Alcatel Pixi 3 4 User Manual

Get to know more about Alcatel PIXI 4 user manual to find out what kind of instruction and guide you will find inside, and how to use it to get the maximum advantage.

The Alcatel OneTouch Pixi is a low-end smartphone with Android 2.3 running the show. What it can offer is a 3.5' display, 1 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB of storage and a VGA camera. Cell Phone Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 3 5017O User Manual 66 pages. Cell Phone Alcatel PIXI 4 Quick Start Manual 12 pages. Cell Phone Alcatel PIXI 4 Quick Start Manual 12 pages. Cell Phone Alcatel PIXI 4 Quick Start Manual 5 pages. Cell Phone Alcatel Pixi4 User Manual 58 pages. 2012-2019

What is the best way to mastering TracFone Alcatel PIXI 4? Practice is the best solution and it will be even better if you use Alcatel PIXI 4 user manual to show you the way.

You don’t have to fumble around, make mistake on the first couple of try and avoid any kind of frustration if you have something to guide you.

That is the importance of having Alcatel PIXI 4 user manual and for that reason make sure you have this manual ready on hand.

To convince you more about the importance of it, here are the short summary of this user manual:

Your Mobile

You need to know more about this mobile phone of yours before you use it. Learn about the keys and connectors, how to get started with the phone, and the home screen from this section.

Text Input

Those who never use a phone before don’t have any idea how to use the on-screen keyboard. If you have the same problem, read this section to find out how to use the keyboard and how to enter a text with it.

Call and contacts

This section shows you how to make a call, receive a call, and all the things you can do with the call logs. It also guides you on how to save a contact number and edit it.


Learn how to send a new message, manage the message, and change the message setting from this section. After that, you should have no more problems with doing that.

Calendar, Alarm Clock, and Calculator

Apple ipod manual download. Stay productive by using the calendar, alarm clock, and calculator properly. If you don’t know how to use it, this section will light the way for you.

Getting Connected

Thanks to technology, staying connected with other people is so much easier this day. Alcatel PIXI 4 user manual has a complete step by step guide on how to stay connected through various means.

It shows you how to connect to the internet, bluetooth device, to the computer via USB, to the VPN, and also about sharing mobile’s data connection.

Multimedia Applications

Alcatel PIXI 4 will entertain you with its camera, gallery, and music app. How to use these apps? This section will tell you exactly how.


There are so many things that you will find on Alcatel PIXI 4. This section covers it all. In here, you will find the explanation about file manager, sound recorder, and radio.

Next, it informs you about One Touch Launcher, One Touch Booster, User Center, User Care, and Smart Suite. What are those things? Well, if you want to know more, make sure to read on.


A phone such as Alcatel PIXI 4 is a complicated device that requires a different kind of setting on different aspect of the phone. You can learn all about it in this section.


When you bought this phone, you get more than just the device itself. You also can use several accessories that come with it such as headset and LCD sticker.

Alcatel Pixi 3 Price

This part of this user manual has listed down the entire accessories that come with the phone.


Alcatel PIXI 4 is warranted against any defect or malfunctioning that may occur within certain time frame. This chapter will give you about the time frame as well as the malfunction that will receive a warranty.

Safety and Use

This is the great thing about this user manual. Before you move on to other aspects of how to operate the phone, it will give you quite detailed information on the matter of safety and use. This way, you will be far more careful and responsible while using the phone.

Regulatory and General Information

Alcatel Pixi 7 Tablet Manual

After talking about the matter of safety and use, it moves to the regulatory and general information regarding TracFone Alcatel PIXI 4.

If you care about the technical and regulatory aspect of this mobile device, you will get the information you need from this section.


This chapter listed down the possible problem that may occur to your phone along with the solutions. It means you don’t have to run to the nearest service center for a slight issue that you can deal on your own.


Alcatel one touch pixi manual

Want to know the precise specification of this phone. This chapter list down the full and complete full specification of Alcatel PIXI 4.

What could be better than the kind of information available within the Alcatel PIXI 4 user manual? It works great for both novice and experienced user.

This user manual will prepare you in the way you never imagine before, so better to have it nearby for present and future reference.