. However, if you are very out of shape and need an effective way to enhance your body, this is worth buying. It is worth mentioning that even some bodybuilders will find this useful, so it could still enhance your body if you’re in good shape.

The Verdict

The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL Home Gym is a unique home gym perfect for anyone wanting to get in shape. It is a good investment, and while it isn’t a perfect home gym, it does offer a safe journey and quality workouts. Should I grab this? Most definitely, yes. If you want to workout effectively and get a strong workout daily, this machine could be what you need.

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