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APC SMT2200RMUS UPS, Rack-Mountable, Black. APC Smart-UPS RM SMT1500RM2U 1000W/1440VA 2U Rackmount LCD UPS System 4.5 out of 5 stars 55. User Manual pdf Warranty & Support Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. Click here to make. Mar 27, 2015  Hello Angela, I have a Smart UPS SUA2200 XL that has been a work horse on a video editing system for me. Today, suddenly, the red battery indicator started blinking. Smart-UPS 750/1000/1500/2200/3000 VA 100/120/230 Vac 500 VA 100 Vac Tower 1 Overview Product Description The APC® by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS® 500 VA to 3000 VA Tower is a high performance uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It provides protection for. Apc smart-ups 2200va rm 2u lcd 120v Includes CD with software, Documentation CD, Rack Mounting brackets, Rack Mounting support rails, Smart UPS signalling RS-232 cable, USB cable.

Smart-UPS XL 3U Rack Mount 2200/3000 VA 120/230 Vac; 3000 VA 100/200 Vac User Manual


Start-up and Operation

Diagnostic Utility

The UPS has a diagnostic feature that indicates the utility voltage.
The UPS starts a self-test as part of this procedure. The self-test does not affect

the voltage display.
Press and hold the Test button to view the utility voltage bar graph indicator.
As soon as the On Line LED starts flashing indicating a self-test is in progress,

the five-LED Battery Charge indicator will indicator on the right of the
display panel will show the utility input voltage.
Refer to the figure on the left for the voltage reading.
Values are not listed on the UPS.
The indicator on the UPS shows the voltage is between the displayed value on
the list and the next higher value, (see Troubleshooting in this manual).



Feature Title


Power On

Press this button to turn on the UPS. Continue reading for additional


Power Off

Press this button to turn off the UPS.


Automatic: The UPS performs a self-test automatically when turned on,
and every two weeks thereafter (by default). During the self-test, the UPS

briefly operates the connected equipment on battery.
The self-test is a diagnostic test of the condition of batteries and connected
Manual: Press and hold the TEST


for a few seconds to initiate a


Cold Start

When there is no utility power and the UPS is off, the cold start feature will
switch the UPS and connected equipment onto battery power,
(see Troubleshooting in this manual).

230 V

120 V


200 V

100 V

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Smart-UPS XL 3U Rack Mount 2200/3000 VA 120/230 Vac; 3000 VA 100/200 Vac User Manual


Connect the Emergency Power Off option

The Emergency Power Off (EPO) option is a safety feature that will immediately remove power to all

connected equipment. When the EPO button is pushed, all connected equipment will immediately turn off and

will not switch to battery power.
Adhere to all national and local electrical codes when wiring the EPO.

1. Use the EPO terminal block supplied with the UPS.
2. Insert one wire from the EPO cable into the +24 terminal, and one wire into the IN

terminal of the EPO terminal block.

3. Secure the connection by tightening the screws on the EPO terminal block.
4. Plug the terminal block into the UPS.

The EPO interface is a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) circuit. Connect it only to other SELV circuits.

The EPO interface monitors circuits that have no determined voltage potential. Such closure circuits

may be provided by a switch or relay properly isolated from the utility. To avoid damage to the UPS, do

not connect the EPO interface to any circuit other than a closure type circuit.
Use one of the following cable types to connect the UPS to the EPO switch.

CL2: Class 2 cable for general use.

CL2P: Plenum cable for use in ducts, plenums, and other spaces used for environmental air.

CL2R: Riser cable for use in a vertical run in a floor-to-floor shaft.

CLEX: Limited use cable for use in dwellings and for use in raceways.

For installation in Canada: Use only CSA certified, type ELC, (extra-low voltage control cable).

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For installation in other countries: Use standard low-voltage cable in accordance with national and

local regulations.

Low Transfer Point

100 V models:
92 Vac

• 86 Vac
• 88 Vac

• 90 Vac
• 92 Vac

To avoid unnecessary use of the battery where
utility voltage is chronically low, set the low

transfer point lower if the connected equipment
can tolerate this condition.

120 V models:
106 Vac

Apc smart ups 2200 rack mount manual

• 97 Vac
• 100 Vac

• 103 Vac
• 106 Vac

200 V models:
184 Vac

• 173 Vac
• 176 Vac

• 180 Vac
• 184 Vac

230 V models:
208 Vac

• 196 Vac
• 200 Vac

• 204 Vac
• 208 Vac

Output Voltage
230 V models

230 Vac

• 220 Vac

• 240 Vac

230 V models only: Sets the UPS output



Apc Smart Ups 2200


User Selectable

Apc Smart 2200 Manual




Apc Smart Ups 1500 User's Manual

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Apc 2200 Smart Ups Specs

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Apc Smart Ups 2200 Specifications

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